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Father of Mohajir Nation Altaf Hussain asks SC to constitute JIT on genocide of Mohajirs

Father of Mohajir Nation Altaf Hussain asks SC to constitute JIT on genocide of Mohajirs
 Posted on: 7/3/2017 1
Father of Mohajir Nation Altaf Hussain asks SC to constitute JIT on genocide of Mohajirs
“Supreme Court should also form JIT on wealth of Asif Ali Zardari, Imran Khan and ANP leaders - SC should also form a JIT to investigate as how Osama Bin Laden lived in Abbotabad for six years – Sc should also form a JIT on Ex-ISI Chief General (retd.) Ahmed Shuja Pasha for release of Raymond Davis – Mohajirs are now not willing to bear state repression anymore and they want a separate Mohajir province under any circumstances – MQM Founder Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain”
LONDON. July 3, 2017: Pakistan’s Supreme court – or SC -, has constituted Joint Interrogation Team – or JIT-, for investigations on accumulation of wealth by the country’s premier Nawaz Sharif and his family. On the same pattern, as the situations that follow, need to be looked into in details especially, the SC should also form JITs on state repressions and extrajudicial killings and even genocide of Balouch, Pashtoons of FATA and Mohajirs in Karachi. The SC should order for dispensing equal rights to oppressed Balouch folks, Seraiki folks, tribal people and Mohajir Nation.
Father of Mohajir Nation and Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain laid this demand to the SC through his address through video link, which was watched by entire Mohajir Nation in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur, other cities in Sindh province, all over Pakistan and across the globe.
He asked the apex court of Pakistan to also constitute JITs for looking into accumulation and owning property by PPP chief Asif Ali Zardari, PTI chief Imran Khan and ANP and other parties and leaders in Pakistan. The JIT should investigate as where from these leaders had accumulated huge wealth and owned property worth billions and even trillions. The Sc should also assign a JIT to enquire PTI chief Imran Khan to explain where he got the money from with which he made the super luxurious palace at Bani Gala in Islamabad. The SC should also assign the JIT to look into the details and reasons behind the Ojhri Camp blast. The Sc should also assign the JIT to ascertain as how come the global terrorist Osama Bin Laden kept in hiding in Abbotabad for six years and should also assign the JIT to look into the details of attacks on military basis, GHQ, Naval base Mehran, Kamrah Air Base and ascertain through investigations as on whose orders those attackers were planned and carried out and who were those who attacked the military bases.
It is very unfortunate that the military establishment of Pakistan produced terrorist organisations such as Taliban, Lashkar-e Jhangvi – or LeJ, Lashkar-e Tayba – or LeT, Jamat Ud Dawa – or JuD, and many other groups. They trained them and used them against Afghanistan, India, Iran and other countries. That is why the whole world is on protest today against Pakistan and is seeing the country as the base of terrorism across the globe, said Mr. Hussain.
“The UN secretary General to eliminate terror training centres in Pakistan if the world is eager to seek riddance of the menace of terrorism because it would be useless to believe the terrorism could get eliminated by targeting terrorists in Iraq, Libya and Syria”, urged the father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain.
He said, “It is an undeniable fact that Pakistan’s military establishment supports Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Masood Azhar and similar ringleaders. Can the Pakistani military establishment deny they do not patronise the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) situated right in front of ISI headquarters at Aabpara in Islamabad.”
He said that the mosque is the epicenter of ISIS activities? Can ISI deny they do not interfere in affairs of political parties and enforce factions within the parties and then place them to confront them? Is this not also an undeniable fact that the ISI had facilitated Imran Khan for his sit-in in Islamabad for over 120 days?
Mr. Hussain while referring to recently published book, The Contractor By Raymond Davis, which has been widely circulated across the globe, said ex-ISI Director General, General (retd.) Ahmed Shuja Pasha played a key role for the release of Davis from prison. However, the biased analysts are blaming the sitting and previous governments of Davis’s release. In fact, Pakistan’s military is the only powerful institution that covertly rules over the country behind a civilian government and even the country’s apex court is also dictated by the military establishment. As a rule of thumb, the Sc should also constitute a JIT on dramatic release of Davis and all involved in that scheme including General (retd.) Pasha should be taken to task.
Mr. Hussain in a lighter mode suggested to Indian Premier Narendra Modi to offer Diyat to Pakistan so as to get Kalbhoshan Jhadav released on the pattern of Davis.
He slammed PIB gang ringleader Dr Farooque Sattar for his undue criticism on MQM Coordination committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat on his meeting with the U. s. Congressmen. He reminded him of his meeting with the U. S. Congressmen in recent past until August 22, 2016 and asked him as how he could justify his meetings with the U. S. Congressmen when he sees something wrong with Mr. Nusrat for his meetings.
He reminded Sattar that he has been so selfish that he even compromised over murder of his coordinator Aftab Ahmed who was executed in detention by the paramilitary Rangers.
He also reminded him that he has also ignored the sacrifices of Mohajirs and their massacre at Aligarh-Qasba colony, Pakka Qila carnage in Hyderabad and genocide of Mohajirs in nook and cranny of the province.
He appealed to the SC to constitute a JIT to look into the genocide of Mohajirs during military operation under state’s responsibility and also constitute a separate JIT to deliver justice to those who been kidnapped from their homes and the security forces have forced them to disappear and those who have been in detention without unlawful charges.
Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain asked the apex court of the country to constitute a JIT for investigation son executions of Balouch folks, tribal men, Hazarwals, Seraiki folks and Mohajir Nation, take those responsible to task and ensure equal rights before it is too late and if it is still not considered, the people would be free to start a battle for their rights and that would be a very cumbersome situation to control.
“All should now bear in mind that enough is enough and Mohajir nation is not willing to spend one more moment as slave in Pakistan and is fully prepared to take their rights they oppressors have deprived them of as till date”, categorically asserted father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain.
Mohajirs were killed in millions for creating Pakistan but their sacrifices have never been considered but they have been subjected to intense hatred, grudge and biases. Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Alia Jinnah, who was also Mohajir, was murdered. First Prime Minister of Pakistan Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, who was also Mohajir, was murdered in Rawalpindi and in general, Mohajirs are victims of state repressions, extrajudicial executions and arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearances. Even, Mohajirs who are in military are also subject to ethnic biases. Former military chief General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf, who was also Mohajir, was jailed for toppling Nawaz government while the fact is that he was in the country at the time the military had toppled his government. However, those Generals, who were non-Mohajirs and had toppled Nawaz government, have been declared exempt of all enquiries and punishments.
Likewise, Pakistanis nuclear scientists Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is also a Mohajir, was also jailed and he was forced to apologise only because he is a Mohajir.
Father of Mohajir nation Mr. Hussain said that MQM (Mohajirs) participated in all previous elections but despite sweeping victories they were still denied of their rights. Now, Mohajirs want a separate province, not elections, where they would have their Police, rangers, and free for taking decisions for their future. Nothing is acceptable except a separate Province for Mohajirs.
He urged upon the Mohajir voters to boycott by-elections on a provincial assembly seat of PS-114.
He paid rich tribute to martyrs of MQM and expressed complete solidarity with the martyrs’ families.
He also paid rich tribute to jailed workers of MQM, workers in unlawful detention and in enforced disappearances for their devotion, commitment and loyalty.

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