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PIB kingpin Dr Sattar exposes him by his statements against Father of Mohajir Nation Altaf Hussain

PIB kingpin Dr Sattar exposes him by his statements against Father of Mohajir Nation Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/28/2017
PIB kingpin Dr Sattar exposes him by his statements against Father of Mohajir Nation Altaf Hussain
“MQM has effectively made the world aware of genocide of Mohajirs by Pakistan’s military - Pakistan’s military is grossly perplexed over the fact that the world is taking genocide of Mohajirs seriously”

Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee said PIB gang kingpin Dr Farooque Sattar, who betrayed MQM, Mohajirs and father of Mohajir Nation and MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has proven he is an undercover agent of Pakistan’s military establishment and its peripheral intelligence agencies. His statements and writings in opposition to Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain and MQM Coordination Committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat are a proof. There is no doubt that Pakistan’s military establishment and spy agencies are dictating to Dr Sattar and he is just implementing their conspiracies like puppet.
The Coordination Committee said this in condemnation to statements from Dr Sattar against MQM dictated to him by the military establishment, meant to create despondency and frustration among Mohajir Nation, and for the actualization of Pakistan’s military establishment’s plans for isolating MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain.
It said it is not new that Pakistan’s military establishment and intelligence agencies have leveled baseless allegations on MQM with regard to creation of a separate homeland, Jinnahpur and anti-state activities, which all proved baseless and conspiratorial. Dr Sattar is now a new puppet to the hands of the military establishment and its intelligence agencies, who has now spoken ill to MQM.
It said that it is an open fact to the whole world that the military crackdown in Karachi is only against MQM and Mohajirs in which thousands of MQM workers have been forced to disappear, are being held in unlawful detention and as many executed extrajudicially. But, the puppet Dr Sattar is alleging MQM founder leader and his devoted and loyal companions of maligning Pakistan while this is a heart wrenching fact that Dr Sattar and his team of traitors is silent over genocide of Mohajirs.
It said that Dr Sattar is representing military establishment as the later is entirely panicked over efforts of MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain, his loyal companions and the Convener for creating worldwide awareness on genocide of Mohajirs by military. Only a traitor like Dr Sattar can play such a notorious game at the behest of Pakistan’s military.  Dr Sattar has received lucrative incentives from Pakistan’s military for selling the interests of Mohajir Nation, the martyrs and Mohajir ideology but still he is not ashamed of his acts and deeds.
The Coordination Committee reminded Dr Sattar of his trading mindset that in recent past he had also settled the martyrdom of his personal coordinator Aftab Ahmed, who was brutally assassinated by Rangers in custody. The then military chief had promised to look into the murder and would take the responsible to task but Dr Sattar has also traded on his blood.
It said that rthe fact is that MQM has successfully raised the issue of genocide of Mohajirs on all international forums with overwhelming response, which has perplexed the palistan’s military establishment and its intelligence agencies. However, military establishment and its intelligence agencies have as usual pushed Dr Sattar forward, who is making useless efforts by leveling baseless allegations.
The Coordination Committee said that traitors and puppets like Dr Sattar might enjoy perks and luxuries for betraying MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain, Mohajir Nation and Mohajir ideology but for a limited time as they would also get discarded like toilette paper in the end.

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