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Pakistan establishing military cantonments in Sindh for China

Pakistan establishing military cantonments in Sindh for China
 Posted on: 6/9/2020 1

Pakistan establishing military cantonments in Sindh for China

True sons of Sindh to come forward to Save the Sindh motherland: MQM founder Altaf Hussain’s appeal

London: 9th June 2020

MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain has appeal to all true sons of Sindh motherland to come forward and start a practical campaign to “Save to Sindh “.

In his latest statement issued today through a tweet, he revealed that Pakistan Army is establishing a large military cantonment in prominent tourist point “ Gorakh hill “ is situated  94 Kilometre  in north west of Dadu city of Sindh at the height of more than one thousand meter. He said that speedy work for the establishment of military camps and cantonment also in progress in costal belt, Katcha area and other areas of Sindh.  Thousands of Chines specialists and technocrats are also coming in Sindh.

Mr. Hussain said that I would like to inform to the true nationalists, Intellectuals and true lovers of Sindh motherland that these Military Cantonments, Centres and camps are not being established to combat with any foreign aggressor but actually the purpose of this military project is just to protect the Chines after giving them total control of Sindh motherland. Mr Hussain warned that after this military project, Sindh will be not only the colony of Pakistan Army but it will be in total and combined occupation of China and Pakistan.  China will rule Sindh motherland and Pakistan Army will defend the Chines whereas people of urban and rural Sindh will be treated like slaves.

Mr Altaf Hussain said that Gawadar, the only port of Baluchistan and other areas of Baluchistan have already been occupied by Chines and now conspiracy is under way for the total occupation of our Sindh motherland.

Mr Altaf Hussain called to Sindhi elders, mothers, sisters, sons, youths and millennial of Sindh to wake-up and come forward in the field to save Sindh motherland against brutal occupation by Pakistan and China.

For God sake!  Don’t wait for the angels to come from the sky to defend the Sindh land and the Sindhi people.

God has given eyes, nose, ears, brain, hands, legs and the body to the sons of Sindh land likewise, the occupants of Sindh motherland.

The way the occupants are occupying the Sindh motherland, in the same way the true sons of Sindh motherland should come out openly, practically to defend Sindh motherland from their tyrant occupation.

For God sake, wake-up for the protection of Sindh motherland and come forward practically.

If the true sons of Sindh motherland are ready to practically participate in the protection of Sindh motherland then you can contact me through the e.mail address and mobile number as given under.

I or any member of the Central Committee would contact you immediately.

I pray to God to give strength to sons and daughters of Sindh to participate in the campaign for the protection of Sindh.

Contact details.

E.mail:            [email protected]

Whats App:    0044- 7399 146 258

9/27/2023 11:59:41 PM
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27 Sep 2023