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Altaf Hussain dissolves party organisation

Altaf Hussain dissolves party organisation
 Posted on: 12/31/2017

Altaf Hussain dissolves party organisation


LONDON. December 31, 2017: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has dissolved coordination committee and all offices.

The dissolution of the committee and withdrawal of positions throughout the Movement was carried by the founder and leader Mr. Hussain after week long deliberations in meetings with the committee and officers of the committee. The decisions for the dissolution of the committee and removal of officers from their positions was carried in order to highlight Mohajir rights movement more effectively on international level and expedite the pace and process of the Movement, to strengthen the party structure, etc;

The marathon meetings of the committee and officers were presided over by the leader of the Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain and were attended by members and officers of the Movement from Pakistan, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium and South Africa.

It has been decided that all units of the Movement would shortly be restructured.

It was decided that until the completion of restructuring of the party organisation, Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif and MQM International Secretariat In-charge Qasim Ali Raza would perform as supervisors.

Addressing the meetings, leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain said that Mohajirs in Pakistan are pushed to wall and they have been deprived of their rights and they are facing genocide. The military establishment of Pakistan and its paramilitary and security forces are using full force for crushing Mohajir Nation. Their houses and shops have been demolished and they are rendered as homeless and deprived of their sources for the living. Security forces are kidnapping Mohajir youth and hundreds of them have been enforced to disappear.

He instructed officers of the Movement to inform the international community of the injustices and atrocities done to Mohajirs and accelerate the pace of the Movement for rights of Mohajirs.

The leader of the Movement asked the officers to appoint those workers of the Movement on key positions, who continued to remain loyal to the Movement and maintained their steadfastness amid all challenges.

He lauded all steadfast and loyal workers and said they are the true and real asset of the Movement.

The meetings paid rich tribute to workers for their activism and contributions to the Movement despite all hardships and challenges. The meetings laid their full trust and confidence on the leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain and assured him of their complete honesty with hard work for the Movement.

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