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Pakka Qilla a black chapter in Pakistan’s history: Altaf Hussain

Pakka Qilla a black chapter in Pakistan’s history: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/27/2019
Pakka Qilla a black chapter in Pakistan’s history: Altaf Hussain*

LONDON. May 25, 2019: The MQM founder leader Mr Altaf Hussain while paying rich tribute to the martyrs of Pakka Qilla in Hyderabad has said that those who sacrificed their lives for the Movement are an asset and their sacrifices would not be allowed to go in vain but would bring results for which the lives were sacrificed.
On the occasion of 29th anniversary of the Pakka Qilla carnage,he said that it was PPP in government when the innocent people of Hyderabad were butchered mercilessly 29 years ago.The biased PPP and its government had targeted the innocent people of Hyderabad on May 2, 1990. Elders,women and children were butchered. Prior to inflicting carnage, the biased and racist PPP had cut supply of power and gas so as to keep the venue under compete darkness for smooth conduction o the carnage.The killers were PPP workers in police uniform.They showered volley of bullets on women and children and bathed the Pakka Qilla with their blood. The killers had also desecrated the Holy Quran which the victim elders and women had held in their hands.
Even the demonic and biased PPP did not allow the families to bury their dead in graveyards and hence the bodies were buried inside the Pakka Qilla premise.
He said that those targeting Mohajirs with fake allegations have deliberately shunned their eyes from the massacre of Mohajirs and this typical biased mindset deserves condemnation in all forms of exprtession.
Mr Hussain said that PPP can’t escape the wrath of the almighty Allah for shedding the blood of the innocent.The scarifies of the martyrs would never go in vain.
He prayed for the martyrs’ souls to rest in eternal peace in heaven.

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