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 Posted on: 4/1/2018 1

“Mohajirs are waiting to see their rights are respected and they get a separate province but dejecting their just demand would lead to creation of a separate homeland under duress – Address of the MQM Founder Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain on 34th Foundation Day at Frankfurt, Germany”

MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said that discrimination against Mohajirs is widespread in every section of life in Pakistan. They are facing genocide and those who are yet live are subject to humiliation and arbitrary arrests without any lawful charge or procedure. The ethnic majority and the establishment is mastermind of the discrimination and repression.

It is therefore, in order to keep Pakistan united; Mohajirs should be given their right for a separate Mohajir province as their population has already exceeded 70 million. This is the last option to save the country and failing which, the things would become devastating and out of his control as 70 million Mohajirs won’t then listen to him and take the course of actions in their own hands. It is a blessing that Mohajirs are till date committed to his command and listen to his appeals and advices.

He expressed these views while addressing telephonically to the audiences in Germany that has assembled to commemorate MQM’s 34th Foundation Day.

In his preliminary address as usual, he urged upon the audiences to own a habit of book reading no matter whether the facts are concocted or simply maintained straight because the books are men’s best friends and provide an opportunity to analyse things and acquire knowledge. Likewise, he continued to asserting that he himself is an example as his critics flay his views and dare not to challenge him with logic and the fact is that none of his critic could yet held him wrong by logic or argument. The lie has drastically prevailed in Pakistani society and wrongs are presented as rights, lies are presented as truth such as the country’s elite claims that Allama Iqbal was the thinker of Pakistan which is the biggest lie of history. There is no proof or record of Iqbal as thinker of Pakistan. It is the irony that Pakistan commemorates Iqbal’s day while he does not deserve it as he was not the thinker of Pakistan but the sister of founder of Pakistan Mr. M. A. Jinnah Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, who struggled for Pakistan shoulder to shoulder with her brother was declared traitor by Military establishment and military dictator General Ayub Khan in Pakistan.

He reminded that a few days ago on March 23rd, Pakistan day was commemorated in memory of Objective resolution while the fact is that there was no such resolution but a simple Lahore resolution, which has fraudulently been changed into the Pakistan Resolution. The Lahore resolution is still engraved on the wall of minaret of Pakistan in Lahore and there is no term for Pakistan Resolution in that inscription.

How could Iqbal be the thinker of Pakistan while the Lahore resolution was presented in Lahore in 1940 and Iqbal had died in 1938? Argued Mr. Hussain.

He said that on seeing repression and discrimination widespread against Mohajirs, he dared to erect  the APMSO in Karachi University in 1978 but the hooligans of Jamat-e Islami tortured and expelled us from the varsity and then he dared to create Mohajir Qaumi Movement on March 18, 1984 and held its first assembly at Nishtar Park on August 18, 1986. The military establishment had since then become a direct opponent to MQM and Mohajirs and is being intimidated with these as they fear the Mohajirs if continue to be united would soon achieve their goals.

He warned the establishment and the ruling elite of Pakistan that the only way ahead to save Pakistan is to end the discrimination against Mohajirs and let them have their separate Mohajir Province or else the situation would be so dreadful and the Mohajirs would be constrained to look for their separate state, an independent and sovereign state. That would be the point for the establishment and the ruling feudal elites to repent as then he would have no control over the Mohajir.

He reminded the people of Pakistan that the Mohajirs are the offspring of the creators of Pakistan and they laid millions of lives in sacrifice. They fought the battle of Pakistan in UP, CP, Bihar in India and made a country for the slaves of British Empire in North West of the sub-continent, which is now Pakistan. The corrupt military generals and feuds had conspired against the Mohajirs and occupied the country on gun point. Mohajirs (Biharis) who again fought for Pakistan in 1971 have now been discarded and they are forced to spend their lives in camps of Red Cross in Bangladesh.

The MQM chief Mr. Hussain said that on seeing the atrocities, repression, and genocide of Mohajirs, he slammed the ruling feudal elite and military establishment and then the sly cabal of military generals and feuds of the country shoo hand together to punish the MQM. They held the MQM headquarters under siege and locked it down till date. Embargo was ordered and Pakistani media has been restricted on gun pint not to carry any of his picture or speech. The sheer manifest of draconian and demonic mind all-in-one.

He with a heavy heart said that the military establishment and feudal-based governments in Pakistan have so far executed 22000 innocent Mohajirs in extra-judicial spree of chase and hunt. Similar tactic is being applied in FATA where the local tribal populous was forced to evacuate their homes and live as IDPs on mercy of the military establishment and the tyrant demonic feudal elites.

Mr. Hussain repeated his long standing demand that the atrocities against the minority folks in Pakistan including Balouch, Pashtoon and Mohajirs should now end and the Biharis in Red Cross camps in Bangladesh should be brought back home with respect.

He reiterated his resole to keep struggling for the Mohajir Nation and repeated that their right for a separate province should be given to them or else see the repercussions ahead to denial to this demand.

The organisers of 34th Foundation day in Frankfurt, Afzal Hussain and his all party affiliates were appreciated for their untiring efforts. The programme was largely attended by men, women and children.

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