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 Posted on: 6/19/2018

Military operation against MQM launched on Jun 19, 1992 was a genocidal military operation against Mohajirs as the military of Pakistan wanted to eliminate them from surface. Henceforth, Mohajirs always remember that typical day of June 19 as “Black Day” and they will never cease to remember it as same. Immediately after Pakistan was founded as a separate state in the Indian sub-continent, discriminatory policies were introduced and implemented with full force against Mohajirs and thus they were first a victim of loss of jobs and all government that ruled over the country continued to keep that tyrant imposition alive. Mohajir students who were eligible and intelligent used to appear in the CSS exams but they were all deprived of their good results and jobs in civil administration in return. Conversely, those who fought for their rights were yet to enter a new battle for gaining what they had studied and worked for.

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Founder Leader and Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussain stated this while addressing MQM workers in the United States of America and Canada on the occasion of anniversary if the martyrs of the Black Day, June 19th.

He said that there were students’ organisations of every ethnic community of Pakistan in colleges and universities except of Mohajirs and sadly none of other non-Mohajir students organisation ever spoke in support of Mohajirs against the discriminatory policies, injustices and usurpation of their due rights. That situation had prompted for a Mohajirs student organisation, which was founded as APMSO on Jun 11, 1978and it was the base of struggle for the retrieval of usurped rights of Mohajirs.

Soon, Mr. Hussain continued to state, the APMSO gained momentum and Mohajir students started joining it in a rush situation as of a flood and then the student wing of the military establishment, Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) (Islamic Students Organisation or Unity) at the behest of the military establishment started lethal attacks on APMSO and its member Mohajirs and soon the doors of academic institutions were shut on Mohajirs.

Later, after APMSO was wounds and bathed in blood at the hands of the IJT, APMSO stared working outside the University of Karachi and then MQM was founded on Mar 18, 1984, he said adding that MQM in days had become the sole representative Movement of Mohajirs and millions of Mohajirs had entered in it as members and workers.

He said that the situation led to a mammoth assembly of Mohajirs inside Karachi’s historic park, Nishtar Park on Aug 8, 1986. It was raining cats and dogs on that day but Mohajirs’ unity had defeated all antagonistic situations on that day. As was expected, the military establishment was perplexed on that Mohajirs’ unity show.

Mr. Hussain said that MQM had already planned to make a second manifest of the Mohajir unity at Pukka Qila (Cement Fort) in Hyderabad on Oct 31, 1986 but the military establishment had also come out of its hide and started to implement its Mohajir crushing game.

MQM convoys marching to Hyderabad were intercepted and executed from all four sides and thousands of Mohajirs were unlawfully arrested, lamented Mr. Hussain and added that Mohajirs continued to overcome the agonies and continued to keep marching on which the military establishment had erected ethnic groups of terrorists that was named Punjabi-Pakhtoon Etihad (Unity).

He said that Mohajir colonies were open for attacks and Mohajirs were easy target for the terrorists under the full support of the military establishment. Mohajirs’ property was looted and Mohajirs were restricted from free movements as many parts of Karachi city were made as No Go Areas for them.

In 1988 and 1990, the military establishment continued to crush Mohajirs and for this it pushed ahead many gangs of terrorists but the unity of Mohajirs remained intact and the military establishment faced a humiliating defeat, informed Mr. Hussain.

However, the military establishment was yet bent upon eliminating Mohajirs and their sole representative Movement, MQM and it then hijacked two traitors, Afaq Ahmed Baig and Amir Khan and created a terrorist gang under the title of “Haqiqi” and then launched a deadliest military crackdown against MQM on Jun 19, 1992, he deplored.

MQM Founder Leader Mr. Hussain said that the military of Pakistan held Mohajir colonies under siege and imposed Haqiqi terrorists. Hundreds if Mohajirs and MQM workers were executed on streets by the Haqiqi terrorists who were equipped with military arms and ammunition.

He said that at that crucial time, though MQM workers wanted to retaliate with equal or more intensity sought permission from him, which he refused to give for foiling the conspiracy and for reaching the height of peace and tranquility. MQM workers were asked to go underground and avoid direct or indirect confrontation with the military of Pakistan. This was the policy of MQM not to enter a fight with the military of the country. Despite all those atrocities and genocidal military operations, Mohajirs remained united under the leadership of him.

Having been re-strengthened, Mr. Hussain continued to state, MQM started its Movement with full vigor so that the Mohajirs’ rights could be retrieved and on seeing that the military establishment planned for a new deadliest military operation against MQM and Mohajirs. Contrary to conspiracies of the military, he had showed gesture of friendship, respect and admiration and produced a million people rally in support of Mohajirs, saluted the military and vowed to be always on military side if country’s sanctity be questioned. Sad to say, the military establishment continued to wreak havoc on MQM and Mohajirs and implemented its “Mohajirs Genocide” military operation, he deplored.

This time, the military had been more intimidated and in the first stance shut the MQM Secretariat and bulldosed its offices across the city of Karachi. Record arbitrary arrests were made and thousands of MQM workers have been jailed without any lawful charge. Hundreds of MQM workers have been executed in unlawful detention and in fake encounters, said Mr. Hussain.

He said that the sole purpose of this fresh military adventure is to crush Mohajirs, remove MQM from them and enslave them to the Punjabi establishment that flows and works under the aegis of the military of Pakistan. Pakistan’s military did this on the basis of his criticism on agonising system of Pakistan and the demonic military spent no moment in placing an embargo on MQM, him and his voice.

He said that there are leaders and politicians in Pakistan’s nook and cranny who curse and condemn Pakistan every day but since they are not Mohajirs and are from other ethnic communities so the military dares not to place an embargo on them but fears them as cowards do.

Mr. Hussain claimed that Pakistan’s military is the killer of 22, 000 Mohajirs since 1992 and among the martyrs are his brother Nasir Hussain and nephew Arif Husain. Thousands have been enforced to disappear and among them are his nephews Khalid Hussain and Abdul Aziz Ansari.

The military establishment has on the pattern of Haqiqi, imposed another gang of traitors and terrorists in forms of PSP and PIB and Bahadurabad gangs, he said.

Fully slamming the notorious, corrupt, ghoulish and demonic military of Pakistan, Mr. Husain said that it wants to eliminate the MQM and Mohajirs’ unity for their rights and to seek him abandoning the Movement, which would never happen in his life.

He said, “I will never surrender.” “I can never sell the blood of martyrs and ruin the aspirations of their families and the Mohajir nation.”

He said that it is Jun 19th and we all should review our stances and attitudes and we should vow not to let the blood of the martyrs go in vain.

6/27/2022 10:32:20 AM