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Informative and thought-provoking lecture of Mr. Altaf Hussain on "Discipline and Restraint

 Posted on: 5/4/2020 1
Informative and thought-provoking lecture of an eminent scholar, politician, statesman, philanthropist, tribune, great mentor, philosopher, the architect of Mohajir identity, and founder of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), Mr. Altaf Hussain on "Discipline and Restraint."

Lecture broadcast on Mr. ALTAF Hussain's personal Facebook Page.
Monday, May 4, 2020:
Human beings living in the world have their own identity. This identity is based on religious, regional, cultural, colour, race, language, and gender which are the scales of identity. Those who believe in humanity never believe in religious extremism. Those who believe in their own regional, cultural, colour, having an identity of race, language, and gender, should not fall prey to fanaticism or extremism based on that identity. 

In the case of religious teachings, too, we must work with realism and pragmatism, because there is a general contradiction in the views expressed by the clerics, priests, pundits, and scholars of different religions and schools of thought.

 A study of history reveals that scholars have been issuing fatwas (Religious Decree) for the benefit and purpose of appeasing their political masters, dictators, and kings, and while issuing fatwas they do not even think that such acts are not serving humanity but oppressing humanity.  In Sindh, this is the practice of feudal lords and chieftains.  On the strength of wealth, the 60-year-old feudal lord forcibly marries the 10-year-old daughters of poor farmers. Similarly, in Sindh, poor Hindu girls are abducted by armed feudal lords and forced to convert to Islam and then marry them. Due to intense pressure, the oppressed Hindu girl is forced to make a false statement against her will that she is getting married without any pressure and voluntarily. 

In general, our society is a collection of contradictions; we all have to show positive thinking and action to further improve this society. The effects of balance in people's positive and negative thinking effect the human mind, human psyche, and psychological behavior. Balance in positive and negative thinking makes one's life prosperous and degrading one's life makes one's life miserable.  If a person's balance between positive and negative thinking is disturbed, he becomes irritable even over trivial things. If such a person is woken up at any time of the night due to an urgent need, he will be angry that his eye has just been opened and that was just asleep when he woke up without thinking what an emergency it was to wake him up.

If the balance of positive and negative thinking is disturbed in the relationship between husband and wife, then the same husband who used to praise the food cooked by his wife said that you have a lot of taste in your hands, you cook such delicious food that his heart wants to eat it; your stomach is full but the heart is not full. But when this balance of thinking is disturbed, the same husband who used to compliment his wife's dishes until yesterday, starts finding faults with the food; what is this food made of? He starts criticizing his spouse.

Husbands often work overtime, work long hours in the office, arrive home late because the couple's thinking was balanced, the wife did not feel anything wrong in it; but when the balance between positive and negative thinking began to deteriorate, the wife suddenly begins to remember that her husband is coming home  very late. The story is made by looking at the wrinkles or stains on the clothes that she knows where he was and with whom the husband had been engaged with another woman and so on.

The fact is that positive and negative tendencies exist within a person. Students of Science know that the human body contains minerals and thousands of hormones, enzymes, and chemicals. For example, chlorine has negative properties, while potassium and sodium have both positive properties. If you read the Periodic Table of Minerals discovered so far, you will know which elements have positive and negative properties. Some of these elements can be combined to make highly lethal weapons, such as the atomic bomb dropped by the United States on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II. If an atomic bomb of greater power is dropped on a geography, that country will be destroyed, not only the insects living there but also the entire humanity will be wiped out. Now more and more deadly weapons are being made from uranium enrichment.

 The smallest particle in this universe is called an "atom". Later research showed that the atom is not alone, but it has a nucleus, there are circles around the nucleus and in the circles, electrons, neutrons, and protons are rotating within their orbits. If electrons, neutrons, and protons continue to move in their spheres, then they survive, and where they go out of their spheres, they will not only lose their status but also become chemical substances to destroy the body. The release of electrons from an atom, molecule, or ion during any chemical reaction is called oxidation. Antioxidants are used to eliminate oxidation.

 The center of the universe is the sun, the moon, the earth, and the planets revolve around the sun. In the same way, every country, every province, every city, every neighborhood, and every home in the world has a center. As the capital of Sindh province is Karachi and the capital of Punjab province is Lahore, Baluchistan province is the largest province in terms of area but it is also at the forefront in terms of hunger, poverty, and backwardness. Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan and Peshawar is the 
capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Similarly, the center of a household is the grandparent and all the other members of the household revolve around them. If you look in a neighborhood, you will also see the affected houses whose people will be very respectable, educated, and polite. From these houses, loud conversations or fights are never heard or seen. In civilized families, good things are always taught and trained to avoid stealing and lying, to respect teachers, women, and elders, to treat children with love, to speak the truth, and to treat everyone with distinction and politeness. These children are also respected throughout. That is, the parents are the center and the children revolve around them, just as the earth, the moon, and the planets revolve around the sun in their own orbits. The day these planets come out of their center, the circle, they will be destroyed. If you move away from your center you will be reduced to dust.
Away from Your Center, If You go Out…
You will be reduced to dust; you will be reduced to myths…

So staying connected to your center is hidden in just one word "loyalty" to be loyal to the center, to the leader, the only initial way to stay loyal to the leader is to increase your movement and in order to increase the revolutionary movement, "discipline" and "restraint" have to be maintained.

The literal meanings of the discipline are of order; you must have seen the military parade; all the soldiers stand in a line at a certain distance and order, pay attention together, march together, and hit the ground together. They hit their guns at the same time. This demonstration of layout feels great. That is to say, if any action is done with order and sequence, then it also looks very beautiful, but in order to maintain this order, it is very necessary to force and tolerate oneself from time to time and this act of endurance is called endurance.
Now imagine that all the soldiers of an army are standing in a line and the president of this country or the Army Chief is inspecting the parade and by chance, a worm enters and bites into a soldier's trousers, the soldier is feeling severe irritation or pain but he has to force himself, he has to endure 
pain and irritation that if he breaks the line and starts scratching his body, not only will the order deteriorate but he will also face punishment. Congregational prayers are being offered in a mosque, all in a row. One stands with his hands tied. In such a case, a person who is praying suddenly feels severe itching and leaves his hand. If you start scratching your body with both hands, then guess what will be the shape of this alignment or congregation? If a person endures itching and does not break the rules, then the beauty of the congregation and the alignment is also maintained. In order to survive, man has to go through stages of restraint and endurance, as well as discipline. Such an action is called discipline.

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