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Elections -2018 doesn’t stand for democratic Pakistan but for military’s Pakistan; people have to boycott them: Altaf Hussain

Elections -2018 doesn’t stand for democratic Pakistan but for military’s Pakistan; people have to boycott them: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/23/2018
Elections -2018 doesn’t stand for democratic Pakistan but for military’s Pakistan; people have to boycott them: Altaf Hussain

Pakistan’s military has already prepared results for the General Elections – 2018 and the forthcoming General Elections would be only to befool the people of Pakistan. Pakistan’s military wants to impose Imran Niazi as Prime Minister of Pakistan so that he could work on military’s dictation and as per military’s designs – MQM founder & leader

The military of Pakistan is wreaking havoc in Afghanistan while patronizing and supporting from all aspects the “Good Taliban. Attacks in Afghanistan are results of conspiracy of ISI, which is the largest terrorist network in the world. The International community, the UN, International NGOs has to take measures for controlling this notorious ISI.

Mohajirs in particular and people in general should stay at homes on July 25th the day of Elections in Pakistan and they would have their say of boycotting the General Elections under planned designs of the military of Pakistan

2018 scheduled in Pakistan for July 25th are “Military-sponsored” and would be “engineered by the military of Pakistan” as the results have already been decided because the military’s plan is to bring a new government in Pakistan as a result of Elections – 2018 that should serve and protect the designs and interests of the military and hence the scheduled Elections should be purely “Military Sponsored Elections”, which the people of Pakistan from all zones such as Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Balouchistan, Sindh tribal zones, etc. should boycott the Elections – 2018. People should rise for the real change and their rights against the usurpers’ elite as angels won’t land from skies for their help.

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Founder Leader and father of the Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussain expressed these views in his latest tele-video solo conference from London, which was aired through social media and was watched lives by millions all over the world. He discussed about the effects of the forthcoming Elections – 2018 in Pakistan in detail.

A distorted history is offered for study to the students in Pakistan. For example, it is claimed that Allama Iqbal who was a poet had dreamt of Pakistan through an Objective Resolution. It is totally wrong and even fake history as Iqbal had not done anything like that. He had simply talked about formation of autonomous states in India especially the in the Northern part of India. He was born in India and died in India in 1939 and there was no movement heard of Pakistan at that time. It is also doubtful that Chaudhry Rehmat Ali had suggested Pakistan as name of a new independent state in the sub-continent India. Likewise, Pakistan’s military celebrates Defense day on September 6 as victory over India which is also a lie. Soon after Pakistan was founded in 1948, Pakistan’s military had provoked and pushed tribesmen to attack Indian troops in Kashmir. But Indian military had fearlessly retaliated and thus the tribesmen had to pull them back. Pakistan had attacked India in Kashmir believing that India would not react from International borders but the later did it and then Pakistan’s military begged for life from USA and appealed for a ceasefire in war of 1965. Thus how could Pakistan’s military celebrate a victory over India every year on September 6, he questioned.

He said that on the contrary, Pakistan’s military has championed it for butchering the helpless people of Pakistan. It has killed Sindhis, Balouchs, Pakhtoons and Mohajirs now. Mohajirs are today facing worst genocidal military crackdown in their history. Arbitrary arrests are a routine act of armed forces of Pakistan. Extrajudicial killings of Mohajirs and other oppressed Balouchs and Pashtoons are Pakistan military’s pride. On the contrary, Pakistan’s military always remained defeated when at war with India whether it was Kashmir war in 1948, war of 1965, war in 1971 or the Kargil war. This Pakistan military faced humiliating defeat from India but shamefully, Pakistan military Generals proudly present them as victorious with badges and crests on their front chest. Military Operation Zarb-e Azb was said to be against the terrorist gangs but in fact, the military had hunted the innocent tribesmen instead. Military killed a lot of them and forced them to evacuate their homes and lands. Military agencies kidnap TV anchorpersons, reporters, NGOs’ persons, HR activists and torture then in detention centres until they accept to follow military’s dictation in future and those who refuse are killed.

