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Erasing Mukka symbolmanifest of military establishment’s fear from Mohajirs

Erasing Mukka symbol manifest of military establishment’s fear from Mohajirs
 Posted on: 12/30/2017

Erasing Mukka symbol manifest of military establishment’s fear from Mohajirs


LONDON.December 30, 2017: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s while condemning the military establishment for removing the historical sign of Mukka (Punch) from one of Karachi’s monuments, the Mukka Chowk, said the military establishment has been completely exposed of its nefarious designs against Mohajirs and the removal of that sign of Mukka is also a clear manifest that the military establishment is fearful of Mohajir Nation’s pride, the Punch of Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Khan Liaquat Ali Khan.

It said that Pakistan’s military establishment had conspired against Pakistan first Prime Minister Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and under that conspiracy, shot him dead in an open public gathering. Despite that the Pakistan’s military establishment killed him, they are still fearful of him and their descendents in military establishment are frightened of his historical symbol of Mukka. They feel chill deep penetrated in their spines. Therefore, the Punjabi Generals of Pakistan’s military establishment has changed the symbol of Mukka at Mukka Chowk with a portrait of him so that they should stay safe from the chilling fear they feel deep in their spines. Instead, the Mukka has become a vibrant symbol of Mohajir Nation and the Mukka of leader of the Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain has now made them insomniac due to his fear.

It furthersaid that the military establishment has now confessed their crime of murdering Pakistan first Mohajir Prime Minister and hence they have removed his Mukka and replaced it with his portrait. However, they should not forget that memories can’t be erased from peoples’ minds and identities of public places remain intact despite change of identifications and they would see that the people particularly Mohajirs would always call that Chowk as Mukka Chowk and that would be another shameful defeat to the aggressors and oppressors.

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