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MQM rejects all allegations against Altaf Hussain

MQM rejects all allegations against Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/27/2018
MQM rejects all allegations against Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain is a law abiding citizen f the United Kingdom and has never violated the laws of the land. Military of Pakistan is hatching a deadly conspiracy to crush the MQM and Mohajirs in Karachi. Under the criminalisation policy of the military of Pakistan, the government and the controlled media have launched a malicious propaganda against the MQM and its founder leader. An independent commission can expose the nefarious designs of the ghoulish military of Pakistan against the people of the country and Mohajirs.

LONDON. Dec 27, 2018: MQM Coordination Committee has slammed Pakistan’s federal information Minister Fawwad Chaudhry regarding his false, baseless and shameful allegations on MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. The allegation is part of maligning tactic since the day the MQM was founded and military of Pakistan started using all means to crush and eliminate the MQM.
It said that it is a routine of military of Pakistan to replay any of their previous acts in form of sad incident (heinous crime) and then they start maligning the MQM while trying to fix the MQM as wrongdoer. Military of Pakistan has been doing such notorious games with an aim of eliminating the MQM but they have always been defeated in their schemes and would fail and stand as defeated in future.
The committee said that once again the military of Pakistan has renewed their notorious agenda of maligning the MQM and this they chose ex-member national assembly from MQM Syed Ali Raza Abidi and assassinated him at his doorstep a day earlier. Now, they are under the criminalisation policy they have launched against the MQM trying to fix the Movement in Abidi’s assassination game. In this context, military controlled Pakistani TVs, TV show presenters and city police have all been directed by the military establishment to launch an unending propaganda so that the common people should start believing the Movement was at fault. MQM workers in jails are now being placed under hide peeling situations so that the establishment could obtain the desired results.
A local Pakistan TV had tried to surpass all contemporary TVs in Pakistan and the TV soon after the news of Abidi’s assassination started circulating, started holding the Movement responsible for the crime the military establishment had committed.
It said that there is a Police or paramilitary Rangers check posts around every street and immense patrolling round the clock but on the day of Abidi’s assassination, Police and Rangers had disappeared from the scene and hence the killers had easily chased and reached Abidi’s residence side by side Abidi’s personal car and fearlessly shot him dead and easily fled from the crime scene.
Syed Akhlaque Raza Abidi who is father of slain Abidi has moments ago stated in a tweet tat all the Police and Rangers had disappeared from near Abidi’s house before his assassination.
The committee said that it was no secret that martyr Abidi was for some time was very active and was under the Truth and Reconciliation Committee trying hard to fail military establishment versus the MQM and that act and plan of him was unacceptable for the military establishment of Pakistan and lastly he paid the price in form of his cold blooded murder at his doorstep.
 Secondly, martyr Abidi had become quite active, very vocal in support of MQM founder leader and was openly advocating for the real MQM under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain. It is no more a secret that taking name of Altaf Hussain, praising him, advocating him has been made an unpardonable crime in Pakistan by the ghoulish military of Pakistan, which has also restricted the controlled media to carry his name, statement or picture. Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif was a historian, academician, philosopher and MQM’s senior designee and he was kidnapped by ISI and was extrajudicially murdered in custody only because he was advocating for Mr. Hussain. Abidi has also been punished, conversely.
It said that Mr. Hussain is raising his voice in support of oppressed Mohajirs, Balouchs and Pashtoons and exposing the demonic military of Pakistan which has puzzled them and they are spitting their venom in form of massacre and selective killings of MQM men and designees.
It also said that MQM founder leader is a perfect law abiding citizen of the United Kingdom and he has never violated the country’s laws. The fresh wave of allegations is nothing but a sheer maligning tactic so that the corrupt military could attain the desired goals of crushing the MQM.
The committee said that the military, the government and the controlled media have joined hands together and are maligning the MQM under the criminalisation policy of the ghoulish military of Pakistan and in this context they have also invented a “South African Network of MQM. Almost every worker of the Movement they arrest or kill extrajudicially is showed as member of this South African Unit under criminalisation policy of the military. Recently, the MQM had exposed the paramilitary Rangers and proved that those they arrested a few days ago and claimed that they belonged to South Africa Unit of MQM as fake and bogus after which the Rangers had been silent. An independent investigation commission can easily expose the ghoulish military.
The committee said that the military is preparing a deadliest crackdown in Karachi and hence is gearing up the pace of maligning the MQM and Mohajirs.
It asked the paramilitary Rangers to prove their efficacy in controlling the crimes in the city while the fact is that the crime rate is 100 times higher in Karachi during past thirty years since they took over the city and barricaded the whole of the city by establishing Rangers headquarters in nook and cranny of the city.
The committee said that it is the government’s sole responsibility to protect every single citizen and hence it demanded that the state of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan should ensure complete safety of every single citizen.
It asked the military of Pakistan to have mercy on Pakistan and the people of Pakistan and stop bringing more devastation to the country through their nefarious agendas.

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