He said any military is answerable to its people and Pakistan’s military is not exempted but sadly, the military has occupied the country and its resources on gun point. Military of Pakistan is a commercial party that runs all sorts of businesses like filling stations, vegetables and fruit hops, construction material, foods and packed foods, etc.

Had the military of Pakistan heard and implemented what he had offered, the overall situation in Pakistan would have changed dramatically, he claimed, adding that still he has the potential of revolutionizing the country and ability to bring it to the extremes of prosperity. However, the ISI would have to be answerable to the people of Pakistan and on failing to actualize the claims; he offered to quit politics once and for all.

He said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan is on a country-wide tour to witness the problems and pass on the spot orders for the remedial actions. He should also visit the torture cells and jails where the military establishment has jailed thousands of innocent political workers without any lawful charge. The CJ has also to visit Balouchistan and tribal zones to see the sufferings of the people there at the hands of the military establishment.

He said that the CJ has ousted the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif but why he has ignored the others who robbed the country? He has to take similar action against Asif Ali Zardari and Imran Khan and others.

He said that the military of Pakistan has so far spent billions of rupees on making Imran Niazi a leader and placing his as PM of the country but his character is open to all as he is father of a child without legal marriage. Los Angelis court has passed an order in that regard with which he is a proven father of that child. Sadly, Pakistan’s judiciary is also a hostage to the military of Pakistan and is working as its spokesperson. Sadly the Supreme Court of Pakistan has declared Imran Niazi as county’s most pious man.

He asked to name another leader than him who hailed from grass root middle class of the society and earned for his living through tuition and attained University on the basis of his petty earning from tuition and despite all those hardship created a Movement of which he is the leader.

He asked whether any other than him was born in Pakistan who had hard hit the politics of dynasty in Pakistan and lost his brother and nephew in the struggle for the rights of the oppressed Mohajirs and other communities.

He said that he trained and raised people from grass root and sent them to Parliament as peoples’ elected representatives and from that grass root were the Ministers and Mayors, Senators and the Deputy Mayors.

He said the military establishment of Pakistan offered much to him which he rejected to accept and even when the ISI approached him to accept bribe, he had plainly refused and rejected their bribe. Military’s retired Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed is alive and he had often on TV said that ISI’s bribing efforts for him remained unfruitful.

He said he renamed his party from Mohajir Qaumi Movement to Muttahidda Qaumi Movement only because of expanding the party canvass and including the struggle for the other oppressed communities under one platform. Then, non-Mohajirs were also given executive positions and were also raised to the level of Parliamentarians. Sadly, Sindhis who also were favoured from that very platform could not show similar gestures at the behest of Sindhi feuds.

People of Punjab, Sindh have been deprived of their basic rights as the feudal lords have enslaved them. MQM challenged their control over poor and helpless people which the military and ISI did not like and conspired against MQM. When he addressed a mammoth public gathering at Minar-e Pakistan in Lahore in 1990 and asked the people of Punjab to rid of the feudal lords, then the feuds and military establishment formed a consortium and turned an enemy to him personally.

Only the youth of the country and the peasants, labourers and workers could bring a real; revolution in the country and rid of the feuds and corrupt military Generals and hence they have to come along with him. They should fight elections against the feuds. It is very sad that the military establishment and ISI are continuously threatening Mohajirs of dire consequences in case they would not stop their struggle for their rights under this leadership. The military generals and ISI have pushed all electables, feuds and others to PTI so that PTI could win the elections and thus the path of Imran Niazi’s becoming country’s PM is paved clearly.

He said the ISI forced electables to merge with PTI. The ISI is threatening and intimidating Mohajirs that they should either join the parties they would choose or be prepared for the dire consequences as that of slain Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif and Aftab Ahmed and that both were killed by the ISI in custody.

