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Term Mohajir is attributed to Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Medina: Showing hate to it is Blasphemous act” Altaf Hussain

Term Mohajir is attributed to Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Medina: Showing hate to it is Blasphemous act” Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/25/2018

Term Mohajir is attributed to Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Medina: Showing hate to it is Blasphemous act” Altaf Hussain

 LONDON. May 25, 2018: MQM founding leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that the term of identity, “Mohajir” is a prophetic term and is deeply connected to the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH), migration from Mecca to Medina and hence manifesting hate, ridiculisation of the term Mohajir and subjecting it to ethnic or political grudge is tantamount to condemned act of Blasphemy.

He expressed these views in his latest audio message from London.

He said that certain extremist elements in politics, biased politicians and some others have declared the term of identity, Mohajir as a curse and these elements have thus cursed the entire Mohajir Nation, which is deplorable and highly condemnable act. This is a manifest of highly sick mentality and narrow-mindedness. An these extremist and biased politicians dare to eliminate this term of identity, Mohajir from the pages of the divine Book, the Holy Quran? Asked Mr. Hussain.

A good number of Prophets, Adam, Abraham and Mosses also did migration during their times and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last Messenger of Allah who did this from mecca to Medina. As a result of migration between Mecca and Medina, the migrants, the Holy Prophet and his companions were named as Mohajirs and the welcoming people of Medina were called as Ansar, argued the MQM founding leader.

Hating the identity term Mohajir and its ridiculisation is tantamount to inviting the wrath of The Creator of the mankind and the entire universe, the Almighty Allah. Are these extremist elements in politics desirous of eliminating the identity term Mohajir and its basis in the Holy Quran and are these corrupt and insane elements want to eliminate the History of Islam and replace it with Sindhi Calendar? Questioned Mr. Hussain.

Mr, Husain said that the refugees and Mohajirs (Migrants) are two entirely different realities as the earlier is on the basis of temporary shifting from one place to another while the later does not go back once he has migrated from one area to another. The Holy Prophet had lived the rest of life in Medina where he had migrated from Mecca. His Roza-e Mubarak (Shrine) is in Medina, as well.

Those who are now ridiculing and insulting Mohajirs and their term of identity, Mohajir should bear in mind that Mohajirs had not migrated to Sindh on temporary basis but for permanent shift and in case they once now choose to go back, they would not leave Sindh behind but would also carry it along.

The extremist politicians are also not following the Prophet Muhammad’s commandments as he has with great stress asked to give due rights to the migrants, Mohajirs but in Sindh, Mohajirs are being deprived of everything, basic rights, means of resources and bread and butter, political space and rights. Their fully dominated areas, cities have been divided into two and their population has been decreased through fraudulent census.

Addressing the youth, Mr. Hussain said that those in MQM for past three decades parted ways and betrayed the Movement, Mohajirs and him. They compromised over the martyrs’ blood for petty interests and hence the future of Mohajir Nation now lies in hands of the Mohajir youth.

He also urged upon the workers and sympathisers to pay special attention on families of workers in detention, in jails, those who have been enforced to disappear and those who have been extrajudicially murdered.

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