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MQM Convener seeks role of British PM, International Community for end to Genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan

 Posted on: 8/7/2017 1

MQM Convener seeks role of British PM, International Community for end to Genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat has urged upon the international community to come forward for saving Mohajir Nation from genocide by the state of Pakistan and its military establishment.

He was addressing MQM workers at protest in fornt of 10 Downing Street, the residence of British Prime Minister in London. MQM workers had staged the protest in reaction to extrajudicial killings of MQM workers in Karachi and unlawful detention of relatives of Father of Mohajir Nation and MQM founding leader Mr. Altaf Hussein and relatives of other MQM officers and leaders.

Mr. Nusrat said that the ancestors of Mohajirs had created Pakistan after laying millions of lives for the creation of Pakistan but unfortunately, they are pinned to wall in Pakistan and their rights are usurped and they are even deprived of basic human rights to live in Pakistan. They are victims of injustices and atrocities by the military establishment and state repression since Pakistan was created. The military establishment is bent upon eliminating MQM and hence they have launched a deadliest military operation against MQM, which is not for the first time.

He said that a ban has been imposed on Mr. Hussain and Pakistani e-Media and newspapers have been restricted by the military establishment to telecast or print his speech or picture. In addition, MQM workers are being arrested in large number, taken to undisclosed detention centres and tortured there driving them to stop supporting and following their leader Mr. Hussain.

The Convener said, “It is a routine of Pakistan’s military establishment to kidnap Mohajir, Balouch, Sindhi and Pashtoon youth and make them disappear in secret detention centres owned by the military establishment and its intelligence agencies and paramilitary security forces, the Frontier Corpse and Rangers.” “In fact, Pakistan has been re-named as ‘State of Enforced Disappearances’.”

He warned that with unending injustices and atrocities, usurpation of rights, violation of human rights and pushing the minority folks to wall would never generate patriotism in their hearts and minds but would rather turn them as rebels.

MR. Nusrat said that it’s an alarming situation in Pakistan that the radical jihadist, extremist and sectarian organizations and groups are allowed to move and operate freely and use Pakistan soil for terrorism across the world but the liberal and secular party, MQM is restricted to work for peace and tranquility.

He appealed to the British PM and the international community to take notice of genocide of Mohajirs by the military establishment and play their role for stopping it.

He demanded that genocide of Mohajir youth and MQM workers should immediately be stopped in Pakistan, stop arbitrary arrests of MQM workers and relatives of Mr. Hussain and other party officers in exile and in Pakistan.

Addressing the protestors, MQM Coordination Committee member and MQM International Secretariat Information Cell Mr. Syed Mustafa Azizabadi, who is also a writer and a poet, said that Mohajirs are being crushed in Pakistan and innocent MQM workers are extrajudicially murdered by the security forces in Pakistan. MQM workers are enforced to disappear after unlawful arrest.

He said that MQM wants immediate end to ongoing military operation against Mohajirs and MQM, Status of Mohajirs as equal citizens of Pakistan should be accepted and respected and stop suppressing their rights.

MQM Coordination Committee member and poet Qasim Ali Raza also addressed the protesters and in his address he said that the military establishment has now kidnapped Mr. Hussain’s cousin Khalid Hussain, nephew Abdul Aziz Ansari and Mr. Azizabadi’s brother, Muneer Ali. Hundreds of MQM workers have been unlawfully detained and they have been enforced to disappear.

He said that it is very strange that the former spokesperson of Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is allowed to use Pakistani TV stations to plead for his innocence with the backing of Pakistani military establishment but Mr. Hussain, who is leader of millions of Mohajirs, is restricted to use TV or newspapers in Pakistan.

Mr. Raza demanded that the ban on MQM should immediately be lifted as it is in violation of human rights and release all MQM workers from unlawful detention.

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