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Kamaloo and Co. is a pack of traitors, stabbed Mohajirs in their back: Qasim Ali Raza

Kamaloo and Co. is a pack of traitors, stabbed Mohajirs in their back: Qasim Ali Raza
 Posted on: 7/3/2017 1
Kamaloo and Co. is a pack of traitors, stabbed Mohajirs in their back: Qasim Ali Raza

“Kamaloo and his aides are now so miserable that Mohajirs take them as their worst enemies – Kamaloo and Co. having pulled them out of Mohajirs proved they are the slaves of Punjabi establishment  - MQM Coordination Committee member Syed Qasim Ali Raza“

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee member Syed Qasim Ali Raza while condemning the establishment-planted notorious PSP gang said that the PSP kingpin Mustafa Kamal and his aides are nothing but touts of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. The Mohajir Nation hates him and his gang members to an extent they even don’t like spitting on them as they believe their saliva is precious and would get wasted on traitors’ ugly faces because the traitors do not have conscious and have compromised over MQM martyrs’ blood.

In his statement, he said that though the establishment has so far lavishly spent billions in order to implement their plan – MQM without Mr. Altaf Hussain” but all their tactics, plans and plots have proved castles of sands and they are drowned in utter disappointment as the Mohajir Nation disapproved them and foiled their conspiracies against their beloved father of the Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussain, who is also founder leader of MQM.

He said, “This love of the Mohajir nation for their beloved leader Mr. Hussain is a gift of the almighty Allah, which can never be stolen, replaced or wiped out of minds and hearts of the Mohajir Nation.”

The Coordination Committee member Mr. Raza said that the traitor Kamal aka Kamaloo had along with his accessory to treason to MQM, founder leader Mr. Hussain and the Mohajir Nation, had first stabbed them from back and then they called politics on Mohajir issues poisonous and today they have announced to pulling them out of Mohajirs, which is a proof that they are the birds of same flock and are followers of their traitor ancestors Afaque Ahmed and Amir Khan as they all have been produced, trained for betrayal, invasion and imposed by Pakistan’s cunning military establishment.

He said that time has once again proved Kamaloo and company is just a puppet to the Pakistan’s military establishment.

He said, “Unlike traitor Kamaloo and his aides, the Mohajir Nation is not thankless but they have due regard, love and respect for the father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain because they believe the father of Mohajir Nation created identity for them as Mohajirs.” “The Mohajir nation would never be thankless or disobedient to father of Mohajir Nation.”

Mr. Raza said that the Mohajir Nation has a history of their unique civilization, culture and traditions, arts and literature and style of living and today they have their own identity.

He asked Kamaloo to learn that the Mohajir Nation takes him as a piece of filth on the skirt of Mohajir Nation and worst of all enemies.

Mr. Raza said that the mean Kamaloo was raised by father of Mohajir nation, groomed him to become Parliamentarian, a Minister for IT and then the Mayor of port city of Karachi. The Mohajir Nation gave him respect until he remained loyal to father of Mohajir Nation and MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain. But as soon as he betrayed his architect-engineer and accepted to serve as slave to the Punjabi establishment, he lost his respect and has now become a symbol of meanness.

12/10/2023 3:20:41 AM