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Arif Aajakia urges UN take initiative to save Mohajirs

Arif Aajakia urges UN take initiative to save Mohajirs
 Posted on: 3/23/2018
Arif Aajakia urges UN take initiative to save Mohajirs
Geneva. March 20, 2018: MQM leader and World Environment & Research Council representative Mr. Arif Ajakia drew the attention of the distinguished delegates, present at UN at its 37th session on human rights nug here in Geneva towards the situation of one of the most oppressed people on earth, the Mohajirs of Pakistan.

Addressing the Chairman he sail that Mohajirs are denied most of the fundamental human rights i.e. Right to life, right to education, right to job, freedom of expression. An operation is going on since 2013 in the urban centers of Sindh province, by the Punjabi Military in collaboration with Sindhi leadership of Sindh, to crush the Mohajirs and occupy Karachi, where more than 70% population is of Mohajirs, and Karachi contributes more than 70% to National exchequer and more than 90% to the Provincial budget.

He continued to address that more than 100 Mohajirs are killed extra-judicially; more than 150 cases of involuntary disappearances and thousands of Mohajir men and women are languishing in the safe houses of Pakistani security forces on false and fabricated charges.

The undisputed leader of Mohajirs has an embargo on his speech and picture in Pakistan. 80 legislators of the political party of Mohajirs were compelled to change their loyalties, thus denying Mohajirs their Civil and political rights, annexed Ajakia.

72 years old, Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif, ex Dean of philosophy of the largest university of Pakistan was kidnapped by the agencies and killed extra judicially only because of his political affiliation, he deplored.

Mohajir houses and localities are raided day and night and Mohajir men and women are arrested, taken in for 90 days, where they are tortured brutally, put into solitary confinement for longer periods, and often killed, Ajakia told.

He said that the smaller nations in Pakistan, ie Mohajirs, Balouch, Pakhtoons, Kashmiri are being oppressed and discriminated on regular basis by the Punjabi army and their ally, the Sindhi Feudal Lords, who are subjugating their own Sindhi people and have kept Sindhis of Rural Sindh in sub human conditions.

Ajakia urged the august UN body to use its influence restoring all the fundamental rights of Mohajirs, including their right to represent and life the embargo on the leader of Mohajirs.

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