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Ethnic groups and minorities facing human rights violations in Pakistan like Kashmir : Altaf Hussain

Ethnic groups and minorities facing human rights violations in Pakistan like Kashmir : Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 10/23/2018

Ethnic groups and minorities facing human rights violations in Pakistan like Kashmir :  Altaf Hussain

London: 23rd October 2018

Founder & leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that it is no hidden secret that all forms of terrorism and religious extremism is born in Pakistan. Now the all ethnic linguistic groups and religious minorities are facing gross human rights violations by the deep state in Pakistan like Kashmir. European Parliament should raise its voice against this situation. Mr. Hussain was addressing a conference organized by the Jammu Kashmir International People’s Alliance (JKIPA) in Belgium’s capital Brussels. Different political leaders, writers and civil society activists of human rights defenders were attended the conference. Conference was organised in honour of Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, human rights activists, journalists, to deal with the grave issue of the growing concern regarding terrorism, Extremism, human rights violations and hatred in South Asia’s region.

Mr. Altaf Hussain said that these subjects affect not only those who live in South Asia, but its implications spreads across the globe. He said that we live in a world where we fear terrorism linked to religious extremism, which stems from South Asia.

Mr. Hussain said that in Pakistan; If you speak against the states policies against terrorism, or religious fanaticism, you are silenced. I have a following of over 70 million Mohajirs who live in Pakistan, when I exposed the deep state of Pakistan's ideology to cause havoc worldwide I was silenced, not allowed to speak to my millions of followers.

Mr. Altaf Hussain said that during the Military operation against MQM, 22 thousands MQM workers and Mohajirs have been killed, hundreds are still missing and thousands are in prisons. My followers have suffered, they have broken my party into pieces, but were not able to break me, I stand firm with my people until my last breath.

Mr. Hussain said that people of Kashmir have been facing injustices since the inception of Pakistan, the United Nations have passed resolution after resolution, but all fell to deal ears, the people of Kashmir should be allowed to live how they want to live, no one should be able to dictate to them how they should live. This is the birth right of people of Kashmir weather they want to live with India or Pakistan or they want to live as an independent state. He further said that enemies infiltrate them by religious extremism, showing them the wrong path to succession.

Mr. Hussain said that Baloch and Pashtun people have also suffered tremendously; a peace loving nation was woken when their very own military officers tried to silence them when they asked for their due rights, resulting in the same brutalities we all have been facing, likewise the minorities, Christians, Ahmedis, Hindus all suffer at the hands of the same brute forces.

Mr. Hussain said that European Union members have afforded Pakistan with many facilities, but were you aware that they are all afforded to them to adhere to strict measures, one of them being not to violate the human rights of its citizens. The Government of Pakistan has denied any wrongdoing, to ensure that their GSP + status remains, but we need to unite and raise the voice of the oppressed, and in doing so we can ensure that Pakistan is held accountable for its gross human rights violations, failure should result in the deprivation of the benefits it  receives from the EU.

Mr. Hussain said to the EU members of Parliament and participant of the conference  that If we all stand united for our fundamental democratic rights, for freedom of expression, for freedom of thought belief, for freedom of association and religion then I am positive that we can defeat this common enemy, but it is Imperative that we unite, we unite to take concrete measures to expose this deep state, once we apply this pressure collectively across the world I am sure that we will defeat this enemy, and our due rights will be given to us, we should not beg for what is ours, but we should speak one voice across the globe.

Mr. Altaf Hussain said that I will never remain silent, I will raise my voice for all the oppressed minorities and nations in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan.

He paid thanks to distinguished guests for inviting him to address.

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