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 Posted on: 12/20/2017


LONDON. December 20, 2017: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has demanded Pakistani military chief General Qamar Jawed Bajwah to ensure complete refrainment of Pakistani military establishment and ISI from meddling into country’s political and judicial systems and affairs.

He laid his demands in his latest audio message to General Bajwah. In addition, he laid many questions and sought General Bajwah’s response. Questions he asked are as under:

  1. Taliban terrorist Baitullah Mehsood was arrested by Pakistani army and ISI jointly and was produced on national media as hero. Where is he now?
  2. Where is Lyari gang war kingpin Uzair Jan Balouch now, who killed hundreds of innocent people?
  3. Where are butchers of innocent students of Army Public School and College, Peshawar?
  4. Where are assassins of Khan Abdul Wali Khan University student Mishal Khan?
  5. Where are perpetrators from PTI ranks, who undressed a 16-year old virgin girl and paraded her on streets and those who harassed MNA Ayesha Gulalai?
  6. Where are terrorists, who attacked military installations such as GHQ, Naval Base Mehran, Kamrah Air base, ISI offices, PIAC, Budhbir Air Base, Police HQrs and other sensitive installations?
  7. Where are those terrorists and their master minds, who attacked mosques, Imam Bargahs, places of worships of other religions and butchered innocent people?
  8. Where are those terrorists, who butchered innocent Shiites after ascertaining their particular identity as Shiite?
  9. Where are those zealots, who picked and killed Hazara Shiite people in Quetta?
  10. Where are kidnappers, killers and those who dumped mutilated bodies on innocent Balouchs in Balouchistan and why the abductees have not been recovered as yet?
  11. Pakistani military carried a genocidal military operation against Mohajir Nation on Jun 19, 1992. Military continued with atrocities and enforced another genocidal military operation in 2013 under the title of Operation Zarb-e Azb and Operation Raddul Fasad during which hundreds of innocent Mohajirs were kidnapped and executed extrajudicially; hundreds have been forced to disappear. Where are the kidnappers, killers of them?
  12. Why families have not been shared with whereabouts of those kidnapped by the Pakistani military and its paramilitary security forces and intelligence forces and why they have not yet been produced in any court of law?
  13. Why courts have not delivered justice to families of those kidnapped by the security forces despite they have filed constitutional petitions in respective courts? Why the judges say they are helpless> Why they say they are forced to obey orders of Pakistani military and ISI and can’t go against them? Chief justice of Pakistan Justice Saquib Nisar recently stated on solemn affirmation that none could press him for a dictated judgment and perhaps he gave his recent judgments on dictation sans a gun over his head. Chief Justice gave two different judgments in two similar cases of plunder and corruption and thus freed one while punished the other. These are the questions every citizen of Pakistan is trying to get answers of. It is the century of information technology and even a primary school kid is much aware of his surroundings through internet. Not only junior or senior lawyers but even students and common citizens are saying that our courts are giving dictated judgments, prepared by the invisible force (Pakistani military and ISI).
  14. Why you (General Bajwah) phoned Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi pressing him for dictated settlement and making an agreement with the zealots of Faizabad sit-in and why a sitting Punjab Rangers Director General Major General performed as solicitor and guarantor. Why military and ISI did not initiate action under the law against the rioters and zealots that lynched property and held the people hostage for 21 days? Why Punjab Rangers Director General Major General facilitated the zealots with cash prizes to the tune of Rupees 1000 each at the end of protest? Why no action has so far been initiated against him?
  15. Why family members and relatives of MQM senior leaders and activists have been arrested in lieu of wanted (though unlawfully) and why courts are reluctant in passing any order for their safe return to their homes? Why my nephews, brother-in-law of former member of MQM Coordination Committee Wasay Jalil, brother of Coordination Committee member Syed Mustafa Azizabadi, brother-in-law of Coordination Committee Convener Nadeem Nusrat and others have been kidnapped by the security and intelligence forces and why they have not yet been produced in any court of law and why Sindh High Court is helpless to initiate its role for their safe return to their homes? Why Chief Justices of Sindh, Lahore and Balouchistan High Courts meet the aggrieved families in their private chambers and tell them that they are helpless and cannot pass and enforce their orders for the safe return of their people. However, the Chief Justice of Pakistan still claims none can press him or the SC but still he can’t deliver justice to the affected citizens. He simply lies. You should bear in mind that not only him (Altaf Husain) but all including the Chief justice, judges would face a judgment hereinafter for what they are doing here. Similarly, all military Generals and General Bajwah would also face the wrath of the almighty hereinafter on the Day of the Judgment. Pakistan has already been cut into two, Pakistan and Bangladesh and in case we still fail to improve us, the remaining country would pass through further devastation and none other than the military and civil leadership of the country, judges of high and supreme courts and media persons and TV anchors would be solely responsible for the devastations to come next because of their silence, concealing the facts and the truth and supporting the repressions. He (Altaf Husain enquired General Bajwah as when he would hold a meeting with the judges of the high and supreme court as he did with the Senators?
  16. Why unlawfully imprisoned and detained MQM workers are subjected to inhuman physical and mental torture? Why prisons’ administration says they are helpless as ISI is ordering for the torture on MQM workers in jail? In case of doubt, General Bajwah should personally visit the prisons and get accurate update on the situation.

It is a known fact that you (General Bajwah) is the most powerful person in Pakistan. He should take measures for putting military and ISI on their right tracks and stop them from meddling into political and judicial maters. If these measures taken, Pakistan would start improving, strengthening and surviving. These measures would result in supremacy of justice system in the country. You have to select honest and professional military officers, ISI officers and take steps for repairing the damages and remedying the wounds. You should speak the truth with the people of the country. These questions are creating unrest in the country and the people are being struck with extreme mental anguish. It is your duty to remove peoples’ anguish and unrest.

3/1/2024 5:41:18 AM