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 Posted on: 4/4/2018 1


  LONDON. April 4, 2018: MQM founder leader, who is also Father of the Mohajir Nation has slammed corrupt military generals and said that the fact is that these handful of corrupt military junta has held the entire country under siege and its because of them that the country is traded with “Stratocracy” ( means form of government headed by military chiefs) instead of democracy. However, he urged upon honest, dutiful and devoted military generals to come forward and release Pakistan from the fangs of the corrupt military junta and eliminate the conglomerate of corrupt feuds, feudal system and repressive de-shaped capital system that has deprived the people of their due rights and welfare. In case, the honest military general would dare not to challenge the corrupt military junta, God forbade, the country could not be kept integrated as one and would crash into many independent states.

He paid rich tribute to King Martin Luther, Jr., Comrade Hassan Nasir Shaheed and Shaheed-e Wafa slain Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif for fighting for the oppressed people of their respective societies and laid their lives in their struggle. Late General Ayub Khan assassinated Hassan Nasir in custody at Shahi Qilla (Royal Fort in Lahore) and under the aegis of the incumbent COAS General Qamar Jawaid Bajwah assassinated Prof. Arif in custody. No matter, the victims’ souls had departed but they have left a living notion and thought behind, which no army could bring to an end.

He said that in similar manner, the military establishment has since decades been conspiring to isolate him from the Mohajir Nation but embraced humiliation all the way long to their inner menace of discretion. The realism and pragmatism are two sheer aspects of his ideology that are working in full swing and despite all hectic efforts the corrupt military junta could not set them aside.

“I will not spare a moment without active struggle for my people,” he vowed.

He said that the corrupt military junta is victimising the innocent Balouch folks, as well and hundreds of Balouch youth have been executed in custody and as many have been enforced to disappear after their kidnappings.

MQM Chief Mr. Hussain said that Pakistan is so fateful country where the corrupt military junta has tarnished the real face of democracy and has imposed stratocracy instead and has occupied each and every single national or local institution. Under this stratocratic Pakistan, no institution is free and autonomous including the media, the press and others.

Unfortunately, the shameless military junta is void of senses as they have not yet learnt from their past blunders, which created Bangladesh after Pakistan was divided, and the 90, 000 Pakistani troopers had surrendered and lived on mercy of the Indian army. They are te corrupt military general on whose orders the ISI and paramilitary forces have executed many working journalists and nobody is safe from their fangs and guns. Geo News fame Hamid Mir was shot five times by the ISI and after that attack he dropped speaking on injustices done to Balouch and tribal people.

He said that he is an active supporter of Kashmiris’ movement and despite the fact that they are in direct confrontation with the Indian troops but still the Indian army and government have not blocked their ways for their democratic right of protest. However, in Pakistan the entire picture is absolutely reverse and those who would dare to stage a protest are either kidnapped or executed and their bodies are found dumped on dumpsters.

Conversely, the tribal people are being crushed by the military junta in connivance with the influential local war lords, drug dealers and feuds. Hundreds of people in Pakistan’s tribal areas have been killed by the Pakistani armed forces, military, and air force and paramilitary forces. The military have occupied their lands and houses, agricultural fields and properties. They have been expelled from their lands and forced to become IDPs.

Addressing the people of Pakistan’s tribal areas, the Pashtoon and people of Balouchistan, the Balouch, Mr. Hussain told them that the military of Pakistan has so far executed more than 22000 since June 19, 1992 and hence he feels the agony of the Pashtoon and the Balocuh on their genocide by the Pakistani military.

He also condemned the victimisation of Shia Hazara folks in Balouchistan and appealed all the oppressed communities to get united under one platform for their protection and rights.

He again asked the honest military generals to come forward for protecting Pakistan from divisions at the hands of the corrupt military generals and establish the welfare system, equality and cause the justice to prevail in the country.

He said that one of those corrupt military generals, Rahil Sharif got him hired by the Saudis and is leading the Saudi coalition troops against Yemen. While on the other, many similar generals are working for personal interest at the houses of foreign employers. They talked too much about the freedom of Kashmir but those were sheer lip services and that they duped the Kashmiris.

He also slammed the judiciary for siding with the tyrant forces and corrupt military generals. The SC has recently remarked that no accountability process could be initiated against any military officer despite his open involvement in the menace of corruption.

The MQM Chief said that the population of Mohajirs has exceeded 70 million but they are being deprived of their legal rights and are victims of discrimination, atrocities and injustices.

He said that he is alone in the field of active struggle for the oppressed and none is near to him in his own-created mechanism for promoting the common men and women to the ranks of Parliamentarians, which the corrupt military and feudal elites could not digest.

He slammed the traitors in MQM in Pakistan, who on dictation of the military junta conspired against him and MQM despite the fact that they were all he produced, picked, trained and promoted.

He demanded justice for everyone and asked to hold each and every corrupt accountable with one eye whether he is Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan or Asif Ali Zardari. But sadly, the Sharifs are the only victim after him.

6/25/2024 3:18:21 PM