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MQM USA Holds Protest Demonstration Outside Pakistan Embassy in Washington D.C.

MQM USA Holds Protest Demonstration Outside Pakistan Embassy in Washington D.C.
 Posted on: 12/16/2017

MQM Holds Protest Demonstration Outside Pakistan Embassy in Washington D.C.

Demonstration was held against state atrocities and persecution of Mohajirs in Pakistan

Friday, December 15th, 2017 - Communication and Media Cell, Washington, D.C. |Condemning the recent malicious and brutal acts carried out by Pakistan’s Law Enforcement Agencies in Karachi, large number of demonstrators gathered outside the Pakistan Embassy in Washington D.C. to raise their voice against state atrocities, persecution and injustices upon Mohajirs.

More than 22,000 Mohajirs have been brutally killed by Pakistan Army and Para military Rangers since 1992. Thousands of MQM workers and supporters are in jail, hundreds have been extra judicially killed and hundreds of Mohajirs are missing since their illegal arrest by Pakistani security forces.

The demonstration was attended by Muttahida Quami Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee Members, Shahid Mustafa and Rukunuddin Taj, along with Central Organizer of MQM USA, Rehan Ibadat,members of Central Organizing Committee (COC), office bearers, workers from 22 chapters across United States, along with large numbers of supporters including ladies, elders and youth. 

The demonstrators demanded that the Pakistani establishment should stop these cruel tactics, such as those witnessed on 9th December, 2017, in which large number of MQM workers and supporters had gathered in Azizabad, Karachi, in remembrance of MQM Martyrs who were brutally killed in Army led operations since 1992.  Paramilitary Rangers and Police interjected forcefully and obstructed the citizens from their basic right to remember their loved ones, and withheld them from paying tribute to the sacrifices of the martyrs. They forcefully stopped the crowd with an iron-clad like approach in abusing and physically assaulting the attendees by batons and other weaponry,specifically to a crowd mostly consisting of women, kids and elderly.

On this occasion, speaking to demonstrators, MQM USA Central Organizer Rehan Ibadat went on to denounced the state oppression upon most secular political force of Pakistan in strongest words possible, he went on to term it as Genocide upon innocent Mohajirs in Pakistan. He stated, that our Political Offices have been razed to the ground, hundreds killed extra-judicially by the state, hundreds are missing, and thousands are behind bars awaiting justice for crimes they didn’t commit. He further said that Army meddling in politics must be stopped immediately.

The demonstrators held banners and placards urging the State of Pakistan to uphold the basic principles of Freedom of Speech, and to allow citizens to live their lives as per there free will.Furthermore, they shed light on one of the worst forms of human rights violations, enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings, inhumane torture, ban on political and social activities of MQM, media blackout of MQM’s founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, Pakistan Army’s support for religious extremism and stranded Pakistanis, Biharis be repatriated back to Pakistan with dignity and honor.

Speaking to the local and international media,MQM’s Coordination committee members demanded that MQM must be given its due space in the political spectrum, so the citizens have an adequate chance to select those who truly represent them and their interests. Furthermore, they demanded all sealed MQM properties, including its Head Quarter, Nine Zero is reopened.

Lastly, a memorandum with the demands listed above was presented by MQM USA COC to the staff of Pakistan Embassy. The demonstrators vowed to continue raising their voices till justice is sought in Pakistan, and perpetrators of such deliberate Human Rights Violations are brought to justice. In continuation of these demonstrations, MQM USA will hold another large demonstration at White House, tomorrow, December 16th
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