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Its time to save Pakistan, let MQM work with freedom: Altaf Hussain asks Pakistan’s military Chief G. Bajwah

Its time to save Pakistan, let MQM work with freedom: Altaf Hussain asks Pakistan’s military Chief G. Bajwah
 Posted on: 1/11/2018



“Amid these challenges, it is of pivotal importance that the political parties in Pakistan should be respected and allowed to work forward without induction of impediments and particularly the MQM should also be allowed to work free from impediments and repressive actions”


LONDON. January 11, 2018:  Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has asked Pakistan’s military chief General Qamar Jawaid Bajwah to pay special heed on challenges and threats that are being directed towards the country especially in context with open threats from the United states President Mr. Donald J. Trump. It is time to work for saving Pakistan from external threats.

“Amid these challenges, it is of pivotal importance that the political parties in Pakistan should be respected and allowed to work forward without induction of impediments and particularly the MQM should also be allowed to work free from impediments and repressive actions”, he demanded.

He expressed these views through his televised address on Wednesday. The address was watched live worldwide and was also shared through social media platforms. The address was telecast live on facebook from MQM Official Page. Pictures and video clips that pertained to particular segment of incident were also embedded in the address.

In his address, Mr. Hussain also covered a variety of topics such as enforced disappearance of to MQM workers, journalists, bloggers and rights activists, kidnapping of journalists, attacks on journalists, rights violations in cities of Sindh, in Balouchistan and FATA in the garb of military operation against terrorists, kidnapping, rape and brutal killing of a minor girl Zainub in district Kasur in Punjab and other matters.

He said that he had in his previous address to Pakistan’s military chief appealed him that the missing workers of the Movement should be allowed to return to their homes but he ignored his appeal. On the other, Pakistan’s Supreme Court’s Chef justice is taking suo motu action on high school fee, road construction, traffic gridlocks and poor health services but he is not paying attention on atrocities by the paramilitary Rangers and Police and intelligence forces for kidnapping and making the political workers and others in unlawful detention as enforced disappearances. Families of missing persons staged a protest demo at Supreme Court, which was covered by eminent TV anchorperson Hamid Mir and it was aired live on TVs, former federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and provincial chief ministers visited that protest camp but the missing persons could not find a way back to their homes as yet. MQM workers were kidnapped and enforced to disappear during when Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was country’s federal interior minister and those workers also could not come back to their homes despite efforts and appeals.

He referred to General Bajwah’s statement he made during in-camera briefing to the Senate of Pakistan on Dec 19, 2017 in which he had stated that people are fond of getting disappeared by them and the intelligence and security forces capture only those who are found guilty of conspiring against the country.

How can people get them go missing by their own is beyond convictions, argued Mr. Hussain. There is a long list of MQM workers who were arrested from their homes in the presence of their neighbours but they are still missing as their whereabouts are not known to anyone except the kidnapping security or intelligence forces. No matter what the missing persons are accused of, they have their right to be produced in court of law so that they could defend them and the kidnapping agencies should prove their guilt before the judge. Unfortunately, the kidnapping security and intelligence forces are shy of producing those they have kidnapped and this is sheer injustice and denial of defence to the detained persons.

He asked General Bajwah what he would do in case his own son gets kidnapped so? Sadly, the state of Pakistan also tried to deceive the UN by apprising the forum that the persons gone missing were not picked by any security or intelligence force but they had disappeared on their own. it was so ridiculous as the international community is already well aware of the fact as how the people in Pakistan are kidnapped and thrown into a state of enforced disappearances.

He said that General Bajwah visits the houses of those army officers and soldiers killed in action and their killings also saddens him. But what about those MQM workers executed extrajudicially? Their killings are also so painful to us. The security forces arrested his 71 year old brother Nasir Hussain and 28 year old nephew Arif Hussain on Dec 5, 1995. Despite that they had no political or otherwise affiliation with any party or group, the paramilitary Rangers tortured them for consecutive three days and took them to Gadap where they were killed. They were shot several time s and their heads were cut into two with axes. Where are their assassins? He asked.

