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Pakistani military establishment is bent upon crushing the people: Altaf Hussain

Pakistani military establishment is bent upon crushing the people: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 1/22/2018



Ethnic division in Pakistan has only emerged due to military establishment’s discriminatory actions, tyranny and cruelty - military establishment and the ISI have a mindset to be friend with those who trade on their principal and acted against the call of the conscious and even that those who minted billions from corruption are declared as purified and clean


LONDON. January 22, 2018: MQM founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain while condemning the unlawful detention and torture on daily Express Tribune correspondent Fawwad Hassan said that the state atrocities have crossed all limits and the military establishment is bent upon crushing the people of the country with full force and is meddling into the political parties affairs so as to keep them working per its dictation.

He demanded the Prime Minister Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and federal interior minister Mr. Ahsan Iqbal to conduct investigation on the unlawful detention of and torture on the correspondent Mr. Hassan. All the writers and bloggers and rights activists should be provided security. There are no traitors in Pakistan but are those military officials who are corrupt and they were responsible for the division of Pakistani by their tyrant actions and they are the ones who are yet after destroying the remaining country. People from all walks of life should take to street against the draconian actions of the military establishment, ISI and its different wings and that the military’s interference into political matters and parties should now be ended.

This he stated in his audio message.

He said that he has been alleged of things he never did and has been called an agent for the Indian premier spy agency the R&AW and the Israeli intelligence the Mossad. It is on record that once a word was uttered for which he had tendered unconditional apology but the military establishment did not accept that apology.

He said that the military establishment has deviated from its assigned constitutional work of defending the boundaries of the country due to which it led the country to divide into two and despite the shameful act of surrendering to the Indian army, the Pakistani military establishment never realized its follies and vowed not to get into the political matters of the country.

He said that Fatima Jinnah had contested elections against the military dictator General Ayub Khan and hence the dictator declared her as an agent of the R&AW and lastly she was assassinated into her bedroom.

The military establishment and the ISI have a mindset to be friend with those who trade on their principal and acted against the call of the conscious and even that those who minted billions from corruption are declared as purified and clean. It is a historical fact that the judiciary always supported the military establishment for the imposition of the Martial Law under the law of necessity; the judiciary created every time and promoted the military establishment as the sacred cow. They are the politicians who have always been tried on charges of corruption but never in history any army General was tried or held for accountability. Military and ISI Generals and officers are so corrupt they have arranged enough money through the corruption to feed and look after their families abroad and they have their children studying in foreign universities at the expense of the nation. They are living life of monarchs abroad. Hundreds of army Generals have been proven guilty of massive corruption but they are still not behind the bars.

He said that he is the only leader in Pakistan who is struggling against the country’s decayed feudal system and corrupt system and there are army officers alive yet who can tell that their lucrative offers were always rejected by him.

The only fault is that he has always voiced for the rights of the deprived and hence always suffered and even was jailed but never quit the struggle for the deprived and oppressed. That was the result of the struggle that his 71 year old brother Nasir Hussain and 28 year old nephew was assassinated in 1995 while two of his nephews have been kidnapped by the security forces and enforce to disappear since past six months. In addition, Muneer Ali who is brother of Coordination Committee member Mustafa Azizabadi and several hundred MQ workers are in disappearances. A few days ago, Coordination Committee ex-member Ashraf Noor, Akram Rajput and MQM federal B area worker Zair Arain were arrested and enforced to disappear. Military establishment and ISI and paramilitary Rangers desist to produce the arrested MQM workers in courts of law and it only happens when country’s courts accept to work on their dictation and thus the situation at lower court level could easily be judged. Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry had worked in complete compliance to army’s and ISI’s behest and hence despite that his own son was guilty of massive corruption and bribe, the army, Rangers and national accountability bureau did not take any action against his son Arsalan Chaudhary.

Mr. Hussain while addressing all the deprived ethnic folks of Pakistan said they should now realize that the ethnic division in Pakistan has only emerged due to military establishment’s discriminatory actions, tyranny and cruelty. It is the military establishment that launched a fake and deceptive military operation in tribal areas and caused the local population to become IDPs on their own land. Despite the passage of much time, the IDP-converted tribal people are yet in wait to return to their homes.

