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MQM slams PPP-led government, Rangers for traders’ kidnapping, extortion

MQM slams PPP-led government, Rangers for traders’ kidnapping, extortion
 Posted on: 12/31/2017

MQM slams PPP-led government, Rangers for traders’ kidnapping, extortion


LONDON. December 31, 2017: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s Spokesperson has expressed deep concern on rampant incidents of robbery, kidnapping of small traders for ransom for short period, enforced disappearances and open extortion in Karachi’s old areas. MQM human rights wing would raise these concerns on all international forums.

In a statement, the spokesperson said that 50 associations of traders of Karachi’s old areas including Saddar, Bohrapir, Mithadar, Kharadar, Machchi Miyani Market, Shershah Scrape Market and other markers have showed their deep concern on criminal activities of notorious Lyari gang of terrorists and negative role of the paramilitary Rangers in Karachi for patronizing extortionist gangs, kidnappers for ransom and enforcing traders to disappear by the paramilitary force after their kidnapping for ransom and even after receiving extortion from traders.

He said that it is known to all that PPP has its government in the province and PPP leaders are the real patrons of Lyari gang’s terrorists and because of their support and patronage the Lyari gangsters are operating without any fear and are targeting small traders of Karachi’s old city areas.

Sadly, the paramilitary force rather they should protect the traders from the terrorists and extortionists of Lyari gang, are kidnapping traders and making them to disappear without lawful charge. The paramilitary Rangers are grossly involved in heinous crimes and deserve full condemnation.

The spokesperson said that the increase in routine and heinous crimes in the city is a vivid proof that the security and law enforcement forces in Karachi are not interested in protecting people from the criminals and terrorists, kidnappers and extortionists but they are only implementing their nefarious agenda of eliminating Mohajir Nation.

He assured the traders as the Movement has always raised voice against injustices and atrocities to traders, it would continue to raise the voice of concern on all international forums. MQM is with them through thick and thin and its human rights cell would accelerate the pace of taking the traders’ kidnappings for ransom, extortion and enforced disappearances to all available international forums.

5/28/2023 8:00:35 PM