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 Posted on: 1/17/2020



Whether the Sindh Dharti is really free or slave. Is the Sindhi, who owns the Sindh Dharti free to formulate policies or policies of Sindh or is he given dictation? - MQM Founder

 LONDON. January 16, 2020: The founder of the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM), Mr Altaf Hussain, said that according to Sain G. M. Syed's philosophy, there is a solution to the problems of Sindh and Sindh people in the liberation of Sindh from Punjabi imperialism. We promise on the occasion of G. M. Syed's 116th birth anniversary that we are ready to make every kind of sacrifice to make Sindh an independent state. The people of Sindh find no brave, no bowling leader for the freedom of Sindh. I am ready to follow it.

He said this in his message on the occasion of the 116th anniversary of Sindh leader, thinker, intellectual, philosopher, great nationalist leader and founder of the Jeay Sindh Movement, G. M. Syed.

Mr Hussain said that today, we have to inform the permanent residents of Sindh that we are with those who are struggling for the rights of Sindh with integrity and honesty or with the occupying forces of Sindh. We are with the so-called nationalists, landlords, elders and capitalists or we are with poor Sindhis, losers, laborers and poor Sindhis.

He said that the great claimants claiming Sindhi nationalism, the feudal lords and elders, mean that they become nationalists and after passing out, they become the pimps of imperialism.

He asked, “Whether the Sindh Dharti is really free or slave. Is the Sindhi, who owns the Sindh Dharti free to formulate policies or policies of Sindh or is he given dictation?”
What we talk about the rights of Sindh in hotels, press and courtyards, and the high-profile claims of our love for Sindh Dharti, but do we practice our words and expressions? Sindh is occupied by the elite and army of Punjab but we still call it "Pakistan Khappay". Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Rawalpindi in Punjab and offer an amulet top Sindhis that "Pakistan Khappay".

He said that in order to avenge Benazir's assassination in Rawalpindi, they instead, take Karachi and the occupied slaves are living their lives in the slavery environment of Sindh with calm. Punjab Army occupies valuable resources like minerals, oil, gas and coal of Sindh, Dharti. Is it honesty with Sindh or is it dishonesty?

Mr Hussain said that the permanent natives of Sindh Dharti, Sindhis and Mohajirs have their roots in Sindh soil and as far as Mohajirs are concerned in particular, they spend whatever they earn in Sindh, but do we collectively love each other? Do we have proximity or distance? Do we understand each other's dignity, distress and self-esteem? Do we consider the hunger and poverty of others as your hunger and poverty?

The MQM founding leader Hussain said that he has per the vision of Sain G. M. Syed, always tried to make thoughtful meetings for inviting Sindhi brothers, especially students and students for cutting distances, but before anything positive could be attained, the Punjab mafia conspired for ethnic riots between Sindhis and Mohajirs. Before he could make attempts to extinguish the flames of riots, Punjabi Mafia ignited another fire of riots in the leadership and as the fire started to cool down, the Punjabi mafia played another new game, creating again distances between the Sindhis and the migrants.

He said that he had changed the word "Mohajir" into a Muttahidda to stop the war on the word "Mohajir" and to improve the relations between the Mohajirs and the Sindhis.

Mohajirs had not opposed that change but Sindhis also did not show any response on it, positively. They questioned the identity of Mohajirs but they never dared to question the Punjabi Imperialism.
Hussain said that the most important personalities of Sindh and Sindh’s great intellectuals, writers, poets, writers, philosophers, historians and other intellectuals have written many articles, besides so-called nationalist rallies, gatherings, courtyards, scenes, meetings. ,Seminars, conferences, claiming to bleed Sindh, but for 72 years all these meetings have come to a "fruitless end". Are these claims merely a matter of words and statements?

He said that since 1947, Punjabi imperialism has been directly or indirectly occupied Sindh and the feudal lords of Sindh, Waderas and capitalists have been the pimps of Punjab.
The MQM founding leader Hussain said that the IG Sindh, DG Rangers, Corps Commander to Chief Secretary all come from Punjab. Hussain said that those who honor Sindh Dharti should pledge on the 116th birthday of Sain G. M. Syed that we would bring peace and satisfaction to the departed spirit of the leader G.M. Syed. To fulfill the mission of sincere philosopher Abdul Wahid Aresar Shaheed, fearless and brave nationalist leader Bashir Qureshi Shaheed, Maqsood Qureshi Shaheed and other martyrs, who are struggling for the rights of Sindh. We should pledhe with Jeay Sindh National Front Chairman Aslam Khairpuri, Jeay Sindh National Front leader Sanaan Qureshi and Jeay Sindh pledge to work together with the brave and courageous nationalist leader of the United Front, Sain Shafi Burfat, to fulfill the philosophy and mission of the G.M. Syed and that we would never refrain from making the greatest sacrifices.

Hussain paid tribute to Sain G.M. Syed and requested the Sindhis and Mohajirs the commemoration of Sain G. M. Syed’s anniversary in great numbers and to pay tribute to him and arrive at his shrine and salute him and lay floral wreath on his grave.

3/4/2024 10:24:09 AM