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MQM founder Altaf Hussain strongly condemn the unlawful arrests of peaceful protest outside the Karachi press club

 Posted on: 6/27/2020
MQM founder Altaf Hussain strongly condemn the unlawful arrests of peaceful protest outside the Karachi press club

Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) founder leader Altaf Hussain has strongly condemn the unlawful arrests and brutal violence on the peaceful protest outside the Karachi press club.

In a statement Mr. Hussain said that since last many years Sindhi and Urdu speaking youngsters are being arrested and enforced disappeared by the Punjabi army and ISI.

Sine may years missing persons after being tortured in custody are killed extra-judicially and their mutilated bodies being thrown on plains.

He said thousands of sons of Sindh motherland are still missing due to which their family members are suffering from mental anguish and they are stumbling upon door to door for the release of their loved ones.

Mr. Hussain said that, today Para military Rangers and police started baton charge brutally against the women, elders, youngsters, when the families of missing persons were protesting for their loved ones against enforced disappearances and massive human right violations.

They were brutally torture until they bled. They pulled off scarfs of women, tore their cloths and arrested several people including women.

Mr Hussain said that in the struggle for rights you have to give sacrifices and the proud sons and daughters cannot be made scared by these cowardly actions nor they can be kept away for peaceful struggle. They proud sons of motherlands Sindh would struggle till their last breath for the protection of their motherland.

Mr Hussain addressing to Urdu speaking and Sindhi speaking Sindhis said that it has been proved by the cruel Punjabi establishment through brutal torture and arrests of peaceful protesters that they have gone mad. So you should keep unity amongst yourself and keep on protesting against the state brutalities. You should fully participate in the struggle for protection of Sindh motherland without bothering the outcome. 

Mr Hussain appreciated brave and courageous mothers, sisters, elders and youngsters and said, the sacrifices made for the rights of Sindh motherland would never go wasted and every persecution on innocent Sindhi would be avenged.

Mr Hussain appealed to the democratic, human loving countries and international human rights organisations to take notice against the Pakistan military establishment for the grave human rights violations of people of Sindh and to raise the voice against the state brutalities.

7/20/2024 5:18:25 AM