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Stay home to stay safe from COVID19: Altaf Hussain

 Posted on: 3/24/2020
Stay home to stay safe from #COVID19: Altaf Hussain

The statesman, scholar, tribute, philosopher, philanthropist, architect of Mohajir Nation and Mohajir identity and founder of the revolutionary Muttahidda Qaumi Movement ( MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain, said that the treatment of #COVID19 lies in the isolation and self-quarantine as there is no medical treatment available in the world as yet. People should stay at home and practice social distancing. People should avoid gathering and public events.
He said this in his address via social media, yesterday.
In his address, Mr Hussain provided the viewers with information regarding #COVID19, the definition of SARS virus and important information.
He said #COVID19  originated in Wuhan, in China, and has spread to almost the whole world today.
Earlier in 2002, in China, the SARS virus was nicknamed SARS-2 because of its outbreak and as a result many people were killed in many countries of the world.
He said that SARS (Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is actually a disease in which the breathing system is affected internally, resulting in human death.  The #COVID19 also belongs to the SARS virus family and the symptoms are no less virulent, but it is even more deadly and fatal than SARS.
He said that there are hundreds of millions of viruses and bacteria in the body that attack humans, but because of the human body's defense system, these viruses fail to enter the human body or if they are exposed to it they die of antibodies.  Thanks to the immune system of the human body.
He said that the coronavirus is a powerful virus that is rapidly transmitting from one human to another and severely affecting the immune system and  causing large numbers of people to die.
He said that the corona virus is not affecting infants immediately, but infants are more likely to transmit the virus to others, so children and adolescents are most vulnerable to the spread of #COVID19. They must be kept away for safekeeping.
Mr Hussain said that no coronavirus vaccine has been developed till now and the only way to be safe from this virus is to keep people physically distant and be more careful.
He said that the #COVID19 is not attacking anyone's region, religion, nationality or gender, but it is affecting every person irrespective of color, race, language, region, gender and religion; now the pandemic is no longer just a factor in one area or country. The whole of humanity is victim of it.
He appealed to the people to take maximum precautions to keep safe and to end social events; we also canceled all MQM foundation Day gathering; you should also avoid meeting people, visiting shops, businesses, and just stay in your homes.
He said it was amazing to see that even in such situations youngsters are entertaining on the beach, playing cricket.
He appealed to all the people, to stop playing fun and games, get locked up in homes, protect themselves and their families from this virus. keep cleaning, wash hands frequently.
He told the people that instead of going to the mosque to pray, they should pray in the house. The Holy Prophet had also prayed in the house because of ill health.
Hussain said that even in such situations, the workers of MQM are helping people in their problems, delivering rations and relief goods to them. "extend my heartfelt appreciation to them."
He finally prayed that Allah should protect all humans from the plague of #COVID19 and remove all problems.

3/4/2024 10:52:37 AM