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Corrupt officers from Islamabad are killing Mohajirs in Karachi American Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

 Corrupt officers from Islamabad are killing Mohajirs in Karachi American Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
 Posted on: 7/13/2018
 Corrupt officers from Islamabad are killing Mohajirs in Karachi American Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Basic human rights of Mohajirs are violated and they are even not allowed to vote to whom they want, Convener MQM Dr. Nadeem

Washington: 13 July 2018

American Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said that the corrupt officers from Islamabad are killing Mohajirs in Karachi and on the other hand, they are supporting Religious extremists openly. This is not acceptable at any cost. The US Congressman stated this while addressing the participants of the conference "Mohajir Day on the Capitol Hill", organised by MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) USA,  in the visitor's Center room Number HVC 200, at Capitol Hill, Washington,

In this conference, titled as "The Future of Mohajir Nation", workers and  office bearers of MQM from 12 chapters of the United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom participated, along with representatives of Think Tanks, senior journalists, Bloggers and people from different walks of life. Addressing the participants of the conference, US Congressman from Republican Party and member of House Foreign Affairs, Mr. Dana Rohrabacher said that Mohajirs in general and workers of MQM are suffering in Pakistan and I extend my full support to them. He further said that every citizen has every right to defend his freedom and basic rights and the United States is fully aware of the crimes of the corrupt officers from Islamabad. We cannot allow these corrupt officers from Islamabad to continue the atrocities. It is totally unacceptable. He further said that it is not at all acceptable that Islamabad is openly supporting the religious extremists and fanatics. He said that we want to make Karachi a peaceful and prosperous city like Singapore and we will support MQM to get rid of these atrocities. Dana Rohrabacher further said that the enemies of Americans and Mohajirs are same and we will have to defeat this enemy together.  He advised MQM workers and office bearers to stand firm in their struggle for peace and democracy.

Addressing the participants, Dr. Nadeem Ehsan, Convener of MQM, said that the basic human rights of Mohajirs are violated and they are even not allowed to vote to whom they want, and therefore, the founder and leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain has announced to boycott the upcoming elections of 25 July 2018. He added that we reject the recent census, delimitation of electoral boundaries and gerrymandering and demand an independent commission of international bodies and observers to conduct census and eliminate unlawful quota system against Mohajirs. He condemned the unlawful and unconstitutional ban on MQM to freely participate in political activities, media blackout and lock-down of MQM's headquarters "90", murder of Professor Dr. Hasan Zafar Arif for his loyalty with Founder & Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain and extrajudicial killing of more than 80 MQM workers, hundreds of enforced disappearances and thousands in Jail isuncivilized and inhumane act against Mohajirs and MQM. Despite state sponsored atrocities and oppression, Mohajirs and other oppressed minorities of the country are still struggling under the leadership of Altaf Hussain. Dr. Nadeem Ehsan congratulated all MQM USA workers and chapters for organizing such event at Capitol Hill. 

Deputy Convener MQM, Qasim Ali Raza while addressing the attendees of Hill Day said Mohajirs will not be the slaves of oppression and atrocities and will continue to fight for their rights till very end. 

On this occasion, Human Rights activist and lawyer Adil Ghaffar addressing the guests and viewers said that before the creation of MQM, Mohairs were stripped off their rights in all walks of life including social, education and even human rights are being violated resulted in the creation of MQM as a rection towared perpetual injustices and prejudice against Mohajirs. Since the military operation of 1992 against MQM, 22,000 Mohajirs have been extrajudically killed and several phases of military operations continue till today since 2013. The  ban on Founder & Leader Altaf Hussain and  lock down of MQM's headquaters "90" is unlawful and unconstitutional while establishment is providing patronage and support to extremist radical organizations. Leaders and members of these extremist radical organizations are allowed to freely campaign and participate in upcoming elections while MQM and its progressive and secular leadership which believes in equal rights has been forcefully stopped from taking part in elections. He said that it should be a great concern if these banned outfits extremist radical organizations and their leaders are elected it woud be detrimental for achieving the peace and harmony in the region. 

MQM's Central Executive Committee member Arif Ajakia addressing the conference shared the sacrifices of Mohajirs and their forefathers in the creation of Pakistan and its a shame that their children are facing injustices and discrimination and not treated as citizens of Pakistan. Altaf Hussain is the only leader who belongs to working middle class and has openly challenged the feudal system, military stratocracy and political dynasty and 95% Mohajirs are still standing with Altaf Hussain. 

TAG TV owner Tahir Aslam Gora speaking at the occasion said that its unfortunate that Mohajirs who have contributed so much for Pakistan are not treated as the Citizens of Pakistan. Military establishment is discriminating against those who have challenged stratocracy and labelled them as traitors. We condemn these acts of discrimination of military establishment against their own people. Mr. Gora admired the leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain and called him a true leader of oppressed people. 
Director TAG TV Mrs Saeeda Haleema, Anchor person Dawood Jan, MQM's central executive committee member Adnan Naqvi and Central organizer MQM USA Rehan Ibadat also shared their views with the participants of conference. A documentary video prepared by media cell of MQM was also presented portraying state sponsored atrocities against Mohajirs including murders of Aftab Ahmed and Professor Dr. Hasan Zafar Arif by Law enforcement agencies. 


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