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FIA’s action against Charity KKF worst example of state-sponsored crackdown against MQM: CC

FIA’s action against Charity KKF worst example of state-sponsored crackdown against MQM: CC
 Posted on: 1/3/2019 1
FIA’s action against Charity KKF worst example of state-sponsored crackdown against MQM: CC

MQM Coordination Committee has slammed Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency – FIA, over confiscating all the assets of MQM’s charity wing, the Khidmat-e Khalque Foundation - KKF, in the garb of alleged money laundering.
It said that it is no secret that the KKF is a charity organisation since 1979 with a long chain of charity services such as free ambulance service, free hospitals, dispensaries, blood banks, coffin carriage service and different welfare projects.
The KKF Charity has always served the humanity irrespective of cast, colour or creed from Kashmir to Balouchistan, From Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa to climate-affected zones beyond borders such as Indonesia, Iran, Sir Lanka, etc.
The Committee said that the Charity KKF has been catering to the indigent families, poor students, orphans and widows but very unfortunately, the state institutions have now targeted this charity as well and thus they have closed the doors of welfare to millions of indigent and deprived communities. This is an absolute discriminatory act against the humanity by the authorities of Pakistan. The Charity has been forced to shut and its property and assets have been confiscated by the FIA, which is a sheer demonic act.
FIA that has at the behest of military of Pakistan leveled a bogus charge of money laundering against the KKF is an absolute enemy of the humanity. These institutions have crossed all their limits. They have all gone crazy and become cannibal pythons and dragons.
It said that the source of revenue for the Charity KKF has been public donations, revenue generated from sale of hides of sacrificial animals on the occasion of Eid Al Adha, etc. The baseless allegation on Charity KKF is entirely shameful.
It said that the chain of Charity KKF services across the country is the proof that the Charity has invested its funds and everything on humans, ailing and indigent humans and those who launder money never set up chain of hospitals, dispensaries and blood banks, ambulance services and coffin carriage service, etc.
In fact, the FIA has shunned eyes from the real perpetrator such as Waderas, feudal elites and politicians who launder billions of dollars from the country and the FIA and the military establishment facilitated them at ports and airports. They are the enemies of humanity and are real perpetrators, the Committee asserted.
The Committee asked the country’s Chief Justice to take notice of FIA’s unconstitutional actions against the charity KKF and help let go their tyrant occupation of Charity KKF.

7/14/2024 1:37:33 PM