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Pakistan’s military is politically engineering General Elections – 2018: Fake results have been decided: Altaf Hussain

Pakistan’s military is politically engineering General Elections – 2018: Fake results have been decided: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/5/2018 1
Pakistan’s military is politically engineering General Elections – 2018: Fake results have been decided: Altaf Hussain

NAB, SC, ECP helping ghoulish military of Pakistan to successfully impose its nefarious agenda – MQM founder & leader

Pakistan’s demonic military is patronizing terrorist gans and banned outfits for becoming Parliamentarians through engineered General Elections – 2018. Frozen accounts of extremist groups have been reactivated – MQM founder & leader

LONDON. Jul 5, 2018: Pakistan army is politically engineering the forthcoming General Elections – 2018 in Pakistan and hence Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) has boycotted them. The military has through the political engineering already prepared elections results according to which either the blue-eyed Imran Niazi having cricket bat as his electoral symbol or Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan with Jeep as his electoral symbol would be imposed on the people of Pakistan as next Prime Minister of Pakistan. The forthcoming General Elections -2018 are purely Military-dictated elections with which the military of Pakistan would control the Parliament, democracy and the country.

MQM founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said this in his live address to the workers and supporters of the Movement through social media.

He said that Imran Niazi was a cricketer but the military establishment groomed him as politician and now they are going to impose their blue-eyed as country’s next PM. In order to empower this blue-eyed, the military establishment on gun point drove the politicians into PTI and still the military establishment is chasing the electables to shift their loyalty to Imran Niazi. At the other, the military is busty in creating another faction of blue-eyed and after Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was allotted Jeep as his electoral symbol, almost 120 independents have also been allotted the same Jeep symbol so that the military establishment could gather them under one roof and bring forward Khan as country’s next PM. The military has done full selection instead of elections in Pakistan next. At present, the military establishment has two blue-eyed candidates for the office of PM next and perhaps the match would be finally decided through a Toss of coin under which Head would be for Khan and Tail for Niazi. The forthcoming elections are a complete fraud, deception and insult to the democratic people of Pakistan. MQM rejects the forthcoming elections and would never accept the oncoming results – completely engineered results. The forthcoming elections are meant to serve the corrupt conglomerate of the military Generals, who are in business from veggies to fueling stations. The military Generals have now cunningly crafted a modern mechanism to impose their say and extract the most from everywhere under the controlled elections and democracy. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan are working on military’s dictation and these national institutions are not allowed to work independently. These national institutions, NAB, ECP and SC are partnering the corrupt military Generals of Pakistan army in its nefarious political engineering. It is highly deplorable that the SC that is country’s highest institution with regard to its powers for dispensing the justice is working on military’s dictation, working under the long boots of military. In past, the former Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice (retd.) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry served the corrupt military Generals of Pakistan and now the incumbent CJP Justice Mian Saquib Nisar is overtly implementing the notorious agenda of military Generals. As far as the NAB is concerned, it is with a sped of a rocket targeting the selective politicians and the ECP, as well, is rejecting the nomination papers of candidates belong to a particular political party. It is astonishing that the ECP has submitted a requisition to the corrupt military of Pakistan to deploy 300, 000 military troopers inside and outside the polling booth on polling day on July 25th so that the military establishment could fill the ballot boxes with fake ballots in favour of Niazi and Khan. That huge deployment of military troopers might suffice to conquer the occupied Kashmir over India. In fact, this is part of notorious designs of the corrupt military of Pakistan to fill the ballot boxes of Khan and Niazi with a ration of seats so that the both could be produced as winners of majority of seats and thus the military would have a stone in hand to hunt two leaders in case one would try to dis pose of the dictation from military establishment. The one who would dare to defy, the military would readily push another to take over the defying blue-eyed. The military establishment is fully patronizing the extremist gangs, banned outfits and terrorists groups which have been allowed to freely fight the elections. The banks on order of military establishment has lifted ban on deposits and the frozen accounts of banned terrorists outfits have been reactivated and fanatic religious groups that are being patronise3d by the corrupt military Generals. Soon Pakistan would change into Jihadistan (A land of Jihadi elements) from a democratic republic state. These nefarious actions of Pakistan’s military establishment has made the country a joke, a ridiculous riddle and brought a bad name and disrespect. The honest and professional military officers even of lower ranks should revolt against this handful of corrupt military Generals so as to save the country from onward and irreparable devastation.  The military should also be held answerable to the people and the corrupt military Generals should also be taken to justice boxes.

