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Sindhi nationalist exiled leader Mir Saleem Sanai met MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain in London.

 Posted on: 2/28/2020

Sindhi nationalist exiled leader Mir Saleem Sanai met MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain in London.


London: 28 Feb. 2020

Well known intellectual, senior Sindhi nationalist exiled leader and organiser of International Friends of Sindh, Mir Saleem Sanai met founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain in London.

In this meeting they reaffirm their commitment for the unity and solidarity, enhancement of brotherhood and the independence from the occupation of Punjabi imperialism on Sindh. This meeting continued for more than 4 hours.

Both the leaders agreed that in the past to continue the occupation of Punjabi imperialism over Sindh, under the conspiracy plan, differences were developed among urban and rural population which to a very extent have been removed due to the thoughts and philosophy of Guardian of Sindh Sain G.M. Syed and compassionate leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain. With the joint efforts of likeminded nationalists, rest of the differences created by the Army would also be removed.

Both the leaders also agreed that the Sindh is the motherland and the permanent residence of this land either Sindhi or Mohajirs both are one national according to motherland Sindh. For the independence of   Sindh the union of the permanent residence of Sindh is the need of time and those elements who are spreading negative propaganda to sabotage the coalition efforts among the historical nations, they are the agents of ISI and Punjabi imperialism and open enemies of motherland Sindh.

Both the leaders reaffirmed their commitments, that they will keep on meeting and have mutual contact for the independence of Sindh and for the solidarity, unity and brotherhood among the permanent residence of Sindh.

In this meeting they also discussed the matters of mutual interest.

Before the meeting Mr. Altaf Hussain welcomed and greeted Mr. Mir Saleem Sanai. On this occasion both the leaders exchanged cultural “Ajrak” (scarf which is the cultural symbol of Sindh) to each other as solidarity.


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