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MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain rejects shameful allegations leveled by security force

MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain rejects shameful allegations leveled by security force
 Posted on: 7/27/2017
MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain rejects shameful allegations leveled by security force

“Mohajirs are reality and state repression can’t defeat their unshaken resolve for achieving their oppressed rights – Establishment would face a humiliating defeat in its malicious agenda of eliminating 50 million Mohajirs in province of Sindh – Altaf Hussain”


Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has categorically rejected allegations leveled against him by the paramilitary Rangers a day earlier in a press briefing. He also said the allegations were not only baseless but highly shameful.

In his latest audio message, he said that like every incident, the paramilitary Rangers are holding MQM responsible for the Qasba incident in which two PSP gangsters were assassinated. The spokesperson of the paramilitary Rangers had shamefully maligned MQM in that Qasba incident and in support had presented record of his speech, which was cleverly edited as proof. In fact, the paramilitary force had badly edited the speech and remixed parts to make a smooth narration.

Mr. Hussain said that the fact is that MQM South Africa had organised a jubilant event of the Foundation day of All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation on Jul 16, 2017 in Peter mirsberg, South Africa. The event was graced by the presence of ruling Africa National Congress Parliament member Muhammad Yousuf Bam, African National Congress member Ms. Najma Ahmed, former mayor of the city and dignitaries and notables. He said he had felicitated the MQM South Africa for organising such a fabulous event of the Foundation day and it is a known factor that workers and organisers are always greeted, encouraged and appreciated on such programmes.

The MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain said, “I categorically reject all allegations leveled against him by the paramilitary force in which the force had shamefully attempted to drag me in the Qasba incident.” “the paramilitary force should be ashamed of maligning tactics, which always bounced back to them.”

He said that the tragedy is that the paramilitary Rangers are grossly involved in unlawful detention and extrajudicial killings of MQM workers and Mohajirs. They have been kidnapping MQM workers and hundreds of them are missing.

He said that Pakistan’s military ex-chief General (ret.) Rahil Sharif had amitted that MQM worker slain Aftab Ahmed was extrajudicially killed in Rangers custody and had promised to the nation that the responsible of his extrajudicial murder would face the music. Former Director General of Rangers Bilal Akbar had also admitted the same and made similar promise for conducting enquiry but those promises have never been fulfilled as yet.

Mr. Hussain urged upon Pakistan’s supreme court to take immediate notice of threats from Rangers Colonel to the families of MQM as he had in his press briefing threatened MQM workers’ families of dire consequences. The apex court should ensure the Colonel Qaisar Khattak faces litigation for his threats and for that reason he should be booked in FIR. The SC should also order Police for registering FIRs against Rangers officers for extrajudicially murdering MQM workers.

He asked as why Rangers officers can’t be booked in FIRs over their criminal activities and why they are exempt from legal actions when country’s premier can’t be exempted?

He said that Rangers spokesperson has in his press briefing alleged MQM of minting money from extortion but the fact is that the people of the port city have proper knowledge about all illegal and unlawful acts and commercial activities such as illegal sale of water through illegal water hydrants, sale of petrol and petroleum products, which is pure commercial activity, which country’s security forces are grossly involved in.

MQM founder leader Mr. Husain said the establishment has imposed ban on him and his speech, telephonic addresses and interviews and pictures can’t be published in newspaper or telecasted on TVs but Rangers spokesperson had played his speech, though maliciously edited for meeting vested goals, for which he should be held guilty under violations of PEMRA Law.

He said that whoever speaks the truth in Pakistan become a prey. Eminent TV anchorperson Hamid Mir was shot thrice for exposing the establishment nd its spy agency. Five bloggers were chased, kidnapped and tortured for writing the truth and later they escape from Pakistan for their lives.

He lauded courageous members of lawyers’ fraternity particularly eminent female lawyer Ms. Asma Jehangir for standing with the truth.

Mr. Hussain appealed to human rights organisations to raise their voices against tyranny, injustices and state oppression.

He warned the tyrant forces that they would hardly achieve their goals from use of force and repression. The truth would prevail and the tyrant forces would face a humiliating defeat.

He said that Mohajirs in Hyderabad and in Karachi are facing genocide but the establishment should bear in mind that they can’t defeat Mohajirs and would face severe humiliation soon. Those conspiring against MQM and Mohajirs would never succeed but Mohajirs would defeat them with their unity.

7/13/2024 9:04:36 AM