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 Posted on: 12/28/2018


GHQ and ISI are involved in clod blooded assassination of ex-Parliamentarian from MQM, Syed Ali Raza Abidi because the slain Abidi was busy in foiling all conspiracies against the MQM and Mohajirs. MQM is fully prepared to plead Abidi’s case in International Court of Justice and the party will prove with solid proofs that GHQ and ISI were involved in Abidi’s murder.

This was stated by MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain while speaking on assassination of ex-MQM Parliamentarian Abidi, who was assassinated at his doorstep in Karachi.

He said that the biggest proof of GHQ’s involvement in Abidi’s assassination was that it did not issue anycondolence statement which it never missed in all previous incidents. The ISPR also did not issue any condolence statement as it always gave one on assorted matters and incidents. Almost every single person was shocked and gave his condolence statements except the GHQ and the ISPR because they are the killers of Abidi.

He said that it is the SOP that each crime scene is protected but in Abidi’s case it was not the case. His house is situated in Karachi’s most sensitive zone and a lot of Police and paramilitary Rangers keep guarding the zone but on night of his murder on December 25, Police pickets and Rangers had suddenly removed. CCTV showed that the assassins were highly trained and they shot him in his head and neck onlyso as to ensure he would not survive.

Mr. Hussain said that Abidi was advocated Mohajir and was working for the unification of different factions of MQM. Under compulsion and stress, he had parted ways with him bit soon he had come back and he courageously gave his viewpoint in support of him and MQM.

Abidi had formed a Truth and Reconciliation Committee for the unification of different MQM factions and he had been meeting different leaders and personalities for the same cause. Unfortunately, his criticism on federal and provincial government and on military was the reason that he was deprived of a Police protection.

His support for him and MQM was evident from a video he recorded on December 9 on the occasion of MQM’s Martyrs Day and he was in his full support, he said. These were the reasons that the GHQ and ISI had been giving him threats repeatedly of dire consequences and he had also shared those threats with his friends. Lastly, he received a last threat from military ion which the caller told him to starting counting hisdays left. Finally, they killed him on December 25 at his doorstep.

MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain said that none other than the GHQ and ISI are the killers of Abidi. The plan of his murder was conceived and finalised at the GHQ because he was resisting the GHQ. Abidi’s assassination should be tried in the international court of justice and there I would prove that the GHQ and ISI were involved in is murder. There are also others in Pakistan who have raised their fingers on role GHQ, ISI and paramilitary Rangers that they are behind every single heinous crime in Karachi because they wanted to prolong their stay in Karachi.Provincial government is the authority to extend Rangers stay in Karachi every third month – 90 days and just before the closing of this period, Karachi suddenly faces a sharp rise in heinous crimes. Abidi’s murder is also connected to Rangers stay in Karachi, he claimed.

In fact, the military and sitting PTI’s federal government wants to impose Governor Rule in Karachi and hence they are creating reasons to justify the imposition of Governor Rule. Abidi’s assassination is part of conspiracy to impose Governor Rule, he also claimed.

ISI is doing what it can to malign the MQM and him but they have already been exposed of their cunningness and butcher-like character that they could go to any limit to implement their nefarious agenda.

Mr. Hussain also slammed country’s Chief Justice, Justice Mian Saquib Nisar on refusing to take a Suo-Motu notice on Abidi’s murder.

He said that the slain Abidi was like his own son and that he always believed in humanity and was liberal and progressive. He wanted to see Pakistan as a real welfare and Free State free from the clutches of the ghoulish military and ISI and one day the dream would certainly come true.

He also prayed for the departed soul of Abidi for resting in eternal peace in heaven.

8/14/2022 11:48:49 AM