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Mohajir Nation has once again rejected Minus Altaf Hussain Plan of Establishment: Altaf Hussain

Mohajir Nation has once again rejected Minus Altaf Hussain Plan of Establishment: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/9/2017 1
Mohajir Nation has once again rejected Minus Altaf Hussain Plan of Establishment: Altaf Hussain

“There is still time enough that Pakistan’s military establishment should revisit and change its plans against Altaf Hussain – Time and again, Mohajirs have shown their unity as one nation under dynamic leadership of Altaf Hussain – Pakistan’s military establishment, ISI, peripheral forces can’t compete with God’s will”

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader and Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussain has once again appreciated Mohajir Nation for rejecting the minus Altaf Hussain plans of the establishment.
While addressing Pakistan’s military establishment and its peripheral organisations such as intelligence agencies and paramilitary forces, he stressed upon reviewing and changing their thoughts and plans against him and added that as all conspiracies against him have utterly failed and in would also never be successful in future. No conspiracy can deprive him of unending love and respect from his Mohajir Nation, he pronounced.
Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain expressed these views in his latest audio message to his Mohajir Nation, which was hugely tuned in to by millions of his devotees through social media. The audio message was in connection to by-elections on a provincial assembly seat in Karachi PS-114 held on July 9, 2017, which was boycotted by Mohajirs on his appeal.
He said, “The military establishment had set a goal of making PIB gang victorious on that electoral constituency, PS-114 with a sole purpose of relaying a message on minus Altaf Hussain, meaning MQM had enough potential of surviving without him, which has flopped once again.”
On the other, the PIB gang had assumed they would win election with the blessing of the military establishment and its peripheral forces, the ISI, MI and paramilitary Rangers and the gang had put everything it had to prove they are new leaders. But since the Father of Mohajir Nation is the sole decisive factor in lives of Mohajirs, he announced a boycott and Mohajirs had welcomed and unanimously rejected the PIB gang in by-elections, added Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain.
Father of Mohajir Nation said the by-elections and PIB gang’s victory was a challenge to Pakistan’s military establishment, ISI and federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan as they all have put their energy in bringing him through the Interpol and hence they did all they could for the issuance of a Red Warrant. Sadly, the federal interior minister has wasted all his energy and purposely avoided to taking steps for the safe escort of his boss, the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, who is being fixed in cases of corruption through Supreme Court and a joint interrogation team.
This pack of plotters had assumed they could defeat him but they ignored what the almighty Allah has laid in his Book, Quran, “God gives honour to whom He pleases and dishonours to whom He pleases”, and “May the curse of Allah be on hypocrite”, and “May the curse of Allah be on liars.” “Surely Allah is omnipotent over everything.” Military establishment and its peripheral forces can’t compete with Allah.
Mr. Hussain said, “I had announced a boycott of by elections on PS-114 and the forces of repressions had witnessed there was a look of the desert on all polling camps of PIB gang.” “Mohajirs had owned my decision and honoured it with their unity and complete boycott.”
He appreciated Mohajirs for actualizing his announcement for the boycott from the cores of his heart. He also extended his cordial thanks to all minorities of the electoral constituency, PS-114 especially the Hindu, the Christian, the Sikh, the Parsi and the Ahmedi communities for their boycott.
He said that paramilitary Rangers were in panic on witnessing a look of desert on all polling camps of PIB gang, then they brought a heavy contingent at polling stations and played their nefarious game of filling the ballot boxes with fake votes in PIB gang’s favour with which the number of votes had all of a sudden risen to 13, 000. They all did it to convince the voters of the electoral constituency, PS-114 in general and Mohajirs in particular that minus Altaf Hussain became a reality but still they embraced a shameful blow that bounced on them.
He said the almighty Allah has chosen him as leader of Mohajir Nation and there is no power on planet earth that could dare to deprive him of what God has blessed him with.
There is still time enough for the military establishment and its peripheral forces to revisit their plans and actions that have always failed and that there is still an opportunity available to them to directly contact him and dialogue with him.
He felicitated candidate Saeed Ghani, his party leader Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Mr. Asif Ali Zardari on victory over PS-114.
Mr. Hussain said he wants peace and tranquility across the globe. Pakistani military establishment is bent upon eliminating Mohajirs through genocide but Mohajirs are peace-loving Nation. He said he wants religious harmony, sectarian tolerance, elimination of extremism and prevalence of peace and tranquility in Pakistan and in neighbouring countries and across the globe. He said he wants cordial and friendly relations with all neighbouring countries, Afghanistan, Iran, China and India and wants to curb the proxies.
In his concluding remarks, Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain paid rich tribute to MQM martyrs and hoped the those forcefully disappeared under state repressive actions would be safe and would return to their homes soon.
He also offered salutations to MQM workers in unlawful detention and in jail without any lawful charge.

7/23/2024 8:37:05 AM