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Plain-clothed security forces’ personnel arrest MQM CC ex-member Ashraf Noor

Plain-clothed security forces’ personnel arrest MQM CC ex-member Ashraf Noor
 Posted on: 1/20/2018



LONDON. January 20, 2018: Ex-member of the MQM’s dissolved Coordination Committee; Mr. Ashraf Noor has been arrested from outside the antiterrorist court (ATC) in Karachi. Four of plain-clothed security personnel arrested him.

According to details, Mr. Noor was jailed without lawful charge in December 2016 and was bailed out after spending months in jail. He had appeared in the antiterrorist court on Saturday, Jan 20, 2018 and was home bound along with his spouse. He was on a bike with his aide while his spouse was in an auto-rickshaw. He was intercepted by plain-clothed security personal, who took him with them. As per eye witnesses, they were four. The attorney of Mr. Noor has informed the ATC in black and white about his client’s unlawful arrest.

Meanwhile, the MQM Interim Coordination Committee has vehemently slammed the security forces for unlawful arrest and enforced disappearance of ex-member of the Coordination Committee and termed it as the continued process of tyranny and injustice against Mohajirs in Pakistan.

It said that earlier, another ex-member of the Coordination Committee Mr. Akram Rajput was kidnapped by the security forces from his residence in Korangi area and he has also been enforced to disappear. The security forces and the paramilitary Rangers are grossly involved in custodial death of MQM senior leader Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif and thousands of MQM workers but these perpetrators are not punished for their heinous crime of murdering the innocent Mohajirs. The security forces are kidnapping MQM workers and Mohajir youth and enforcing them to disappear. MQM severely condemns these security forces for their actions above the law. The security forces are violating human and basic rights of Mohajirs through their arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearance s and denying them of their right for defense in courts of law.

It demanded the President Mamnoon Hussain, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, COAS General Qamar Jawaid Bajwah and Pakistan’s Chief Justice, Justice Saquib Nisar to take notice of unlawful arrest of Mr. Noor and all other MQM affiliates and activists and ensure their safe and immediate return to their homes as they are innocent.

It also demanded the aforementioned chiefs in Pakistan that injustices and tyranny against MQM workers and Mohajirs should now be ended and violation of their human and basic rights should now be stopped as well.

It also appealed to the human rights organisations of Pakistan and international rights organisations to raise their voices on atrocities, injustice against Mohajirs in Pakistan and play their dynamic role for their protection and rights.

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