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 Posted on: 9/12/2017

“Previously kidnapped MQM workers and office-bearers were tortured to hold press conferences in condemnation of MQM founding leader – Kidnapped workers and office-bearers are tortured to disown MQM and join notorious gangs created by Pakistan military – Coordination Committee”

The security forces have on Monday kidnapped Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) Hyderabad Zone Sector in-charge Maqsood Ahmed. The abducted has been shifted to an undisclosed location and it is feared that he would also be listed among those in enforced disappearance category. MQM’s Coordination Committee has vehemently condemned this act of lawlessness by the security forces.

According to details, the MQM Hyderabad Zone Sector in-charge Ahmed was after depositing fee in a branch of a local bank located at Lateefabad no. 7 on his way back to his residence on his motorcycle. The security forces personnel had hit his motorcycle from back, which caused him to get down on road. Soon after, the personnel grabbed him and forced him to get into a VEGO brand land cruiser jeep and then took him along to an undisclosed location. As usual, Ahmed has not been produced in any court of law after 24 hours have passed. It is not clear and could not be ascertained as on what legal charges the security force kidnapped him.

It is also obvious that the abducted Ahmed was not involved in any act of crime and hence he had no fear to move for work without fear but since he is one of MQM office-bearers, the security forces have targeted him in order to accomplish their notorious plans of forcing MQM workers and office-bearers to change their loyalty and join military-produced factions against MQM.

It is not new that the security forces, paramilitary Rangers and army intelligence agency’s personnel have been on heavy patrolling in Hyderabad, and are kidnapping MQM workers and office-bearers. Security forces are torturing kidnapped MQM workers in unlawful detention, forcing them to disown MQM under threats that their family members, sisters, brothers, spouses and kids would face dire consequences.

It said that “The security forces are pressing detained MQM workers to hold press conferences in condemnation of MQM founding leader Mr. Altaf Hussain and disown MQM and join army-produced factions, PSP or PIB gang.”

The security forces have forced five of kidnapped MQM workers to hold press conferences and it is feared that Ahmed would also be forced to hold a press conference.

The Coordination Committee said that MQM workers and office-bearers already kidnapped by the security forces and detained unlawfully in torture cells and Ahmed has now been added to the list of kidnapped and disappeared MQM workers.

It said that besides unlawful acts of security forces, the PIB gang and PSP are both also shamefully conniving with the tyrant security forces and are assisting them to trace and kidnap MQM workers. These two army-produced notorious gangs are providing names and residential and work place addresses to paramilitary Rangers and army’s intelligence agencies with which MQM workers and office-bearers are easily kidnapped.

The Coordination Committee has appealed to the Chief Justices of Sindh High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan to take action and order for safe discovery of kidnapped MQM workers and Ahmed. The CJs should also play their constitutional role for restricting the security forces and intelligence agencies from kidnapping MQM workers.

It also appealed to the human rights organisations to raise their voices to save MQM workers and office-bearers.

6/23/2024 1:34:34 PM