Mr. Hussain questioned the Election Commission of Pakistan to explain why it has laid its requisition for deploying 35000, military men to supervise the General Elections? Is that number not enough for fighting for occupied Kashmir? It is not the duty of military to conduct the General Elections. He said that he has never seen a cop in UK in his 26 year long stay in London for the supervision of the polling process. In fact, the purpose of deploying the military in that huge number is to attain the desired results for the engineered elections per the military’s designs.

He said that Pakistan’s military is not butchering the innocent citizens of Pakistan, the oppressed minorities including of Mohajirs but is actively involved in genocide of Muslims of Yemen and Palestine.

“The military of Pakistan is wreaking havoc in Afghanistan while patronizing and supporting from all aspects the “Good Taliban”, said Mr. Hussain. “Attacks in Afghanistan are results of conspiracy of ISI, which is the largest terrorist network in the world. “The International community, the UN, International NGOs has to take measures for controlling this notorious ISI.”

The Leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain said that participating in the General Elections would be fruitless efforts as the military has already prepared the results and would impose its blue-eyed. The General Elections could never be free, fair and transparent under military’s supervision. The ECP had at the behest of Pakistan’s military refused to allow the international observers but after the United States of America pressed for the same, the ECP allowed them to come to Pakistan for Elections monitoring. MQM back in 1990 had its representation in the Parliament but still the military launched a deadliest crackdown against MQM. MQM public representatives were held hostage on gun point and forced to change their loyalty. Military also forced the elected Pm of Pakistan to sign his resignation on gun point.

There are elements that are misleading the Mohajirs for supporting the General Elections. Why the Mohajirs should listen to them as they are well aware of the reality that those misleading them are military’s touts and would serve the military. The military of Pakistan has cut the Mohajir population to less than the half solely to deprive them of their due share from national resources and public representation. Meanwhile, MQM is passing through an illegal embargo. Its headquarters, Nine Zero is locked and chained. Its offices have been bulldosed and destroyed. Its workers are in jail and detention centres without any lawful charge. Even the senescent men and women are targeted, tortured and jailed.

He asked the military to direct their rifles towards the Indian forces and free the occupied Kashmir provided that they are legitimate in their claims of gallantry. However, the military would continue to usurp people’s money on the pretext of freedom of occupied Kashmir. They fear him and they hear the bells of alarm to hear his voice and hence they have forced the media to follow the restrictions they have imposed unlawfully.

He said that the military has occupied Karachi city through huge de0loyment of the paramilitary rangers in nook and cranny of the port city. The rangers are said to keep the law and order but they have established their private businesses in the city from vegetable shops and filling stations. They are the looters and the city’s largest water tanker mafia. None could even speak word against the Rangers.

He said that on Aug 22, 2016, at the hunger strike camp of MQM, Amir Khan had first of all spoken against Pakistan and Dr Farooque Sattar was among those who, clapped in his support but as was the plan of the traitors in connivance to the military of Pakistan, an embargo was only imposed on him, which is still going on. But salute to the Mohajirs that they have not stopped loving him and that he is their sole leader they love and respect most.

It is the law of nature that Dr Farooque Sattar had removed his name as party leader from the constitution of MQM but the nature took him to the political gallows and he was also sacked to be the party’s Convener. He is wandering like a stray dog today.

He said that the families of MQM martyrs are living a life in hell. Their resources of bread and butter have been clocked by the treason of the opportunists and traitors. The Khidmat-e Khalq Foundation was the center of financial assistance to the martyrs but it has also been locked by the military in connivance with the traitors.

He said his ancestors created Pakistan and he has the capability to trans0rm Pakistan into a welfare state in true sense.

Mohajirs in particular and people in general should stay at homes on July 25th the day of Elections in Pakistan and they would have their say of boycotting the General Elections under planned designs of the military of Pakistan, he urged.


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