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Pakistan’s hands are dipped in all worldwide acts of terrorism: Altaf Hussain

Pakistan’s hands are dipped in all worldwide acts of terrorism: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 3/18/2019

Pakistan’s hands are dipped in all worldwide acts of terrorism: Altaf Hussain

LONDON. Mar 18, 2019: MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain has said that any act of terrorism in any corner of the world finds a link to Pakistan. The New Zealand terror incidence suspect had also been to Pakistan recently. Why he had visited Pakistan and which authority issued visa is the key question to be answered.

This he said in his latest live social media address watched by millions across the globe. He also expressed his deep grief over los of precious lives in New Zealand terror act at the hands of an Australian native citizen.

He said that the New Zealand terror act has forced him to expose the plan behind the New Zealand terror act, its chain of command and hands that mastered that terror act. In fact, those who had created dozens of extremist gangs (in Pakistan – ISI) is behind that act of terrorism.

The 9/11 master mind Khalid Shaikh Muhammad was arrested from the house of Jamaat-e Islami Pakistan Rawalpindi chapter chief. Likewise, the terrorists who wreaked havoc in UK on Jul 7, 2005 through suicide bombings were Pakistani-British nationals and had prior to committing that heinous act of terrorism visited Pakistan. Similarly, Mumbai terror act on Nov 26, 2008 was done by Pakistani national Ajmal Qassab, who hailed from Fareedkot in Punjab – Pakistan. Not only is this but the neighbouring countries like Iran and Afghanistan constantly complaining of terrorism from Pakistan. Any act of terrorism in any part of the world has an undoubted link with Pakistan.

“The terrorist who massacred innocent people in Christchurch had recently visited Pakistan and he was allowed to go to Pakistan’s Northern tribal areas.” “Under whose orders was he allowed to pay a visit to those remote and dangerous and terror-famed areas?” Under whose directives a visa was sanctioned to him? He asked.

In Pakistan, Hussain continued to speak, terrorism in the name of Islam, massacre of Muslim minority Shiite, bombings at their shrines and mosques, on streets, in markets, in hospitals, etc were all carried out by those terrorist gangs that were the product of Pakistan army and its intelligence agency –ISI, he claimed.

Shiite Muslims have been a soft target for the Jihadi extremist gangs. Pakistan’s prominent seminaries were preparing anti-Shiite terrorist gangs under the slogan of Shia Kaffir (Shiite are Infidel). They were brain washed against Shiite Muslims so that they feel no mercy when killing the innocent men, women and children in the name of Islam. The fact is that the Shiite Muslim played a pivotal role in the creation of Pakistan. These terrorists had butchered hundreds of innocent Shiite in one place.

The MQM founder said that Ehsan Ullah Ehsan said live on TV that TTP targeted MQM offices and designees and lawmakers and even that he admitted that his TTP butchered students of the APS in Peshawar but alas Pakistan’s powerful military refused to initiate any action against him but instead provided him a safe house under the blessing of the ISI in Rawalpindi.

He said that bombings at shrines and inside the mosques were all executed by those terrorists who are born in Pakistan and trained and facilitated and covered by the ghoulish ISI. Killings of non-Muslims in Pakistan in acts of terrorism would definitely bring similar sentiments ad reactions abroad.

He urged upon the OIC to immediately take notice of terror-promoting policies of Pakistan’s military establishment and ISI.

He appealed to all communities in Pakistan including Balouch, Sindhi, Pashtoon, Seraiki, and religious entities including Suniite, Shiite, Deobandi, Brailvi, Ehl-e Hadith and all other sects to raise their voices against Pakistan military’s agonizing and terror-promoting policies.


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