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 Posted on: 6/10/2018

“I won’t leave my struggle midway for my nation and this has been made a crime – How MQM can fight elections amid extreme state of repression, ban on party and genocide of Mohajirs – Youth has to reject and repulse the traitors who bargained over collective interest of Mohajir nation – MQM Founder leader.

“Bhutto who gave a slogan, “Idhar Hum Oodhar Tum”, meaning West Pakistan is ours and you may own the East part and this was the basis of division of Pakistan.”

“Bhutto who gave a slogan, “Idhar Hum Oodhar Tum”, meaning West Pakistan is ours and you may own the East part and this was the basis of division of Pakistan.”

“Indian leaders to raise their voice on injustices and on genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan”, urged Mr. Husain. “Army is carrying genocide of Mohajirs so the India leaders should not remain silent but they have to speak up and save Mohajirs.”

Traitors are those who are crushing the citizens of Pakistan with force. As far as he is concerned, he had never cursed Pakistan but the system that facilitates and further empowers those who inflict agony, atrocities and injustices to the people.

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader and Father of the Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussain said this in his half and three hour long latest video address from London. The address was watched and heard live on different social media sites.

He said that the movement of creation of Pakistan was active only in areas that were in minority as compared to Hindu majority. The Muslims of those minority areas of undivided India had sacrificed their property, belongings and lives and those who lived had migrated to newly created Pakistan and that they are the Mohajirs who created Pakistan. Later, after seven decades have passed until now, the state of Pakistan has not recognised the Mohajir, their contribution and that they are still waiting to have an equal citizens’ status in Pakistan. Military Dictator Ayub Khan had in early seventies said that Mohajirs can only have the Sea meaning they would be thrown into sea to get drowned in it if they would continue to demand equal rights. Today, Pakistan’s military is still hunting the Mohajirs, kidnapping them, making arbitrary arrests, carrying out their extrajudicial assassination and overall a complete genocide.

The MQM founder leader said that Pakistan’s military officers and personnel treat Mohajir as animals and call them traitors, say to them they are here in Pakistan on Indian agenda of dividing Pakistan. Ironically, the creators of Pakistan are called as traitors who had served as traitor to their foreign masters during undivided India. Pakistan’s military establishment conspired against the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah and assassinated him by administering slow doses of lethal poison and when he was critically ill, he was provided a highly depreciated ambulance which was halted mid-way to hospital and thus the founder of Pakistan was no o more as he gave up midway to medical facility.

He continued to state that Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was also assassinated by the military establishment of Pakistan because she was the sister of Mr. Jinnah and that she had dared to challenge the military dictator Ayub Khan in his military-imposed presidential elections. The military Dictator had also called her as Indian agent. He did not allow for the autopsy of her. Dictator Ayub had sent his son Gauhar Ayub to Karachi to butcher Mohajirs and along with a heavily armed pack of terrorists he wreaked havoc in Karachi and butchered Mohajir youth and kidnapped and raped Mohajir women on gunpoint. Later, Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was publicly assassinated in Liaquat bag in Rawalpindi while he was addressing a mammoth public assembly. Pakistan’s army assassinated him.

Mr. Hussain said that Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto who used to call Dictator Ayub as his Daddy conspired against the unity of Pakistan and crushed Bengalis and later Pakistan was thus divided into two, Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971. Bhutto had refused to allow the Awami Muslim League based in Dhaka to form its government despite its open sweeping victory ion elecvtions held in 1970. “Bhutto who gave a slogan, “Idhar Hum Oodhar Tum”, meaning West Pakistan is ours and you may own the East part and this was the basis of division of Pakistan.”

He added that Justice Hamood Ur Rehman Commission was constituted to learn about the exact causes of division of Pakistan and when the Commission completed its work, the military establishment did not allow making that report public. The military establishment had also avoided due action against military Generals, officers and troopers who had surrendered to Indian army. Instead, Pakistan military Commander General Amir Abdullah Niazi was honoured and declared as “Ghazi” meaning the winner. “During when Bangladesh was on the oath of becoming a separate and independent state, Pakistan’s military in Bangladesh had butchered millions of Bengalis and raped millions of Bengalis girls and women.” On Dec 16, 1971, Dhaka fall had happened and a new sovereign state of Bangladesh came into being.

In 1950, Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistani Prime Minister and Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru signed a pact under which the evacuee property of Muslim in India and of Hindu in Pakistan would be handed to migrants as Hindu migrated to Indian and Mohajirs migrated to Pakistan. However, the Sindhi feuds forcefully occupied the evacuee property and not only that but started massacring Mohajirs in rural Sindh due to which they were driven to Karachi. In 1973, Bhutto imposed a Sindhi ethnic Bill to suppress Urdu and on protest from Mohajirs, he ordered for the massacre of Mohajirs. Graves of Mohajir protestors are still present inside the premise of Masjid-e shuhda in Liaquatabad. Bhutto was bent upon crushing Mohajirs and so he also imposed a Quota System under which all jobs were only for rustic and illiterate Sindhi population. Today, Sindhis have occupied all jobs and positions in Secretariat, he said.

He said that Sindhis have to realise that Sindh was part of undivided India and it was feared after Mohajirs fought for the freedom and laid their lives in millions. Prior to that, Sindhis were slaves of Hindu traders and land lords.

