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 Posted on: 5/11/2020
“MQM UK workers perform round the clock security duties very meticulously”
LONDON. MAY 7, 2020: The dangers of silencing the voice of Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder and leader Altaf Hussain are all time high. On the night of April 16, 2020, a group of armed men, armed with sophisticated weapons, broke through the door of the MQM International Secretariat and fled the office, carrying a TV, a laptop, 30-year-old VHS cassettes and important documents.  It should be noted that the MQM International Secretariat in London has been closed for sale since past two years and the work of the MQM International Secretariat is being done from another place. Meanwhile, The MQM leader Altaf Hussain has been threatened with dire consequences on the phone numbers of the Secretariat and various cell phone numbers.
MQM Acting Convener Tariq Jawaid called an emergency meeting today and presented all the grievances to his colleagues. Due to the severe financial crisis, the security guards of Mr Hussain were removed, after which for the last one and a half years, MQM UK workers have been performing security duties 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Jawaid said that it is important to mention here that there was a need to set up a Charitable Wing in Overseas to help the deserving. Mr Hussain made Syed Tariq Mir in charge of SUN Charity. Since the founding of the SUN Charity to the present day, Mir has not accounted for the funds of this charitable organisation to the party, including the SUN Academy, a school based in Karachi.  No account has been given of the millions of rupees spent on the establishment of this school and all this is still in the possession of Tariq Mir. Jawaid said that after August 22, 2016, the leader of the movement, Hussain asked Mir to provide assistance to the families of martyrs, education of orphans of martyrs, marriage, assistance to families of missing workers, recovery of missing workers and legal aid to imprisoned workers in false cases and assistance to poor deserving people. It should be done through charity which Mir flatly denied in front of all his colleagues and while denying said that this SUN Charity is his organization and that he is the in-charge of it; he said that he only can help whomever he wanted to and said that the SUN Charity has nothing to do with MQM. Mir also said that the school the SUN Academy established under SUN Charity in Karachi has nothing to do with MQM. Mir took a loan from Quaid-e Tehreek Mr Altaf Hussain and bought a house in London under the name of SUN Charity and rented it out which is still in the possession of Mir.
Jawaid said that for a difficult time like this, MQM  had purchased some properties but Mir and Muhammed Anwar have also considered those assets of the party as their personal estate by justifying some technical reasons and despite repeated requests from the movement, both of them are constantly refusing to return the trust of the movement.  There are hundreds of people who have squandered the money of the movement in Pakistan and here in London and due to which the organisation is in dire financial straits, so it was necessary to bring these things to the notice of all the comrades of the movement.
Jawaid said that at present, the party is suffering from difficult conditions of which certain elements are continuing to exploit the Movement. If the movement had not suffered from these difficult conditions, no one could have even imagined betrayal of the trust of the movement, asserted Jawaid .
Jawaid further said that so far we have been able to get the photo of the person who entered the International Secretariat with the help of CCTV camera.
He told his colleagues that by looking at the picture themselves, one can guess that the person looked like a professionally trained armed forces’ commando. MQM center and all senior workers including MQM UK workers are fully vigilant. All of us pray for the safety and longevity of life of Mr Altaf Hussain and also ask your relatives living in overseas to give all possible financial support to MQM.
Jawaid said that he thought it was very important to say one thing here that many philanthropists wanted to financially support Quaid-e Tehreek Altaf Hussain and MQM but they are not coming forward for fear of agencies. He assured all such gentlemen that they should help MQM and its leader Mr Altaf Hussain financially in any way they want, and the MQM will keep their names and places completely secret.
While concluding, Jawaid stressed that all loyal mothers, sisters, senescent, young comrades of the movement and innocent children should remember the leader of the movement Altaf Hussain in their prayers, for his good health and well-being and protection from sudden disasters and for the longevity of his life.

6/12/2024 7:09:54 PM