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 Posted on: 1/17/2018


 “Pakistan’s army, ISI, MI, Rangers and Police are the killers of Prof. Arif”

 LONDON. January 17, 2018:  Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that MQM senior slain leader Prof Dr Hassan Zafar Arif’s daughter was compelled to state on gun point that her father was not a victim of custodial death but that he died of natural cause. This was so disappointing on the part of the invisible forces.

In addition, people of Punjab have with their unity failed the military establishment for its drama that was staged in Lahore against democracy in Pakistan and sadly the establishment had hired the services of so-called political parties.

This he stated in his message that was widely listened to through social media. In that message of his, Mr. Hussain said that Pakistan’s military establishment has forcefully occupied the country for past seven decades and that very military establishment had assassinated the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, declared his sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah as aide to Indian premier intelligence the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), pushed the people of East Pakistan to wall and conspired to divided Pakistan and now this ghoulish military junta is after the remaining Pakistan.

He said that slain Prof. Arif was on his way to her daughter’s on Jan 13, 2018 as she was bound for abroad, and that he had postponed all of his scheduled engagements for the Movement. He left his office at Fareed Chambers to arrive at his daughter’s but he did and his tortured body was found in his car from Ilyas Goth in Ibrahim Hyderi area of Karachi.

It merits mentioning that Ibrahim Hyderi is located in Karachi’s periphery and is under control of Pakistan Navy Cantonment. This area is known as one of city’s notorious areas as smuggling of different goods is always at peak here. Interestingly, this whole area is well protected with CCTVs. CCTV recordings of this area from eve of Jan 13, 2018 onwards could easily help trace the assassins of Prof. Arif.

Mr. Hussain regretted the statement from Prof. Arif’s daughter and said it was a statement that was arranged under gun point. Facts would easily get disclosed provided that proper investigations are carried to ascertain the genuine cause of his death. His body evidences are candid clear proof on his custodial death and reject the claims of his death from natural cause. It also merits noting that teachers association of University of Karachi held a condolence reference on Jan 15, 2018 and condemned his custodial death along with other teachers’ assassinations. Secondly, a condolence reference was also separately held on Jan 22, 2018 and the civil society and rights organisations protested at city’s press club on Jan 16, 2018 that he was a victim of custodial death.

Mr. Hussain categorically stated that the military establishment and ISI are the assassins of Prof. Arif. Military establishment and ISI executed 71 year Prof. Arif in a similar way as they had assassinated senescent Balouch leader Nawabzada Muhammad Akbar Khan Bugti.

It was astonishing to note that no daughter could ever speak so on her father’s custodial death and more of pain comes from use of pressure tactic on her to state so by the army, ISI and paramilitary Rangers as they are known for the same pressure tactic as they used during military operation launched against MQM on Jun 19, 1992 and compelled MQM workers to state per written scripts. MQM workers were compelled to give press statements on gun point and malicious agenda was completed through propaganda against MQM through media persons on ISI’s payroll. They used every malicious tool to defame MQM founder leader and prove him as enemy of ethnic folks of Pakistan while the fact was contrary to their propaganda. He is struggling for rights of oppressed ethnic folks in Pakistan such as Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Balouch, people of tribal belt, Kashmiris and Hazarwal.

He said he is struggling for a judicial system in Pakistan that should dispense justice to the victims and affectees sans delay and free of cost. He is neither enemy of Pakistan nor is he ready to chant slogans for the forces of tyranny and repression but would dare to call them forces of tyranny, demonic forces.

Mr. Hussain while rejecting Prof. Arf’s daughter’s statement under pressure from army and ISI said that it is a long passage from 1992 to 2018 but the military junta is still not ready to discard its notorious and ghoulish agenda.

He categorically stated that, “Pakistan’s army, ISI, MI, Rangers and Police are the killers of Prof. Arif.” His killers would face the wrath of the Creator.

Meanwhile, while commenting on a flop show of parties in opposition at Lahore, Mr. Hussain aid that these parties in opposition staged their protest against elected democratic government with a purpose of toppling it through unfair and undemocratic means but they were all exposed as the people of Lahore rejected them and they did not attend to their call. That was the worst flopped show of parties of opposition in history of Pakistan. In fact, the people have rejected and failed plans of the military establishment despite that Pakistan army and ISI had borne the expenses of that political drama as they had financed the zealots at Faizabad in the name of ant-blasphemy. Interestingly, that flopped show of parties of opposition and army and ISI was also attended by two gangs of traitor who betrayed Mohajir Nation. Military establishment had in 1977 created an alliance of parties in opposition in the name of implementation of Sharia Laws, Islamic System and Nizam-e Mustafa (System of government per teachings of Prophet Muhammad), which failed and Martial Law imposed in lieu of Nizam-e Mustafa.

He said that the flopped show of parties in opposition is the precursor of imposition of Martial Law in Pakistan, whether covertly or overtly, without military uniform or with military uniform as all institutions in Pakistan including the apex court are working as subordinate to Pakistan army.

Mr. Husain said government was running smoothly in Balouchistan but it was changed at the behest f military establishment and the people are well aware of the fact that the military establishment played a game in Balouchistan and forced Parliamentarians from PMLN’s ranks to change their loyalty and vote against their own leader. The objectives of creation of Pakistan as were laid by the founder of Pakistan are going to be changed by the military establishment and there are strong premonitions of destruction of the remaining country with the sacking of democratic system.

While addressing COAS General Qamar Jawaid Bajwah, ISI and other Generals, Mr. Hussain asked them to learn from past blunders, accept the reality ad save the country. They should recognise that the MQM is as stronger today under the dynamic leadership of him (Altaf Hussain) as it was in past and they should also recognise that the people of Punjab are with Nawaz Sharif and therefore no engineered leadership should be imposed on the masses.

Mr. Hussain said that the IT revolution has created awareness even among the labour class. The people had boycotted the procession of parties in opposition in Lahore and have expose the engineers of that procession that has badly flopped so the people deserve due applause. People know well that ISI had gathered rival parties in opposition at Lahore to defeat PMLN whose leader Nawaz Sharif was declared by the Supreme Court on army’s dictation. PMLN is being held guilty of all wrongdoings while the army and ISI are clean washing the perpetrators and criminals elements and presenting them as leaders.

He said the military establishment is carrying genocide of Mohajirs, Balouchs and people form tribal belt in Pakistan, Writers, journalists and bloggers hailing from Punjab are being kidnapped and enforced to disappear and they are forced to leave the country due to which writers of the truth are speedily being vanished from Pakistan.

He said he had vehemently slammed the government on Model Town Lahore carnage and had facilitated the protestors with water and food but if Dr Tahirul Qadri denies the facts, he would be answerable to the Creator hereinafter.

Extending his apology to Prof. Asif’s daughter, he said that he felt is was his moral obligation to update the people with truth and reality. Prof. Arif is Shaheed-e Wafa and after we win over the forces of tyranny, he would be honoured with the medal of Wafa.

He urged upon all MQM workers and leaders to follow the footsteps of Prof. Arif to acquire dedication and loyalty like him.


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