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Military establishment is still conspiring for making its puppet government in Pakistan: Altaf Hussain

Military establishment is still conspiring for making its puppet government in Pakistan: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/4/2018 1
Military establishment is still conspiring for making its puppet government in Pakistan: Altaf Hussain

The ISI and the military establishment have already selected one (Imran Niazi), who has been facilitated by the military establishment. The ISI facilitated Imran Niazi to win majority of seats for the Parliament so as to allow him to easily capture the PM’s post – MQM Founder Leader

Pakistani media and the judiciary have now become organs of the corrupt military junta. The Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Saquib Nisar called Imran Niazi as most honest man in Pakistan while the fact is that he had in past fathered an illegitimate girl child. He is her biological father – MQM Founder Leader

LONDON. Aug 4, 2018:  Pakistan has been sandwiched by crises at the hands of the military establishment. It has yet to be decided by the military establishment as who would be the next Prime Minister of the country and apparently, only the blue-eyed of the military establishment and the ISI would be allowed to become county’s next PM. “The ISI and the military establishment have already selected one (Imran Niazi), who has been facilitated by the military establishment”. “The ISI facilitated Imran Niazi to win majority of seats for the Parliament so as to allow him to easily capture the PM’s post.” This has been ensured through massive rigging in the process of voting. It is now up to the people of Punjab to step forward against that rigging and then the people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Balouchistan and Mohajirs would also join them. The Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) had boycotted the general elections 2018 and on that the people of cities in Sindh had fully boycotted the elections. The international community should via means confirm that boycott.

The Movement’s founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain expressed these views in his live address to the people through social media, which was watched live by millions across the world. In his address, he discussed about ongoing military crackdown against the Mohajirs and the status quo in the country.

He said that Pakistan has been stuck into a decayed system of the status quo for past seven decades and the military establishment is the driving force of that decayed status quo. There are supporters of the ISI in Pakistan such as certain political parties and corrupt feuds that have always played their notorious games of cementing that decayed status quo. Political parties had also partnered the military establishment in 1971 when Pakistan was divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh. Even, Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto had formed his party, Pakistan People’s Party with the help of the military establishment and when in 1970, the Awami League had swept the victory in general elections, Bhutto had on dictation of the military establishment refused to accept the victory of the Awami League. Bhutto had threatened the Parliamentarians of dire consequences in case they would assembly session in Dacca. Rather, the military establishment had launched a military crackdown in Bangladesh to crush the Awami League and thus the country was divided.

While explaining the decayed system of the status quo, he said that by the status quo is meant that things that have existed since long should not be changed or replaced but should be kept as it is. This decayed system of the status quo has gripped the country for past seven decades. Though it is always claimed that Pakistan is a democratic country but this is the biggest lie as the conduction of general elections in Pakistan is just a tricky business and for duping the world and the people of Pakistan. The fact is that the military establishment is the engineer of such notorious and dubious electoral schemes, which is maintained with the pro-military establishment parties. The cunning military establishment uses the puppet political parties as front men so that they could reach the IMF, WB and any other monetary funds in the world for begging for money. On receiving the loans from IMF, WB, etc., it is the military establishment that consumes more than the half of the funds thus received. This is the status quo that suits to the military establishment and its puppet political parties.

He said that Bhutto’s PPP was claimed to be a party of the deprived class of the people but it was predominantly flooded by the corrupt feuds and elites. Today, the PTI that has apparently won the elections in Pakistan also a perfect portrayal of the elites and electable feuds. Contrary to that status quo, only the MQM had raised the people of grass root level and made them Parliamentarians. That had irked the military establishment and a deadliest military crackdown was then launched against the Movement because it had created a real threat to the forces of the status quo. In 199, the military establishment and its all other wings, the ISI and the paramilitary forces have extrajudicially executed at least 25 thousands of innocent Mohajirs in Karachi and in Hyderabad only to crush the Movement and punish it for challenging the status quo. The military operation against the Mohajirs is still at work and the military establishment is chasing the Mohajirs to eliminate them and their sole representative Movement in Pakistan.

The army generals and corrupt elite of the country have since the inception of Pakistan been lie a family. This family of corrupt military establishment and the feudal elites had called Ms. Fatima Jinnah and Pakistan’s first PM Khan Liaquat Ali Khan as traitors. This corrupt military-elite consortium had also assassinated an eminent human rights activist Barrister Asma Jehangir. Judiciary restoration movement was also backed by the ISI and the country’s Supreme Court always provided a legal shelter to the Martial Laws. Not a single bar in Pakistan has ever talked about the assassination of Ms. Jehangir. They never speak on killings of Mohajirs and Balouchs in Pakistan. Almost every single Judge of the country’s apex court had committed treason by taking oath under the PCO laid by the military dictators. These PCO judges never dare to speak on Martial laws and military dictators. TV anchors always demand for punishment for dictator Musharraf but they never name those generals who had in fact revolted against an elected civilian government. They never speak on General Rahil Sharif’s job in Saudi-led military coalition immediately after his retirement. The incumbent COAS General Qamar Jawed Bajwah has lacked to initiate any legal action against Sharif.

He said that none other than him can claim to have lived in a small 120 square yards house and that he had despite all limitations challenged the status quo and the military’s interference in country’s political and other matters.