The MQM founder Mr. Hussain while reacting on a humiliating remark of Mian Shahbaz Sharif of PML-N regarding the Karachiites said that whenever there was a government of the PML-N, Mohajirs suffered immensely and were butchered like goats and sheep. Sharif had repeatedly stated that his government restored peace and tranquility in Karachi, which Mohajirs translate as “We (PMLN’s Government) conducted deep massacre of Mohajirs”. Today, the military of Pakistan is crushing you (PMLN) under boots. Sharif should be ashamed of his mentality. The PMLN had made heaps of bodies of Mohajirs. The Model Town carnage is yet pending and it might happen that Sharifs spend their lives in jail on massacre of the civilians. It is on record that Chaudhry Shujaat Husain stated on the floor of the Parliament that MQM’s workers kidnapped during military operation in 1992 were all extrajudicially executed and their bodies were buried on hills of Margalla.

Mohajir enemy leaders are fighting elections from Karachi, too and they have an ambition to conquer Karachi but they would never win the hearts of Mohajirs because they are the killers of Mohajirs and Mohajirs know them well.

Slamming Imran Niazi on his statement regarding Karachi Province, Mr. Hussain said that Karachi’s demography is larger than many countries in the world and the population of this port city has also exceeded many countries, as well. Niazi had stated against the wish of Mohajirs the dominating populous of the port city of Karachi and thus Niazi exposed him to Mohajirs once again.

He said that MQM celebrated Pakistan festivity in 1991 but the military of Pakistan carried genocide of Mohajirs in 1992, instead. MQM produced pro-military procession with over a million heads in 2014 but the military launched a deadliest military crackdown on Mohajirs, which is still going on.

He said that Mohajir population has been cut to half at the behest of the military of Pakistan and electoral constituencies have been delimitated so as to deprive them of their mandate and keep them like slaves sans any mandate and political role.

“The United Nations should take notice of recently held census in Pakistan and supervise a new census under its own aegis”, he demanded.

Mr. Hussain said that the military establishment had created a terrorist group of Haquiqi in 1992 to crush the MQM and it once again it has created a gang of criminals, the PSP gang in 2016 To crush the Movement. PSP has been fully patronized by the military of Pakistan that has provided luxurious bungalows, expensive land cruisers and hefty funds. The military of Pakistan simultaneously created another faction of traitors under the aegis of Dr Farooque Sattar and his gang is known as PIB Tola (PIB Gang).

These traitors have compromised over the martyrs of the Movement with whose blood the Movement brew to a strong tree from a little sapling. There are thousands of MQM workers in jail, in detention centres and as many have so far been extrajudicially executed but these traitors have forgot their sacrifices just to avail petty benefits from the corrupt military establishment of Pakistan.

He said that the military establishment has on gun pint sealed the Movement’s headquarters, bulldosed its hundreds of offices in nook and cranny of the city of Karachi, Hyderabad and everywhere. The military establishment has made it an unpardonable crime to cite his name and speak for him. The atrocities and injustices have crossed all limits and broken all previous records so the Movement had only one option of boycotting the forthcoming General Elections -2018 under the aegis of ghoulish military of Pakistan.

The Movement’s founder Mr. Hussain urged upon Mohajirs in particular and people of Pakistan in general to reject military-engineered General Elections -2018 and never allow the traitors to enter their zones. The traitors should be sternly questioned as why they chose to betray the Movement, to compromise on the blood of the martyrs and become touts of demonic military establishment of Pakistan.

He said that country’s future lies in hands of the millennial so they should come forward and play their vibrant role for the country and the people.

7/14/2024 12:12:56 PM