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MQM Chief vows to rebuild a “New Pakistan” with equal rights, justice for the oppressed

MQM Chief vows to rebuild a “New Pakistan” with equal rights, justice for the oppressed
 Posted on: 9/17/2018
MQM Chief vows to rebuild a “New Pakistan” with equal rights, justice for the oppressed

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that he wants equal justice for all and a country where rights of the masses are not usurped but respected and protected. A country is in sight where people won’t starve out for food or medications. The present tyrant system is enemy to the people, which he wants to rid of and bring a new system of equality, justice and esteem in Pakistan.

He expressed these views while addressing an August gathering of his birthday celebration, which was postponed in honour and reverence of Moharram Al Haram. His birthday falls on September 17 each year and his companions and affiliates of the Movement reiterate their solemn stance of loyalty with him as the Spiritual Father. His anniversary was, however, commemorated as “The Day of Loyalty with Altaf Hussain” across the globe. The day of his anniversary was equally attended by his millions of followers from across the world through means of social media and over telephones. The event was specially attended by the widow of Martyr of Revolution Dr Imran Farooque and children of him.

Mr. Hussain besides his special address, recited verses from the Quran for the departed souls of Dr Farooque, Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif and other martyrs of the Movement, martyrs from other communities such as Balouch, Pashtoon, Sindhi, Seraiki and others and special prayers were held in high esteem of the martyrs of Kerbala. Special prayers were held for the perfect health and longevity of Dr Farooque’s widow Shumaila Baji (sister).

He felicitated the Movement’s affiliates and all of his companions for their positive sentiments, respect and esteem they have for him in their hearts.

He paid rich tribute to those of Movement’s affiliates and companions, who remained steadfast, determined and continued with their unwavering love and esteem for him and the Movement.

He said that his struggle for a country where rights of the masses are not usurped but respected and protected, a country where people will not starve out of food and medications and a country where the looters are taken to task immediately for their crimes against the humanity.

On the occasion, Movement’s Coordination Committee Convener Dr Nadeem Ehsan read aloud the deed of loyalty with the founder of the Movement, Mr. Hussain. The almighty Lord has blessed the Mohajir Nation in form of a dynamic, caring and loving founder and leader of the Movement, whose anniversary is commemorated on September 17th each year with great zeal and esteem because he has founded the identity of the Mohajir Nation as “Mohajir.”

He said that the military establishment of Pakistan has imposed unlawful embargo on Mr. Hussain and has curbed the media freedom in Pakistan due to which there is a complete blackout on media in Pakistan, which has been restricted to air any of his words, carry any photo of him, etc.;

However, the military establishment has completely failed to create any division in the Movement and his bondage with his followers in millions is intact. The military establishment is going with all the demonic tactic of arbitrary arrests, kidnapping and torture, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions of the Mohajirs. The establishment has locked and sealed the offices of the Movement and the residence of Mr. Hussain.

He said that the intact bondage was displayed on July 25th when the Mohajir Nation had on the appeal of Mr. Hussain boycotted the General Elections – 2018 in Pakistan. This bondage of love and esteem would never be chained, he vowed.

He announced that on Oct 7, 2018, a grand celebration would be held in honour of Mr. Hussain with regard to his 65th anniversary, here in London.

Qasim Ali Raza, the Deputy Convener of the Coordination Committee of the Movement, said that the establishment and the entire machinery of the state had despite all; tricky businesses failed to isolate the founder of the Movement from his millions of followers and companions. These companions and affiliates used to commemorate the Day of the Loyalty at the Movement’s HQ in Karachi but the military establishment had locked and sealed the venue under continued repressive actions on gun point.

He said that no tricky and tyrant move of the military establishment would be successful to create divisions on gun point.

MQM United Kingdom Organiser Hashim Azam had performed as the Conductor of the event of anniversary and an anniversary cake was also cut.

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