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 Posted on: 4/30/2018

PPP butchered Mohajirs in its governments – Pakistan violated Liaquat-Nehru Pact 1951 by denying compensation to Mohajirs – First Mohajir Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated by military junta, which also killed founder of Pakistan M. A. Jinnah, who was also Mohajir – Altaf Hussain addresses to Los Angeles, U. S. A

MQM founding leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that he wants rights for the Mohajirs as Pakistanis within the ambit of Pakistan’s existing geographical limits and hence Mohajirs won’t sit calm unless and until they attain a separate province under fifty-fifty sharing. However, if this demand is not fulfilled, respected and the bullying tactics are not reversed then the matter would go beyond that demand for separate province. Mohajirs created Pakistan so the typical mindset that always conspired against Mohajirs, used demonic tactic for eliminating them should now be stopped once and for all. Mohajirs trusted Zardari, who deceived them and stabbed in their backs. His agenda of anti-Mohajir has now been exposed. Pakistan’s military junta had in past imposed Martial Laws but today they are using Pakistan’s Supreme Court for the attainment of their vested goals. They are supposed to serve the country by ensuring defense of it. They have no rights of doing active politics while in uniform but they are grossly in politics so if they are interested in politics they have to remove the military uniform first then nobody would raise any objection.

He expressed these views while addressing a MQM affiliates under MQM Los Angelis chapter on Sunday night over telephone.

He said that he stands to his words that the division of the sub-continent was a blunder as this had divided the Muslims of the sub-continent into three different parts, which weakened their strength and unity. The division of the sub-continent was a scheme of the British Empire. The feuds from Punjab served the British rulers and obtained land on a huge scale so that they could hold their dominance over the masses. The Military officers and generals of West Punjab fully supported the British Empire in WW-II and even that they did not hesitate to open fire of the Holy Ka’aba in Mecca. Later, after Pakistan was created, the Pakistan’s army had massacred the Palestinians under the aegis of General Ziaul Haque. When USSR (Russia) invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan Army sided with the West and entered the Afghan war under the deception of Jihad. They served to protect the aims and ambitions of the United States of America then. General Rahil Sharif got employed for Saudi Arab-led military coalition against Yemen and Iran and Syria and the coalition under his command is active against these three Muslim countries. Kashmir has since past seven decades been misused but the Pakistan’s military junta seriously lacks the courage to confront Indian forces and liberate the occupied Kashmir as per their notion.

Mohajirs created Pakistan after laying more than 2 million lives for Pakistan but so sad that they are now not recognised as a Nation and they are forced to become Sindh while they have nothing in common with Sindhis, they have Urdu as their mother tongue, which is the official language of Pakistan. Conversely, he discussed in detail about role and contribution of Mohajirs in creation of Pakistan and development. They were the Mohajirs in Indian Civil Service who had come to Pakistan on request of the founder of Pakistan Mr. M. A. Jinnah and defined and founded the structure of Pakistan civil service, created net of industry and schooling system in Pakistan. However, the military junta of Pakistan assassinated Mr. Jinnah and later also assassinated Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, who was also Mohajir. Later, the military dictator Ayub Khan removed Mohajirs bureaucrats from civil service and he also shifted the Capital Karachi to Islamabad. Pakistan had accepted under Liaquat-Nehru Pact 1951 that Mohajirs would be compensated with money, agri land and property what they had left in India on their migration to Pakistan but Pakistan did not worked per that pact and thus deprived Mohajirs of their due rights.

He said that Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, who was born and trained as politician by the dictator Ayub also conspired against Mohajirs and inflicted atrocities on them. He was the pioneer of Sindhi ethnic Bill he brought to provincial assembly of Sindh but after Mohajirs launched a vehement protest, the Bill was deferred. Bhutto wanted to eliminate Urdu. On his order, law enforcement authorities massacred Mohajirs whose graves are still present inside a mosque known as Liaquatabad No. 10 mosque. Bhutto introduced discriminatory Quota System to oppress Mohajirs who were educated and trained by all forms and for all walks of life and through that Quota System, Bhutto favoured illiterate rural Sindhi population to dominate the civil service and thus the whole system of education, industry and others was ruined.

On Bhutto’s dictation, Mohajirs were forced to leave their houses in other cities of Sindh like Larkana and they were subjected to brutal actions. Following Bhutto, her daughter Benazir Bhutto carried carnage at Pukka Qila at Hyderabad and hundreds of Mohajirs were massacred in that action under Benazir’s aegis. Men and women and even children were gunned down and the killers also desecrated the Holy Quran. In her second government, thousands of Mohajirs were executed in fake encounters and in custody. She offered medals and souvenirs to killer Police officers and cops. In 2008, her husband, Asif Ali Zardari created Peoples Amn Committee, a terrorist organization and used that terrorist organisation against Mohajirs. Same Zardari had visited MQM headquarters, Nine Zero and had asked Mohajirs to forgive him for his crimes against them. Mohajirs forgave him but it was their folly as Zardari is among top haters even today.

He said, PPP is in power in the province since past a decade and this party has closed all doors of services and employment on Mohajirs. A few days ago, the PPP brought packs of people from rural areas and held a public gathering at Liaquatabad, which the party fraudulently declared a gathering of Mohajirs in support of PPP, hah!

He said that talking about rights has been made a crime in Pakistan and for this the state has through law enforcers and the military establishment been executing Mohajirs as hundreds of them have been extrajudicially executed in custody and as many are in jail without any lawful charge. MQM has been restricted to do politics and all of its party offices have either been demolished or shut forcefully.

He saluted Pashtoon for waking up and rising for their rights after cold blooded extrajudicial assassination of Pashtoon young man Naqeebullah Mehsood.

In the concluding statement, Mr. Hussain demanded for equal rights of all oppressed communities in Pakistan including Mohajirs, Balouchs, Pashtoons, Seraikis, Hazarwalls, Gilgitis and Baltistatnis.

8/14/2022 11:49:24 AM