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 Posted on: 3/1/2018 1


 LONDON. March 1, 2018: Prayer congregations for the departed soul of late Tahira Begum who was beloved elder sister of Father of the Mohajir Nation and Founder Leader of the MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain were held across the world. His sister had died of long standing illness on this past Monday on February 26, 2018 and had saddened the whole MQM from top to bottom. Mr. Hussain was in shock on the departure of his elder sister as he loved and respected her the most.

The prayer congregations were attended by MQM affiliates of all ranks and as far the main congregation at the International Secretariat of the Movement here in London was attended by the Convener of the Movement Dr Nadeem Ehsan, Deputy Convener of the Movement Mr. Qasim Ali Raza, members of the coordination committee of the Movement, officers of different wings and sections of the Movement and affiliates.

During the prayer congregations especially for late Tahira Begum, the Movement also remembered its martyrs particularly Nasir Hussain brother of Mr. Hussain, Arif Hussain nephew of him, ex-convener Shaheed-e Jamhooriyat Dr Imran Farooque, Shaheed-e Wafa Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif, martyrs of the Movement and in particular the parents of him late Nazeer Hussain and mother late Khursheed Begum. Hafiz Masroor Ahmed conducted the prayers and the rest followed the prayers collectively.

The prayer congregations were also organised in South Africa in different cities like Johannesburg, Durban, Peter Meersburg, Cap Town and Polokwane and was largely attended by MQM affiliates. Conversely, same prayer congregations were also held in Germany in different cities like Berlin, Duisburg and Frankfurt. Prayer congregation was also conducted in Webdolentina in Italy. In the United States of America, a prayer congregation was largely attended by MQM affiliates in Houston. The prayer congregations are yet being organised in parts of the world in U.S.A., Canada and other countries.

Women and children had attended the prayer congregations in particular.

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