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Rangers kidnap MQM young activist Zair Arain in wee hours on Saturday

Rangers kidnap MQM young activist Zair Arain in wee hours on Saturday
 Posted on: 1/13/2018



LONDON. January 13, 2018:  The paramilitary Rangers have arrested Zair  Arain, a young activist of the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM)-Federal B Area Sector from his residence in wee hours on Saturday.

According to details, the paramilitary Rangers had raided th residence of Arain and summoned all the male members of his family to come out of home. They checked the identity of each male member. On his identification as Arain, Rangers told his family to converse with him for a while and thus he was separated from other members. However, they took him away with them.

Eye witnesses have told that the Rangers were in three land rover jeeps and two other vehicles. There were four plain clothed personnel among the rest with masks on their faces to hide their identity.

Soon after his arrest, Arain’s father’s condition got deteriorated and he was shifted to hospital for medical emergency care. However, the paramilitary Rangers have not, as usual, disclosed his arrest.

Meanwhile, MQM has vehemently condemned the paramilitary Rangers for arresting Arain and has demanded that he should immediately be released.

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