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 Posted on: 8/20/2017
LONDON. Aug 20, 2017:
Mr. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

My Salutations
I hope this finds you in perfect health. It gives me immense pleasure that you have now while addressing your voters and supporters in processions and rallies started informing the people of Pakistan about the root cause of all evils in Pakistan and the repercussions of the root cause of which the country and the people have suffered beyond expressions.

You have even announced that you have now become “Ideological” and this announcement is quite promising but it is imperative that you should now move forward as ideological and should not fear any onward challenge or consequences.


Mr. Nawaz Sharif,

You have in your recent speeches set forward a one point agenda and that is the sanctity of ballot and you also asserted that since the sanctity of ballot has always been disrespected in Pakistan, hence the country has suffered from the outcomes of that disrespect and so the conspiracies for disrespecting the sanctity of ballot should be stopped once for all.

Sadly, the sanctity of ballot with regard to Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) was never respected and the mandate was violently rejected.

It is on pages of history that during your past two tenures as Prime Minister of Pakistan, MQM suffered to an unmentionable degree of agony from the genocidal military operations against MQM and every tactic was applied to crush MQM through army, paramilitary Rangers and state institutions. Thousands of MQM workers were kidnapped from their homes and extrajudicially murdered. Thousands were arrested and detained unlawfully in detention centres and in jails. There are hundreds of MQM workers, who are still missing. MQM so frequently approached you for remedying the agonies but you did not even take any notice of the atrocities and injustices.


Mr. Nawaz Sharif,

Mohajir Nation is till date a victim of state operation. MQM also approached Pakistan’s apex court, Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, but to no avail. The SC ignoring the atrocities and injustices kept its ears shut. Justices has always been denied to Mohajirs. Similarly, Balouch folks staged a sit-in at SC for several days for safe discovery of missing Balouchs but the Judges of SC also ignored them. Apart from Mohajirs and Balouchs, people of Pakistan’s tribal areas and Sindhis are also on protest against state atrocities and injustices but they are also denied of justice. This portrays the courts in Pakistan as chained judiciary because they are not allowed to hear the voices of the oppressed. As a matter of fact, courts in Pakistan are acting like puppets and their strings are pulled and moved by the military establishment of Pakistan. The democratically elected civilian governments are also handicapped at the hands of the military establishment.


Mr. Nawaz Sharif,

The world watched the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Justice Saquib Nisar insulting minority especially Hindu fraternity in Pakistan. He had made a highly deplorable statement during his address to the lawyers’ fraternity on the occasion of first anniversary of terror-affected lawyers in Quetta. When he reached a point of Bi-nation Theory in his highly controversial speech, he said one was Muslim nation and the other he would disapprove and won’t even name it, say Hindu nation. The fascist and racist statement of the CJP Nisar was a plain and direct insult to the Hindus and even that his statement had hurt all the non-Muslims, who live in Pakistan. President of Pakistan, Prime Minister and the Parliament should have taken notice and initiated onward action against the CJP but nothing was done.


Mr. Nawaz Sharif,

During the hearing of Panamagate scandal, the SC judges called you the Godfather, Sicilian Mafia and insulted the national assembly speaker by calling him your personal loyal subject and for being partisan but you lacked the courage to initiate any action per law. Let me also invite attention of the honest Parliamentarians on the insulting statement of the CJP against the Hindu minority in Pakistan and that he also used insulting unconstitutional terms against the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Speaker. Judiciary is one of most dignified office in any state in the world but what the judges of the highest court in Pakistan said about the elected Prime Minister and the Speaker were in violation of their positions and oath and were tantamount to insulting the mandate of the millions. I would say to the sitting Prime Minister Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, federal government and the elected parliament to take action against the judges, who failed to keep them within the limits of the constitution and they should at once be suspended or even sacked from their positions as judges.


Mr. Nawaz Sharif,

I see that you have with courage started a campaign for the supremacy of the Parliament and for the sanctity and respect of ballot and in recent days, you have expressed your inner thoughts in public speeches but you ought to know that half the truth is only half the truth and it is a Must for you to speak the whole truth as I, Altaf Hussain, do. My brother, nephew and thousands of MQM workers were extrajudicially murdered in past and the genocidal operation is going on till date. Thousands of MQM workers are in detention centres and in jails. Ban has been imposed on me and under this unlawful ban; I can’t speak to my people through telephonic source. Under this ban, no newspaper can publish my picture or statement and no TV station in Pakistan can dare to telecast my statement. This is not new to me but this injustice is being implemented since past 26 years but I did not surrender I never retreated and I am fully dedicated to my mission and ideology like a man. I am raising my voice with full capacity against the injustices and atrocities, against human rights violations and state repression. A few days ago, paramilitary Rangers Sindh Director General Maj. Gen. Muhammad Saeed had used highly derogatory language against Mohajir Nation. His speech was in absolute contrast to ethics, unlawful, unconstitutional and shameless as he had not only humiliated millions of Mohajirs in that speech but used intimidating words for the non-Muslim fraternity by asking all, who live in Karachi including the Non-Muslim to be Pakistani Muslim. On his soul-writhing derogatory and humiliating speech against Mohajir Nation, I openly reacted and held him responsible for explanation. The official web site of MQM has posted that speech of mine, which you can tune to personally so that you can learn all in it.


Mr. Nawaz Sharif,

People want to know why the Speaker and the Parliamentarians stepped back from filing a reference against the judges of the Sc for their entirely foul and unconstitutional remarks. Who were those people or departments that bullied the Speaker and the Parliamentarians to dare not to step forward for the reference against the judges of the SC? I urge upon you and the leaders of the PMLN to show courage and move forward. You can learn from me and my devoted companions as we are standing like men before the tyranny of the tyrant establishment. My cousin, nephew and hundreds of MQM workers have been kidnapped by the military and paramilitary Rangers and nobody knows where they have kept them. They are all missing. MQM Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat has also been agonized by kidnapping of his brother-in-law and MQM Coordination Committee member Syed Mustafa Azizabadi has also been aggrieved as the paramilitary Rangers have kidnapped his brother, too. Despite these kidnappings as tactic to cause me and my devoted companions to the military establishment, we have disappointed them and are standing with courage. We will never surrender.


Mr. Nawaz Sharif,

People had elected you from their votes but the SC judges had dismissed you from the office of Prime Minister and held you ineligible for holding any of public offices for life and besides your dismissal and ineligibility, the sly cabal of conspirators are after wiping you and your family from the political canvas of the country. Even they are finalizing a scheme with which they would also place under ban and then Pakistani media would not be allowed to carry your opinion, statement or anything. I feel you might not find enough courage so I advise you to leave Pakistan and expose all conspirators, who are playing dirty games against democracy. While in abroad, you would be in a comfortable position for exposing the nefarious designs of the judges, military establishment and ISI that have never accepted the sanctity of ballot and public mandate and democracy in Pakistan. I assure you the world would listen to you very attentively and would admire you for the courage. As you have announced you have now become ideological and if you are determined to take steps forward, the conspirators and all anti-democracy elements and forces would die of their own. You would successfully see your agenda for the sanctity of ballot and supremacy of the Parliament completed and a real democratic revolution would take place in Pakistan.


Well-wisher of people of Pakistan, sanctity of ballot and office of Speaker and Parliament,


Altaf Hussain

Founding Leader of MQM (Pakistan).
MQM International Secretariat
54 - 58, Elizabeth House, First Floor
High Street, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7EJ, UK
Email: [email protected]

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