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MQM pays rich tribute to slain Abidi through Candle Light Vigil

MQM pays rich tribute to slain Abidi through Candle Light Vigil
 Posted on: 1/6/2019 1
MQM pays rich tribute to slain Abidi through Candle Light Vigil

MQM Paid rich tribute to one of its slain designees, ex-MNA Syed Ali Raza Abidi here in London through a heavily attended Candle Light Vigil. According to details, MQM organised and hosted a Candle Light Vigil in honour of slain Syed Ali Raza Abidi, one who was slain at his doorstep in Karachi. He was a very young ex-Parliamentarian from MQM ranks. The Candle Light Vigil was held at London’s Trafalgar Square, which was attended by MQM leaders, workers from across the United Kingdom and even from other countries and notables and dignitaries and people from all walks of life. The participants of the Candle Light Vigil lit candles in loving memory of slain Abidi.
The Candle Light Vigil also attracted by a large number of tourists, who approached the site of the Vigil and enquired about the tragedy and they also lit candles and paid homage to the slain Abidi, whose giant posters and photos were displayed on the site.
The participants also held posters and photos of the founder leader of the MQM, MR. Altaf Hussain. They also held placards which bore inscriptions of condemnation of the evil armed forces of Pakistan who have been the alleged killers of the slain Abidi, as MQM believes that the armed force of Pakistan had shot him dead. The placards also carried demands for justice for slain Abidi and stoppage of the genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan especially in Karachi city.
Addressing the Candle Light Vigil participants, Coordination Committee Convener Dr Nadeem Ehsan said that the slain Abidi was a devoted worker of the MQM and despite ban on MQM and Mr. Hussain in Pakistan, he dared to raise his voice of protest and expressed his complete solidarity with Mr. Husain and these matters were a direct reason of his assassination at the hands of the military intelligence, the ISI. The ISI had issued threats to him over phone and had also summoned him and warned him to stay away from supporting the MQM and Mr. Hussain.
Speaking on the occasion, the Coordination Committee Deputy Convener Qasim Ali Raza said that the slain Abidi was working actively for the peace and tranquility and religious harmony among different sects of the Muslims and he has become a vibrant voice in that context and hence the perpetrators had silenced him to death because the killer agency did not want to see their plans and plots of divide and rule sabotaged.
He said that though they have slain Abidi but his mission has acquired a most powerful and dynamic turn. Today, millions have joined his mission after his martyrdom. The mission of slain Abidi was to rid the country of the menace of terrorism, sectarian violence and justice for all especially for MQM and that mission would not be stopped but would keep going forward.
Speaking on the occasion, The Coordination Committee member Mustafa Azizabadi paid rich tribute to slain Abidi and demanded that a high powered commission should be constituted to investigate on his cold blooded assassination and the killers of him should be taken to task without fail.
Another Coordination Committee member and ex-MNA Sufyan Yousuf, MQM UK Organiser Hashim Azam, Joint Organiser Suhail Khanzada and others also addressed and they also demanded arrest of the killers of Abidi.
They said that the state of Pakistan has utterly failed to curb the menace of terrorism and religious extremism.
They said that the state of Pakistan should bear in mind that the cold blooded assassinations of MQM’s workers and leaders and genocide of Mohajirs can never compel the MQM to accept what the military establishment wants and the later should also learn that the MQM can never be intimidated or eliminated and peoples’ love for Mr. Hussain can never be removed from their hearts and minds.

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