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 Posted on: 12/14/2019

All military chiefs urged upon Jihad and drove the innocent children of others into the fire of Jihad but they never sent their own children to Jihad – MQM Founder Leader

Rest assured the final victory would fall in the lap of the oppressed nations. Oppressed nations would one day get rid of demonic military and create their separate countries after freedom from the ghoulish military. Justice would prevail and rights of minorities would be as same as of the Muslim majority – MQM Founder Leader

LONDON. December 14, 2019: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader Mr Altaf Hussain said that the military establishment and ISI had demolished the Mohajir Martyrs’ Monument in Azizabad. They demolished the Monument on December 14th as they carried genocide of Mohajirs at Qasba-Aligarh colonies on December 14th as well. They had also conspired against the unity of Pakistan and they played their tricky plans and thus Pakistan was divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh on December 16th. It was also December 16th when military establishment and ISI actualized the carnage of Army Public School and College in Peshawar. Time is approaching faster for victory of Mohajirs, Balouchs, Pashtuns, Sindhis, Seraikis, Gilgitis, Baltistanis and Hazarwalls.
Mr Hussain said this in his video address he delivered from London through social media. He criticised media persons, TV show presenters and analysts for observing silence over APC carnage in Peshawar, Qasba-Aligarh colonies arson and carnage, Fall of Dacca and demolition of Mohajir Martyrs’ Monument in Azizabad in Karachi. He vehemently condemned the military establishment and the ISI over demolishing the Monument and said that provided that the United Nations General Secretary would permit him, he would then prove in International Court of Justice that only military establishment and the ISI executed their plans to butcher the innocent students of the Army Public School in Peshawar.
He was of the opinion that the British Rule over India had misused the religion to divide the Muslim and the Hindu populations of India who had lived there peacefully for centuries. There are countless prayer leaders (Imam) and Callers from the Minaret (Moa’zzan) who get for leading and performing prayers. There are clerics everywhere who never get tied teaching about the Jihad, Hajj pilgrimage, Prayers and Oneness of Allah but they depend on government’s pecuniary support to go for Hajj. It is against the established norms of piety that only one fixed and paid Imam would offer and leader prayers while only the most pious one during Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) time was allowed to conduct prayers. There was no such concept of fixed Imams as we see today. There are 57 Muslim countries where Imams are paid for conducting prayers and therefore, all these Muslim countries have a devastating fate similar to each other. An administrative and organising committee could be constituted to look after Church or mosque or any place of worship but preaching any religion is not dependent on provision of money in form of wages and salaries. Likewise, no money is needed to conduct prayers.
He said that Pakistan’s Prime Minister does not meet the Islamic standards of faith and piety and these two values are mandatory for any who holds top offices such as PM or President. As paid Imams are wrong, Imran Khan is also same. Imran Khan does not qualify for the office of PM per light of Islam. There are clerics who urge children of others to proceed for Jihad while they keep their own children at home, safe and protected.
He said that, “All military chiefs urged upon Jihad and drove the innocent children of others into the fire of Jihad but they never sent their own children to Jihad.”
Hassan Nasir Shaheed was a true leftist and after his execution, nobody dared to speak the truth except Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif who the demonic military and the ISI executed extrajudicially. Pakistan’s military declares it a military of Islam but their acts that are in absolute contrast to Islam and hence they are not Islamic military from any aspect. Those who consider them as liberal, moderate and leftist are fond of speaking on TV shows but they keep quite on atrocities, discrimination, usurpation and tyranny against the oppressed nations.
Extrajudicial killings kingpin Police officer Rao Anwar has been blacklisted by the United States of America on which TV analysts were seen saying that if Pakistani Judicial system could have punished him, United States of America would have not done that thing to him. They say that is the state of Pakistan behind Anwar for producing him before the court from rear doors. What is the meaning of state? It is where animals lived. They seriously lacked the courage to assert that it was not the state of Pakistan behind Anwar but the ghoulish military and the ISI. All chiefs of military and its different wings, ISI, MI, etc are all liars.
MQM founder leader Mr Hussain said that on the eve of past Friday, plain clothed ISI, Rangers and Police personnel had demolished the Martyrs’ Monument and rest assured they would soon be caught under God’s wrath. TV show presenters who were vociferous over the PIC tragedy in Lahore are silent over the demolition of that Monument. How could they be considered as journalists, media persons, TV show presenters and analysts as they remained silent over Monument’s demolition, cold blooded assassination of his brother and nephew and Prof. Arif and 25, 000 Mohajirs.
The Taliban terrorist Mullah Ehsan was brought on TV screen and the host of that show introduced him as writer, intellect and poet despite the fact that Ehsan had executed military plan on APC carnage in which 250 children students were brutally butchered. Such a notorious TV show presenter does not deserve to be called a journalist.
He said that no TV show presenter dares to speak on tyranny ad atrocities against men and women of Mohair, Sindhi, Balouch and Pashtun nations despite that the military men openly molested them.
“Rest assured the final victory would fall in the lap of the oppressed nations.” “Oppressed nations would one day get rid of demonic military and create their separate countries after freedom from the ghoulish military.” “Justice would prevail and rights of minorities would be as same as of the Muslim majority.”
He assured that he would not allow discrimination on the basis of religion or differ faith.
He asked whether any read in history that over 100, 000 armed men of military surrendered them to another military force. On the contrary, the surrendering military of Pakistan is famous for killing unarmed Mohajirs, Sindhis, Balouchs, Pashtuns and others. Those who fought shoulder to shoulder with the demonic Pakistani military in Dacca are left on the mercy of Red Cross and after the passage of 66 years they are refused to come back to Pakistan. However, he vowed that he would bring them back one day.
It was a planned conspiracy behind in ethnic riots in Hyderabad and in Qasba-Aligarh carnage in Karachi. So-called Sindhi nationalist who were in actual agents of the ISI were equipped with latest assault weapons and were directed to unleash their terror on unarmed Mohajirs in Hyderabad.
While addressing Sindhi brothers and sisters, MQM founder leader Mr Hussain said that if they would continue to support ISI-paid agents who claim to be Sindhi nationalist would suffer a lot and would be called traitors in history.
While addressing those who betrayed Mohajirs, MQM and him, said that they were strangers to Mohajirs but he picked them and the Mohajir nation voted to make them Parliamentarians. They betrayed him and are now traitors in the eyes of Mohajir nation.
Dr Farooque Sattar said that he was ashamed to listen to him for asking support from Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi but sadly he could not say why he remained silent over extrajudicial murder of his coordinator. On what position they are today is only due to unprecedented sacrifices of Mohajir martyrs.
Chaudhry Shujat Hussain had in the Senate of Pakistan admitted that thon orders of then then federal minister for interior Naseerullah Khan Babar, MQM activists were kidnapped and killed extrajudicially and were buried in hills of Margalla near Rawalpindi near headquarter of the ISI at Aabpaara. He said that his nephew and brother were extrajudicially assassinated and the one on whose orders they were executed witnessed the extrajudicial murder of her own young brother.
He demanded the Generals of Pakistani military and the ISI to immediately tender unconditional apology and arrest those military, ISI and Rangers personnel who demolished the Monument. He paid rich tribute to the martyrs of the Movement.

10/28/2021 12:06:53 AM