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Live video briefing by MQM Central Co-ordination Committee

Live video briefing by MQM Central Co-ordination Committee
 Posted on: 9/2/2017 1
Live video briefing by MQM Central Co-ordination Committee

2nd September 2017,  0930am
We have gathered here as a matter of urgency to condemn an act for which MQMwhose leader is Mr Altaf Hussain has once again been blamed.An assassination attempt was reportedly made this morning on life of Khawaj Izahr-ul-Hassan, who is the opposition leader in Sindh assembly, as he finished Eid prayers.As per reports, one child, and a police guard were killed in this attack. This incidentitself is a conspiracy as Khawaja Izhar-ul-Hassan himself has stated that adequatesecurity was not present outside the Mosque. He had also complained about this togovernment   of   Sindh   on   previous   occasions   as   his   personal   security   as   well   assecurity of other MQM members had been withdrawn by them.We MQM Central Co-ordination Committee members categorically condemn in thestrictest terms this attack. We also vehemently condemn allegations linking MQM,whose leader is Mr Altaf Hussain, with this attack. MQM is a democratic, secular andpeace loving political party and condemns violence in any form and shape.Since 2013, when the State of Pakistan launched an illegal crackdown against us, ourhead office in Karachi, known as Nine-Zero, was sealed; over 200 of our offices havebeen demolished or sealed throughout Sindh province; thousands of our workers arein arbitrary detention; over 80 extra judicially killed and hundreds are missing. Ourparty workers and sympathisers are being abducted on a daily basis by ParamilitaryRangers and other law enforcement agencies. How is it possible that an organisationwhose members are victims of severe level of state atrocities and brutalities carry outsuch an incident? We have never resorted to any violence and we deny this baselessallegation in its strongest terms as well.Through deliberate efforts and designs, MQM has always been unjustly blamed foracts which which it had nothing to do with, incidents such as Murder of ShaheedHazrat Amjad Sabri, Safoora Goth massacre and assassination of Hakim Saeed andProfessor Auj. The list of such preposterous and outrageous allegations are endless.However, the evidence in each case was eventually found to the contrary as all hadbeen carried out by religious extremists. I would also like to refer here to a report published in a reputable newspaper Dawnon 30th July 2017, where the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) had confirmedthat two LEJ militants who had escaped from Karachi prison will create a cell totarget political groups including MQM, PSP, and members of the Shia community.
Militants belonging to banned outfits are frequently carrying attacks against Policeand other law enforcement agencies throughout the city of Karachi.The   latest   allegation   against   MQM   by   Mr   Farooq   Sattar   has   no   credibility,particularly in the  light of  his  own admission  before  media  recently whereby  heexpressed his apprehensions that “a crime could also be carried out in the name ofMQM London by others.”To accuse   someone without  evidence  is  a  crime within  itself. We demand  a fullenquiry into this incident to bring those responsible to justice. We pray for those whohave lost their lives, and speedy recovery of those injured.

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