He said that he brought Sindhis closer to Mohajirs and sent them to assemblies of the representatives but Sindhis never responded in similar manner.

He said that there are private jails of Sindhi feuds in rural Sindh but Pakistan’s army have not yet dared to raid on them and free the slaves in private jails. Whether they are Sindhis, Balouchis or Pashtoons, they have to recognise their first enemy in their own ranks and files and get rid of them.

In fact, Pakistan that was founded by Mr. Jinnah has since long been (since 1971) been no more after it was forced to divide by the military of Pakistan and Bhutto. It is not “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” but it is “Islamic Republic of Faujistan” meaning that Pakistan is now a republic fully occupied by the military of Pakistan. This means that whatever happens in Pakistan and what happens in future in Pakistan would only be conditioned by the approval of Pakistan’s military establishment, he said.

Mr. Hussain said that Parliament, government, all administrative machinery, institutions, public utilities, and corporations would only function as per army’s wish and dictation. It is the military of Pakistan that never allowed democracy to prevail and never allowed elected democratic governments to work freely and now the military of Pakistan that has since past many years been conspiring against the democracy is in its final preparations to impose Imran Niazi as prime Minister of Pakistan. Pakistan’s military is a commercial, corporate and political army. Pakistan army never won any battle in its history but it always slaughtered Muslim in many parts of the world.

“Indian leaders to raise their voice on injustices and on genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan”, urged Mr. Husain. “Army is carrying genocide of Mohajirs so the India leaders should not remain silent but they have to speak up and save Mohajirs.” He said silence of India leaders over atrocities on minorities during undivided India led to creation of Pakistan.

Police on orders and support from military establishment and PPP kidnaped hundreds of Mohajirs and executed them extrajudicially Police officer SSP Rao Anwar was bribed by PPP to extrajudicially murdered MQM worker Farooq Patni. Her widow who was pregnant was arrested and shifted to Rawalpindi’s Adyala jail where she gave birth to a child in jail. Rao Anwar was the killer of Patni and he bought a bungalow in Islamabad from that money he received from PPP government. Rao Anwar extrajudicially executed hundreds of Mohajirs on orders of Asif Ali Zardari and ISI. He also killed Benazir Bhutto and a witness to her assassination Khalid Shahensha and Mir Murtaza Bhutto on orders of Zardari.

He said that country’s Chief Justice is on a round trip to hospitals but he is avoiding to look at the lower judiciary, Police stations and detention centres where military establishment, judges of lower courts and Police are insulting humanity.

He said that the genocide of Mohajirs is a continued process at the hands of Pakistan’s military and hence it is the duty and responsibility of Mohajir youth to come forward and save the Mohajirs.

He said that a court in Pakistan had placed an embargo on his speech for six months but that embargo is still working because army wants so. Even that an eminent lawyer later Asima Jehangir who was pleading his case in court on unlawful embargo was also assassinated by the military. She was very vocal on army’s wrongdoings, above the law activities and corruption.

Mr. Hussain demanded the UN secretary General to constitute an enquiry Commission to loo into assassination of slain Jehangir.

This happens only in Pakistan that a 75-year academician, a thinker and a teacher was handcuffed, unlawfully detained and finally was kidnapped and tortured to death in custody of ISI but a killer of 444 Mohajirs, SSP Rao Anwar is given all luxury facilities after arrest.

Mr. Hussain said he won’t bow his head down to the forces of evil and would never step back from his struggle for the rights of Mohajirs and other oppressed communities of Pakistan.

He said that the Census in Pakistan was engineered by Pakistan’s military establishment to show Mohajir population les than the half. Everything in Pakistan is supervised by the military and even that all previous election were held under army’s supervision and the forthcoming elections would also hbe held under their supervision so that the mandate of Mohajirs should be suppressed and for that reason, the army created factions of traitors in MQM to first divide the mandate. Such elections and conspiracies are fatal to the future of Mohajirs.

He said that army Generals surrendered to Indian forces in 1971, ex-ISI Chief General Asad Durrani wrote in his book co-authored by ex-Raw DG about Osama Bin Laden but they are still patriots while speaking truth and calling a spade a spade has been made a crime for him. There should be no doubt or question on Pakistan’s army that it is the key force of evil that conspired against Pakistan and divided it.

Pakistan’s military is bullying Karachi’s businessmen and trader to lavishly, financially support PSP, an army faction in civil style and to Imran Niazi but MQM could not receive public donations. Pakistan army and Rangers are involved in illegal extortion, commercialization of potable water reserve for the people of Karachi.

He said MQM is facing ban on all kinds of social and political activities by the army. Army has locked down all of its offices and hundreds of them have already been destroyed. The party secretariat is shut and is under siege of Rangers. Mohajirs are kidnapped and tortured in detention cells on showing love for him. MQM workers are on gun point forced to change their positions and join traitors’’ packs created by army. These are the circumstances under which MQM finds no room to breathe and hence can’t fight elections freely. It is now the responsibility of Mohajirs especially the youth to reject the traitors and observe complete boycott of General Elections – 2018 and on the day of polling they should stay at home. ---End---

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