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Safia Akbar, a senior member of the MQM laid to rest

 Posted on: 5/22/2020
Safia Akbar, a senior member of the MQM laid to rest

London, May 22, 2020
  Safia Akbar, a senior member of the MQM and in-charge of the MQM's International Secretariat ladies wing, was laid to rest today at the Merton and Sutton Joint Cemetery in Easton (Sutton), London.  Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of MQM, adhoc convener Tariq Jawaid, MQM UK organizer and committee members  workers and the family of the late Safia Akbar attended the funeral.  She passed away after being admitted to a hospital in London on May 19.  Due to the closure of mosques and places of worship in the UK, Safia Akbar's funeral prayers were offered in the cemetery.  Funeral prayers were strictly subject to the principle of social distancing which was followed strictly.  Along with her family, Mr. Hussain also attended  the funeral prayers along with her family of late Syeda Safia Akbar and  in the last rites. Tears were constantly flowing from Mr. Hussain’s eyes. After the last rites, the participants laid flowers at the grave of the deceased and offered Fateha for her reward. After the burial, Mr. Hussain visited deceased’s family  for condolence and met her sons, grandsons and the entire family. On this occasion, Mr. Hussain  couldn’t  control his emotions. Mr. Altaf Hussain offered Fateha for the reward of Syeda Safia Akbar.

  Safia Akbar was the first woman to join the MQM in UK, she was affiliated with MQM for the last 30 years and inspite of going through all odds she was loyal with Mr. Hussain.  Her family has true affection and love for MQM and Mr.Hussain.  Syeda Safia Akbar's husband Syed Muhammad Akbar was also organiser of MQM UK who was also affiliated with MQM till his death.

All overseas units of MQM also arranged Fateha for her.

7/3/2022 7:31:16 AM