He said that the non-democratic forces and print and electronic media have been forced to chase and defame PMLN President Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and all daring writers, bloggers and journalists are kidnapped and tortured for speaking the truth.

The military establishment is bent upon eliminating the people of the country and is grossly involved in political engineering so as to keep the political parties under control. Several journalists have been victims of unlawful detention and torture from ISI at its safe houses.

Eminent thinker and scholar Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif was arrested without lawful charge only because he had joined MQM. He was threatened for dire consequences and detained for moths unlawfully. Lastly, he was kidnapped and taken to a safe house where he was brutally tortured to death in custody. His body was dumped in his own car near Ilyas Goth in Ibrahim Hyderi area. all TVs have been instructed from the military establishment to remain silent over custodial deaths. However, there are many writers, bloggers and newspaper columnists who did not fear of any threat and intimidation and they wrote the truth on which they deserve due applause and salutation.

While speaking on a recent act of lawlessness by the Rangers, he said that the Karachi University Teachers Society had held a condolence reference at the Arts Auditorium of the University on Jan 22, 2018 to pay homage to the MQM slain senior leader Prof. Arif and daily Express Tribune had deputed one of its correspondents to cover that condolence reference in memory of Prof. Arif. Sadly, the plain-clothed ISI and paramilitary Rangers personnel had arrested that correspondent Mr. Fawwad Hassan, took him to a safe house where he was exposed to vehement physical and mental torture and was threatened to stay away from covering such event or else he would face dire consequences. Journalist had flooded at the Rangers headquarters inside the University of Karachi and talked to the Rangers about arrest of Mr. Hassan. As usual, the Rangers officers plainly lied that they had no knowledge about any such incident. However, after the news was telecast on national TVs and many journalists and bloggers expressed their deep concern on his unlawful arrest and after a debate had taken seat on social media, then the corresponded was released but with severe threats of dire consequences. He was also instructed to keep his mouth shut and don’t share with anyone what had happen to him or else he would face lethal consequences next. The result of that exercise is that none of the TVs telecasted the news about the victim correspondence. The situation is a vital proof that they are the same people who kidnapped Prof. Arif and executed him in custody. Likewise, University’s Prof. Riyaz Ahmed and other teachers were arrested by the security force to check them from visiting city’s press club where they would speak on the assassination of Prof. Arif.

Mr. Hussain expressed complete solidarity with the victimized correspondent Mr. Hassan and demanded the PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and federal interior minister to hold enquiry on unlawful arrest and torture on the correspondent Mr. Hassan and ensure that every writer, blogger and journalist is safe and protected from state atrocities or else their positions as PM and federal interior minister would lose all meanings.

 He said that writers, bloggers and journalists have been victims of state repression, unlawful arrest and torture in custody but the terrorists’ kingpin Mulla Sufi Muhammad who fought against the state and insulted the army with heavy casualties has now been released from jail and is now being presented on TVs at the behest of the military establishment. God knows better what the military establishment and the ISI ha planed for the country?

Addressing the COAS General Qamar Jawaid Bajwah to have fear of God or plainly assert that he is quite fearless of Him.

There are no traitors in the country but the corrupt army Generals and ISI officials are those corrupt elements who ruined the country and after destroying the remaining Pakistan. the common troopers in ISI and army are not corrupt.

He urged upon all the democratic and patriotic forces to step forward in order o save the country form devastation and further fatal division. The military establishment and the ISI have to roll back their designs and should stop meddling into country’s political and administrative matters.

Addressing the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Saquib Nisar, he asked him to take suo motu notice as he has taken many on variety of matters and that he should also take notice of increasing incident of unlawful arrest and detention and torture in custody to the writers, bloggers and journalists. The rights organisations and activists should also take notice of state atrocities and tyrant military actions against the innocent people of the country including the bloggers, writers and journalists and play their role in protecting the country from the onward devastations.

1/29/2022 5:08:52 AM