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Pakistani Establishment’s new scheme of harming MQM Founding Leader Fails Once Again

Pakistani Establishment’s new scheme of harming MQM Founding Leader Fails Once Again
 Posted on: 8/23/2017

Pakistani Establishment’s new scheme of harming MQM Founding Leader Fails Once Again


A pack of Asian origin and African origin suspects broke into Altaf Hussain’s house at midnight  - On seeing neighbours and guards on alert, the suspects escaped – Metropolitan Police starts investigations on attempt to harming MQM founding leader Altaf Hussain – Pakistani establishment is behind this fresh scheme of harming Altaf Hussain as they had a track record of such plans – Convener Nadeem Nusrat and CC members condemn the Pakistani establishment for this cheap tactic of harming Altaf Hussain


LONDON. Aug 23, 2017: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat and members have vehemently condemned the attempt to murder/inflict physical damage to MQM founding leader Mr. Altaf Hussain at his residence in London. The attempt was made by two unidentified men of whom one appeared to be Asian while the other looked like of African origin. The two suspects broke into Mr. Hussain’s midnight of August 22-23 while using wall of Mr. Hussain’s neighbor at around 2 a.m. GMT. Meanwhile, Mr. Hussain’s neighbours woke up and personal guards had also been alerted on which the unidentified attackers managed to escape in their white colour car. The situation was reported to the Metropolitan Police. Police on arriving at the venue gathered details about the incident. Police are investigating on the situation.

The Coordination Committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat and the members while vehemently condemning the plotters for their nefarious agenda of inflicting harm to Mr. Hussain said that the Pakistani establishment is bent upon removing Mr. Hussain as he is the biggest critic of the establishment for their notorious games in the country. The establishment has always been on the move to implement their nefarious agenda to finish MQM founding leader as in past when Mr. Hussain was in Pakistan, the establishment paved ways to and conspired against him and made attempt to implement their agenda. In that context, the establishment had devised a plan for finishing Mr. Hussain and on Dec 21, 1992, a deadly attack was made on his life but by the grace of the almighty he remained unhurt.

However, the establishment did not stop with their notorious schemes and continued to planning for inflicting harm to Mr. Hussain and even in London; the Pakistani establishment staged their notorious plans but failed as always. The almighty saved Mr. Hussain from deadliest life threats from the Pakistani establishment and millions of his followers, loving mothers and sisters, elders and brothers and youth always pray for his life and their prayers never gone in vain.

Mr. Nusrat warned the Pakistani establishment that whatever notorious plans they may have against Mr. Hussain, all would shamefully fail and the struggle for rights of Mohajir Nation can never be obstructed through such cheap and filthiest nefarious plots.

In his message to MQM workers, Mohajir Nation especially Mohajir youth, Mr. Hussain asked them to keep patience and remain united and offer thanksgiving prayers in the court of the almighty Lord, Allah.

 He also sought help from the almighty Allah to destroy the Pakistani establishment for making unending notorious plots against Mr. Hussain as they fear him most.

The Coordination Committee Convener and the members appealed to the British Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May to take stern notice of this notorious scheme of finishing MQM founding leader Mr. Hussain in London, and the British administration should take immediate steps for bringing the culprits to justice box. The British Government is also appealed to raise arrangements for foolproof security of Mr. Hussain.

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