Mr. Hussain said that Mohajirs have since 1947 been victim of discriminatory policies and that they have never been accepted as Pakistani citizens. Mohajirs want their rights and a separate Mohajir province and if their voice goes unheard then they would be constrained to demand for the plebiscite.

He said that though no other community speaks on injustices done to Mohajirs but he does not care for it and keeps speaking on the injustices done to other folks, Balouchs, Pashtoons and imprisonment of Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Safdar.

In case, Pakistan gest further divided, people of Punjab and Pakistan’s corrupt military junta would be solely responsible and hence the people of Punjab should always speak for Pakistan and not for the corrupt military generals.

He said that the corrupt generals always allege the civilians of damage done to country but they can’t explain as how they have gathered billions in their personal accounts. These military generals always accuse the civilian of terrorism but they keep favouring the Taliban terrorists and even the mastermind of Army Public School carnage, Taliban leader Mullah Ehsan Ullah Ehsan is now under army’s protection.

MQM’s senescent leader Prof. Hassan Zafar Arif was assassinate  by the ISI on January 13,and  on that same day, a Pashtoon man Naqeeb Ullah Mehsood was also shot dead by  killer Police officer Rao Anwar in fake encounter. The Chief Justice Saquib Nisar took a suo moto notice just to please the aggrieved family and the Pashtoons but the Chief Justice did not take any suo moto on killings of more than 450 innocent Mohajirs at the hands of Police officer Anwar. In fact, Rao Anwar is a cover agent of ISI.

Mr. Hussain said that PTI and PML-N are both striving to form their governments in the centre but the fact is that only one that is dear to Pakistan’s military would be allowed to form a government in Pakistan. Almost all political parties have rejected the results of the elections and there are countless evidences of rigging the elections being circulated on social media.

Mr. Husain said that the COAS and CJP said they have defeated the enemy with the power of ballot and perhaps they have defeated the people of Pakistan through massive rigging in favour of their blue-eyed Imran Niazi.

He asked the people of Punjab to take a decisive action against the rigged elections and onward government from rigged elections so that the people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Balouchistan and Mohajirs should join them in the protest, too.

He said that sooner or later, Mohajirs, Balouchs, Pakhtoons and people of tribal zones would rise for their demand for a separate homeland if the injustices are not stopped.

He said Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman had announced for protest on rigging and then the military6 establishment had over phone warned him of dire consequences on which he changed his stance and stated that he would register his protest while staying within the parameters of the status quo.

He criticised the Jamat-e Islami and said that the party had before the inception of Pakistan declared the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e Azam as Kaafir-e Azam (The biggest infidel) and called the freedom fighters as dogs. The founder of Jamat-e Islami was a good person but after his death his party had turned from Jamat-e Islami to Jamat-e Harami ( A party of bastards). Now, the Jamat-e Islami is a B team of the military establishment.

He said that Pakistan needs him because he has served the country and never desired or kept any lucrative post to him but always raised the people from grass root level and made them public representatives and the Parliamentarians.

He also defied the Democracy, which is a form of government of the people, by the people and for the people. He said that there is no democracy in Pakistan but a form of feudocracy in which the feudal lords and the elites are always in possession of the government and the resources of the land.

He said that he had long before the day of elections 2018, claimed the elections would be engineered and today every man of his conscious is endorsing him. The prime purpose of engineered elections was to facilitate the PTI. The civil society in Pakistan is asserting that what he had claimed was correct but the TV anchors are still lacking to speak the truth about the rigged elections.

He said that he has never been against the army but he has always criticised the corrupt military junta. Those who are honest and love the country should now rise against the corrupt military junta so that the country should be saved.

He said that the Mohajirs had welcomed his appeal for boycotting the elections and there was a pin drop silence in cities of Sindh on polling day on July 25. The turnout was very low and the corrupt military generals had over phoned the TV anchors of observing silence. Players, actors and other eminent persons from every walk of life were brought to TVs by the military and forced them to speak in support of PTI, the party that has been favoured by the military in elections.

Mr. Hussain said that the TV anchors speak much on wealth of Nawaz Sharif but they are silent over the wealth of corrupt military generals, Imran Niazi, Asif Ali Zardari, Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman and other leaders. Musharraf has been implicated in treason case under article 6 of the constitution for toppling the elected government for imposing emergency in the country but the moment an emergency was imposed, Musharraf was in the air in his jet.

He said that he would initiate stern accountability whenever he would get an opportunity. He urged upon the journalists not to hide the truth and if they can’t speak the truth, they should rather quit the profession.

He said that, “Pakistani media and the judiciary have now become organs of the corrupt military junta.” “The Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Saquib Nisar called Imran Niazi as most honest man in Pakistan while the fact is that he had in past fathered an illegitimate girl child. He is her biological father.” Justice Nisar should be ashamed of his verdict of calling Imran Niazi as most honest man in Pakistan. The judiciary and the corrupt military are making all they can to post Imran Niazi as country’s next PM.

He said that whole world is rejecting the elections in Pakistan as these were heavily rigged in favour of PTI and millions of ballot papers were rejected and dumped at dumpsters, which carried stamps on parties other than the PTI. Military establishment, ISI, Chief Justice of Pakistan are guilty of rigged elections and they are liable to be tried and punished under article 6 of the contribution for treason.

He asked the Mohajirs in particular and people of Pakistan in general that they should remain alert as he might announce his return to Pakistan any time.

He said that his sign would be “Sword” from now and he would not spare any corrupt as he would drag all such corrupt to trails under the law.

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