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Whosoever criticises Pakistan's Military Establishment is treated as Traitor: Altaf Hussain

Whosoever criticises Pakistan's Military Establishment is treated as Traitor: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/18/2018
Whosoever criticises Pakistan's Military Establishment is treated as Traitor: Altaf Hussain
   MQM is the sole platform that can save Mohajirs - Altaf Hussain

 Unity of Mohajir Nation is the need of the hour without which they would become extinct - Altaf Hussain

LONDON. May 18, 2018: MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that whosoever in Pakistan criticises Pakistan’s military establishment on its wrongdoings is declared as traitor. At the other, the military establishment that has so frequently toppled elected democratic governments in Pakistan, which is a sheer blatant act of treason remains as untouchable. This very military establishment was the main culprit that caused Pakistan to get dissected into two separate countries but it is the irony that they are still hailed on gunpoint.

 He said this in his latest audio message on the topic of “Treason and Patriotism” in connection with ongoing devastating situation in Pakistan.

 He urged upon students to acquire true knowledge about history of the country and in this connections, they should ask their parents and elders to share the historical moments they had been in with them so that the things should be crystal clear. Those who are in powers and have occupied the country were never in the freedom movement of Pakistan but the Pakistan’s military establishment took over the country on gunpoint. The founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was assassinated by poisoning him and then country’s first Prime Minister Mr. Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was publicly murdered at the behest of the military establishment in Rawalpindi – the city of Punjab province. Ms. Fatimah Jinnah and Hussain Shaheed Sohrawardi were heroes of freedom movement while Fatimah Jinnah was the sister of the founder of Pakistan but the Pakistan’s military establishment had declared them both as traitor and whereas former Prime Minister Sohrawardi was dismissed by the military dictator field marshal General Mohammad Ayub Khan and Ms. Fatimah Jinnah was brutally murdered in Mohata Palace in Karachi.

 It is a known fact that the military establishment simply follows the sitting COAS (Chief of Army Staff) and it is a sad story of the country that even the elected democratic government are not free to operate sans submission and approval from the military establishment.

 He said that passing just one remark that does not suit to the country becomes a basis of treason while dissecting the country, wreaking havoc on its political and democratic systems and resources by the military establishment is considered as just a trifle. For example, he quoted him as saying “Pakistan Murdabad” was the sheer improvised utterance under tremendous stress, which the military junta used to put embargo on him in all corners. Why those who dissected the country are not yet accounted for and why not yet declared as traitors, he asked?


He further questioned as why the Justice Hamood Ur Rehman Commission’s fact finding report on losing East Pakistan as a separate state has not been made public because that report is fair enough basis of exposing the military junta, the corrupt & brutal one in the world.'

 The military establishment has been made a sacred cow in Pakistan and criticising it for its wrongdoings, corruption, loot and plunder and everything that could simply be termed as mother of all menaces has been made a crime and whoever does so is immediately declared as traitor.


On the contrary, General Ameer Abdullah Niazi who surrendered to the Indian General Arora Singh along with 93,000 troop army soldiers & officers was declared hero and was made a personality of high esteem during military-engineered Nizam-e Mustafa Movement of 1977. He addressed the audiences as hero and military establishment pushed the audiences to chant slogan in his favour as “Qaum ka Ghazi – General Niazi” (General Niazi is the winner of Pak-India war)

 He said that when he dared to speak on military’s corruption and against the people and the country, the military establishment turned enemy to him and declared him a traitor. Put embargo on his speeches, publications and live or recorded media coverage. Not only this, the military crossed all limits and assassinated his brother Nasir Hussain and nephew Arif Hussain despite the fact they had nothing to do with the party. Military killed thousands of MQM workers. Their bodies were cut into pieces and their skins were peeled off. Their eyes were pulled out. They bodies were burnt with hot iron.

 Senescent leader of MQM Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif was assassinated by military establishment and when his brutally tortured body Pics appeared on media, the military establishment claimed it was a natural cause of death.

 Eminent rights activist and attorney at law Asma Jehangir was also poisoned to death by the military establishment because she was very vocal on military establishment’s wrongdoings.

 Mr. Hussain asked Mohajirs particularly the millennials, youth and students that they should keep in mind that they would get nothing from present Pakistan and in order to save the future of Mohajir Nation, they have to come forward and become hands and arms of him.


He questioned them as how they could enter the forthcoming general elections when the military establishment has squeezed their population strength to less the half and hence they have committed gerrymandering in the electoral constituencies. And suppose that you enter the elections but who could give surety that those who you would elect won’t deceive you as they have already deceived you.

 It is time to stand united and rise for the survival of Mohajir Nation, he urged again.

 He asked them to just think of those Sathis (Comrades), who are either in jails, or forcefully kidnapped and enforced to disappear or have been extra judicially killed, what their families are now? How they are spending their days and what are the conditions their kids, parents and families are in?

 He appealed to the Mohajir Nation, particularly the students and the youth to visit the homes of the martyrs and take care of them on his behalf and give their Zakat, Fitra, Charity and Alms to MQM for the welfare of the families of the martyrs, missing and those who are in prisons.

 He warned of stern situations ahead in case Mohajir Nation would fail to stand united and rise for their rights.


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