He reminded General Bajwah that he always supported Pakistan’s military, offered salutations and managed to produce a “Million March” in their support but the military establishment responded to my positive gestures with utter negativity by murdering his brother and nephew. (Pics of his brother and nephew were shown at this point of televised address).

Mr. Hussain went on telling that even today, two of his nephews Khalid Hussain and Abdul Aziz Ansari are missing after they were kidnapped by the security forces and likewise, elder brother of Mustafa Azizabadi, Ghulam Mohiyuddin, Farhan Hashmi and 100s of other workers have gone missing after the security forces kidnapped them in the presence of thousands of people. (A handbill on missing and martyred workers of the Movement was shown at this point of televised address along with video clipping of Balouch women on protest for enforced disappearances of their brothers, sons and husbands).

He with heavy heart appealed to General Bajwah and CJ Saquib Nisar to take notice and appropriate action for the prevention of these injustices and stop kidnappings of the workers of the Movement, send back the kidnapped workers back to their homes as these are also citizens of Pakistan, human beings and that their families are in extreme agony.

He said he had slammed the authorities for inflicting pain and committing injustices for which he had without fail tendered his unconditional apology, which was not considered positive while Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Khawaja Asif, Zardari had also slammed the state and they did not apologise for what they said and still they were ignored. MQM was placed under genocidal operation after that slamming statement and all of its offices were sealed. On the other, those zealots who held Pakistan’s capital city under siege for 21 days, lynched public property and vehicles were patted on their backs, supported to a level that the government was forced to approach them and sign a deal with them after which Pakistan’s military distributed cash prizes to the zealots and a Major General signed the deal between the government and the zealots at the behest of Pakistan’s military establishment as guarantor.

He reminded that, “Imran Khan led the protestors for attack on the Parliament and Pakistan Televisions headquarters in Islamabad but he was pardoned and no legal action was ever initiated against him.”

Pakistan’s Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Saquib Nisar declared Imran Khan as most pious man in Pakistan.

“It is naked truth that he fathered a girl sans marriage and many women in Pakistan including Ayesha Gulali, one of his party’s women.”

He said that Zehra Shahid, one of women leaders in Imran Khan’s party, PTI, was assassinated at her doorstep on orders of Imran Khan on May 18, 2013 because he feared she was going to expose him for his demonic character. Pakistan’s leading English daily Dawn had also published an email from PTI’s spokesperson Naeemul Haque that was all about expelling the slain Zehra Shahid from PTI. Similarly, Imran Khan in connivance with Mufti Abdul Qavi Khan killed model Qandeel Balouch as she had said she would expose Imran Khan from his adultery and womanisation. She had exposed Imran Khan for his illicit relations with a lady at his residence at Bani Gala. Since then she was receiving serious life threats and she had addressed a press conference at Lahore Press club in which she had spoken about threats to her life and demanded the then federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan for protection, which was denied and finally she was silenced to death.

He said that it was regrettable to hear that the Supreme Court of Pakistan called Nawaz Sharif godfather and Sicilian mafia. The Chief Justice should have thought well before calling him the Sicilian mafia. The dismissal of Nawaz Sharif is similar to the decree for murder of Imam Hussain by the judge of his Yazeed’s time. The Chief Justice should treat all with justice and without discrimination. If he is serious in eliminating the menace of corruption, he should order for tracing the stolen money of Pakistan by the politicians and punishing Nawaz Sharif alone was only an act of sheer discrimination.

He said that all political parties in Pakistan should be treated with respect and honour and should not be dictated. MQM should also be allowed to work with complete freedom. In case, any from ranks and file of MQM is found guilty of a crime, MQM would not side with him and would welcome legal actions per the law. MQM could not be eliminated through creation of groups of traitors and corrupt elements whom the MQM had ousted long ago. The love of Mohajir Nation for their leader Mr. Husain could not be eliminated through atrocities, abductions, enforced disappearances and torture because 98 percent of Mohajirs are with him.

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